#1-12 (edited) entries for The Hundredth Challenge

(Edit: Added all my entries into one post)

Ok for my first of ? entries this week, I chose to try out meditation last night before bed. I had downloaded the Insight Timer on my phone weeks ago but never opened it. I’m determined to get through as many challenges as I can (reasonably) and figured this would be the perfect time to knock this one out!

I picked Deep Sleep Meditation with Affirmations by Kenneth Soares popped in one earbud and laid down. It’s been a long time since I’ve used meditation regularly but one of my favorites was guided mediation that led you through a field to a stream so it was familiar when this one started me at the top of a set of stairs that lead into a garden. I get lost in the imagery recalling many a summer day as a child wandering fields in search of flowers and butterflies.

Image source

It was a wonderful, peaceful experience that did indeed lull me into sleep perhaps earlier than I’d expected. Being able to focus my mind on something vivid, pleasant, and relaxing was the perfect way to end my day, and might need to become a habit again!

Entry #2
I chose to have a mug of iced lemon balm tea before working on some other things. I chose lemon balm, in part because I grow it and dried some from last year’s crop as well as for its calming effects.

From my herb garden

Did you know that Lemon Balm Melissa officinalis is a trophoresorative? That means it can help restore an exhausted nervous system? I hadn’t until today when I did some digging into Lemon Balm.

Since we are back in another heat wave, I chose to infuse my tea with hot water and a bit of sweetener. Then once it was properly steeped add some ice before drinking.

I found a lovely website afterward that gives instructions for making cold infusions in addition to hot. I think next time, I will try some fresh leaves in a pitcher of water!

(Image source: Kat Sanchez https://gardenerspath.com/plants/herbs/lemon-balm-tea/ )

  1. :diya_lamp: Candle Magick: Light 'Em Up! – Holder of Light

I chose to do a Green Candle Meditation. I feel like I have been withdrawn and feeling weak and unmotivated lately and NEED to kick myself out of this funk! I know what I need to do, I’m just having trouble motivating myself/not procrastinating.

I gathered my tools, dressed the candle in frankincense oil and placed it in a fireproof container (on a wooden coaster), and filled the vessel with salt. I added the feather :feather: that I found on my morning run as it seemed appropriate. After finishing my tea, I lit the candle, held my green adventurine heart, and clicked start on the meditation.

I will admit I was very pleasantly surprised to have another guided meditation take me into a field and forest. It’s honestly one of my favorite places in real life and is easy for me to bring clearly to my mind’s eye. I chose to keep my eyes open but fixed on the flame during the entirety of the meditation. I chose to set my intention firmly in regard to my business, thanked mother earth, and extinguished the candle.

I did jot some quick notes in my BoS / All Purpose Magickal Journal just to put thoughts to paper (reality).

I got a few more done on Friday but didn’t have the time to post them so here are those! I still have 4-5 more up my sleeve and plan on finishing those off tomorrow! Love this challenge and the opportunity to learn and do so much more this week :heart:

  1. :bride_with_veil: Deities of the Moon – Blessed by the Moon
    I’m honestly not sure how I haven’t done this one yet given my connection to Artemis but this was easily rectified. On Friday, I chose to do the Artemis’ Gratitude Devotional

    I used my moon altar cloth for the first time, got my fireproof dish, and filled it with salt in which to place the white candle. My finishing touch was a leopard figurine. I’ve been feeling closer to Artemis recently and this was a delightful devotional to thank her for her love and guidance.
  1. :magic_wand: Tools of the Witch Trade – Well-Equipped Witch
    I started making my wand back in January for the Sacred Trees and Wood challenge but didn’t finish it nor did I consecrate it… so… again the perfect time to get it done! I added faceted tiger’s eye with copper wire as well as used polymer clay to place two tiger’s eye cabochons. Then I lit some laid out an alter cloth, put my fire safe dish out, lit some palo santo, and consecrated my wand.

  1. :open_book: Books, Tomes, and Tales - Book Lover
    For this challenge, I wanted to share my BoS that I acquired 20+ years ago. I found this creator on eBay a very long time ago and commissioned her to create a custom cover that represented my love of the moon and Artemis. She did a fantastic job!

    I’ve also included photos of a few pages inside. I will admit I have yet to actually write in this! :laughing: I have a fear of messing it up and haven’t been able to put pen to this book’s papers.

I do have what I call my catch-all journal that I carry with me at all times. I put down spells, thoughts, tarot readings, drawings, stickers, paintings, and studies. It has a discrete cover as I’m pretty much an in-the-closet witch. I did make myself a pen bandolier to hold pencils, and my pens while keeping the journal securely closed.

  1. :full_moon: Moon Magick - Moon Witch
    I have to admit I have never tried the Lunar Spell of the day but really really enjoyed this one last night. It’s been easier doing a few of these challenges consecutively because it’s less time and effort for me to set up my altar, perform the ritual and then disassemble my altar and tuck things away out of sight.
A Gorgeous Ritual for Tonight's Magic ✨

    Light Jasmine, Lavender, Marjoram, Sage, or Sandalwood incense, or diffuse its fragrance as an essential oil to summon the positive traits of this moon in Gemini.
    Open your ritual with this simple chant:

    "Moon in Gemini, open the paths of communication.
    Let your charming nature join me in my meditation".
    Light a white candle on your altar.
    Take 3 deep breaths and close your eyes. Visualize what you've accomplished during the lunar cycle that is about to end. Look back and think about what things you learned. Decide what you want to keep doing, what behaviors to start, and what to stop.
    Place on your altar any crystals that you would like to charge with the energies of tonight. Especially sensitive gemstones for a Sunday are  Amber, Carnelian, Diamond, Tiger's Eye.
    Say the following spell:

    "Thank You, Dear Moon, for giving me so much to live for.
    Thank you for my health, my abilities, family, and friends.
    Take away the things I no longer need,
    So I can be ready to open all other doors".

No pictures of this one but I was left with feelings of peace, hope, and determination. :peace_symbol:

  1. :crystal_ball: Foretelling the Future - Seer Apprentice
    For this one, I thought I’d try my hand at divination using my bronze runes set that I made. I chose a 3 rune spread with
  1. Me now (on the far right)
  2. The Challenge I face (middle)
  3. The Best Possible Resolution to the situation

    #1 Inverted Kenaz - I am currently experiencing something unpleasant but what I’ve outlived I no longer need. (June is a difficult month for me with several difficult anniversaries)
    #2 Perthro - Sometimes rebirth is only possible through the death of the old. (Letting go of old feelings and habits that are preventing me from moving forward)
    #3 Inverted Ansuz - While I may not feel the way is clear or that I want to do it, this is the time for me to clear out the old and make room for the new and move forward.

I’ve got 3 or 4 more in me that I’m hoping to complete and write up tomorrow!


You wand is beautiful @katnabis!


I agree with @Ostara, the wand is beautiful! Also, I have that altar cloth & I love it also :heart: I’m also behind on two of my spells/rituals that come inside the box. I will get them done. I have some other things that I need to work on… however, now that you reminded me that I am behind on two box rituals, I think I can probably find a way to get at least one of them done for a challenge. So thank you for that! :hugs:

Great entries for the challenge & nicely done for keeping them together!


You are on a roll, @katnabis- look at you go with all your beautiful magick and spellwork! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Every entry you share is so much fun to see- thank you so much for all your amazing work! :sparkles:

Everything looks so beautiful with your setup- and I have to say that the leopard figurine is a really great touch :leopard: You’ve got quite the aesthetic going on for this spell- really stunning! :hearts:

What was started has now been finished- and what a result it is! Congrats, Kat, you’ve got yourself a gorgeous wand :magic_wand: I love the addition of the Tiger’s Eye- that’s a really great stone to have on your wand. May it grant you extra protection and luck with every spell you cast :blush:

Yes she did! I remember you shared the cover before and it’s always a delight to see- it’s such a great depiction of Artemis, and the perfect design to honor your BoS! :open_book: :two_hearts:

As for not writing in it- I know the feeling :joy: Sometimes our things are so sacred and so special that it’s hard to take the leap and actually use them- and that’s okay! There are things for work and things for decoration. Who says a witch can’t have both? :wink::+1:

Hooray! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Lunar Spell and that it left you with such positive energy. Beautiful moon work, Kat! :waning_crescent_moon: :sparkles:

Putting your beautiful runes to work- I love it! :raised_hands: I am fascinated by the rune and really love to hear how others use them in their practices, but I haven’t gotten my own and don’t use them in divination yet. So this was inspiring to see- great work with your runes! :heart:


Figured I’d just add the rest of my entries here and edit the subject line!

  1. :flower_playing_cards: A Touch of Tarot – Tarot Reader
    For this challenge, I chose to step way far out of my comfort zone and offer to read for 3 others. I did have two people take me up on it (I’d be happy to do a few more!), I won’t share the spreads or my interpretations without permission.

Instead I share some of my tarot decks in my collection.

Hush, Dark Wood, Rider-Waite

Grimalkin, Crow

I work with different decks depending on my mood, time of day, moon phase or intent. I only recently have decks that I use specifically for shadow work. My current favorite is the Dark Wood tarot.

My everyday deck is the Grimalkin Tarot - which I love for its bright colors and wonderful cats! I carry a travel-sized deck of The Crow Tarot in my purse.

I was recently gifted the Lovers Path Tarot Deck which is giant cards of only the major arcana. I haven’t worked with it yet but adore the artwork! I really love the animal and nature-oriented illustrations of the Hush Tarot.

  1. :seedling: From Seed to Sprout - Ceiliúradh an tséasúir
    Not entirely sure if this fits this challenge but I planted some calendula seeds last week and just noticed today they have begun to sprout! I’m so excited. Looking forward to using this in my practice :sunflower:
  1. :toolbox: Holistic Magick: A Witch’s Apothecary - Apothecarist
    My collection of plants and herbs is meager but growing. I chose to work on labeling and organizing my herbs on my bookshelf.

    Before photo

Close-up before photo

After v

I am slowly growing and adding herbs and flowers to my collection starting with roses, lemon balm, sage, rosemary, and oregano.

  1. :gem: Heed the Call of Crystals - Crystal Collector
    And because I HAD to end on an even number! :laughing:
    I know this isn’t all of my collection! I used to create beaded jewelry and still have a lot of loose drilled crystals and stones. Labradorite and garnet being my favorites. Most of the finished jewelry shown are pieces I made. I’ll have to take photos of my garnet jewelry later if anyone is interested!

Phew!!! Ok, I still have more that I want to do BUT I no longer have the time and energy so I’ll end here.

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to complete so many missed challenges! It was a fun and exciting week working on this and now I have a list of the badges I still have yet to complete for other catch-ups!

Blessed be, y’all :infinite_roots:


I love all your hard work and dedication! I am in aw of it all really! Thanks for sharing! I loved your journal entry and how you used verbs, adjectives and nouns! I just love it so much! So I’ll be your muse, anytime!


Don’t mind me squealing over your beautiful tarot collection- I could spend hours looking at tarot card designs! You’ve got yourself a fantastic collection :heart_eyes:

Each one sounds like it has a special purpose and calling in your reading practice- may you continue to enjoy and have great readings with them all! :heart::tarot_card:

Welcome, sweet little calendula! :partying_face: They are so cute!

Calendula is a lovely plant to have on hand- it’s my lifeline when it comes to skincare.

May your plant babies grow up big and strong! :raised_hands: :green_heart:

Labeling and organizing sounds so simple when you say it, but it can quickly become a monstrous task- good for you for diving in and getting organized, Kat! Everything looks amazing- it’s got to feel awesome to have things the way you want them to be :heart::blush:

Yes please! :heart_eyes: I just got some garnet bead chips the other day and (aside from bracelets which we already made) I’m pondering what else we could make with them. I would LOVE to see your jewelry if you’re okay with sharing the pics! :blush:

Your crystals are stunning- I know pictures never really do them justice, but even in the images they look so colorful and shiny :sparkles: They make me smile to see them!

Thank YOU, @katnabis- you have done amazing with all of your entries! :clap: It has been so much fun to jump back into the topics and explore so many exciting areas of the Craft- your entries have made me smile and helped to spark creativity- I feel blessed to have been able to read them! :blush:

Congrats again- I’ll be sending out your badges and listing the Props and Presents Post very soon! :trophy:


I love lemon balm! It is useful for so many things. I also grow it.

Been away for a bit, but trying to catch up. Your post is inspiring!


The journal entries were part of a learn Lenormand exercise - to take each card and write down words that I associate with it, then make those into nouns, verbs, and adjectives. I’m still trying to get the feel for reading this format of cards. It’s a bit of a shift in mindset for me to get the hang of this format.

I’d be happy to give it a try doing a Lenormand or Tarot reading for you if you’d like, feel free to drop me a direct message! As they say, practice makes perfect! :tarot_card:


Well I am charmed​:gem: thank you :blush: darling, I literally got the app and I do have a deck in storage that is lenardman! This is a great tool and thank you for sharing your wisdom with me!

Also I would love a reading interested in spirit has to say!
Today is my lucky :four_leaf_clover: day​:partying_face:I took your advice and learned more and got four new decks! What a great website they do more too like the tarot and spreads and it’s just great :blush:
I will hit u up!