Dressing Your Candles 🕯

Do you super charge your candles when you do spell work? Do you empower their energy with anointing oils and herbs?

I had a few friends asking me how I get my herbs to stick to my candles…so I made a little video demonstrating how I do it and how I work with the oils and herbs.

I originally made this post for my private witchy Facebook group, but thought I’d share here too with my online peeps.



Wonderful! :+1:

I totally agree on your view of casting spells on others (with permission only!)… and the video was very useful!

Are you still subscribed to that Witches Box? What’s your opinion of it?


I mean…I understand not asking permission to do a Freezer spell…lol but as I said exceptions to every rule, but as general practice I ask permission and I don’t normally run around doing freezer spells haha.

I do have the witch box. I love it! Every month it’s something different but it’s themed…so all the things they pack in it work together. Like February was Valentines month so everything in the box related to self-love. There was a pink candle, a herbal bath salt, etc…I love getting prizes so this is right up my ally to get something witchy every month! And it’s fairly cheap considering what I get inside. Had I bought all the stuff from last months box separately, it would have cost me double what I paid, maybe even slightly more.


@Francisco @SilverBear I understand about people talking about casting spells for others and asking permission first… for a long time I believed that to be true,.,until Raven Grimassi brought up a point, “IF your friend is walking with you and you see they are about to be stabbed, would you jump to protect or warn them, or would you ask permission first?” “IF you saw a germ on your friend and it was a killer type, would you ask them permission to take it off first, or would you get it off immediately?”

The way around this is some simple words and I now do this,“This is done for all parties involved and only the greater good shall prevail.”

Your thoughts?


I get Sacred Space Crate, Sugar Muses deluxe and Midnight Muses, and Mindful Souls as well as Tina’s Enchanted moon, I love subscription boxes, have had several more, but cancelled them because they were not what I thought really worth it. I so look forward to these every month and the days go slow until the next one,


You are so pretty!! Do you have a youtube channel?? I would love to subscribe,


I think the two examples are not the same. If my friend was about to get stabbed, I would help them without asking permission. There is no spirituality attached to that.

But because a spell involves spiritual things, I feel like I would be pushing my beliefs onto them. I also think the spell will work better if both parties are privy to it and accepting of it.

Example: My mother-in-law always says, “I’ll pray for you” I know she means well, but it actually makes me mad LOL. I literally feel my entire body tense up.

She believes in GOD…I do not. I WANT to say…“NO thank you!” I don’t want that prayer on me…I feel like it’s so forced on me. I would never just walk up to someone and start chanting.

I can’t explain it lol…in my head it makes sense. Hope I made sense to you. haha.


My channel.


And PS – LOL @roxanne I think there are exceptions to every rule…so say, if I were to do a freezer spell…obviously I do not ask permission for that. “Hi, sir, excuse me…I am going to place your attitude in a freezer, is that OK?” HAHA! I guess when someone says, “I’ll pray for you” I get PTSD from my forced Catholic days.


I get confused at times about a spell FOR them or a spell ON them,I don’t do spells on people at all, but will do spells for them. Lets say you just heard so and so has cancer, immediately upon hearing that, most of us say, “oh no!” I hope they get better soon! " That to me is putting it out there already, so I would do a spell also for them to get better. if it is for the greater good, I won’t do a spell that would be like change a persons personality, etc. A fine line in all indeed,


I understand what you mean about people saying I will pray for you, To me God can be anything, they just attached a different name to it, it still goes out into the universe and the universe does not judge, I don’t like the ones where they say they will pray for me to “see the light” lol I think all those prayers worked, I do see the light,and see right through some things,


My MIL always tries to pray for me…and lectures me about my false gods…LOL. I learn to pick my battles, but a lot of times I just sit back and cringe silently lol.


I do spells FOR people if they ask me too…and like the one recently for my friend who lost his granddaughter. I asked permission to do a healing spell. If he said no, I would not have done it.


I cringe when the JW come to the door, but I found a way to keep them gone, tell them you were one once and/or studied and are not interested. By their laws they are not able to speak to you again,haven’t had one in over a year,

I know what you mean about cringing, Just cos I know a lot of the history and background,

A lot of things are perception, what one calls bad the other may call good,

I learned a long time ago, that if someone cusses ya out, that is a curse in reality, I just say, you better take that back,a return to sender ha ha,

Eh let em pray for you about false gods,I just think to myself,wake up, lol a spell without the accoutrements? Perhaps, words need to be carefully said and thoughts are words too,

I will do spells for people too. and a lot of times I will find someone suffering, about something, and just say to them, "may you find peace and comfort, "

I also know that to win the lottery may not be in someones best interest, so, I just say, may it be as it needs to be,

Words and thoughts are a strange thing huh?


WORD, sistah! Great topic! Learning a lot here. :slight_smile:


Interesting exchange! I agree that I wouldn’t cast a spell on/for someone unless given permission. I would, however, give them something that’s magickally charged and then it’s up to them to accept it or not. That’s a way to “fly under the radar”.

But I also agree with this, we never know what is someone’s (or even our) best interest. Things can change and what seems like a blessing ends up being a curse in the long term…


oooo…never thought to give someone something magically charge. How would you do that? I think you just discovered a new topic to write about LOL.


I was thinking of this but you’re right! it’s a great idea for a new topic!

It’s from the book Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation by Silver Ravenwolf


Thank you for posting this video! Can’t wait to try it!


Silverware bear,
Once upon a time I did go to church but then people would ask me can I pray for you like I didn’t even ask and I felt really :unamused: annoyed bye there prayers! I know that they had good intentions but it was insulting to have me prayed upon a whole group of people as if I was sick!
I just thought I would share cause I felt badly!
I asked my husband if I could do a cleansing spell and he said okay but he’s not really interested in learning my new spiritual life with me! It’s okay I just wish we could be that way again! In time maybe it will grow, but I don’t want to force my belief on him.
Blessed be