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Way to go to everyone that participated in the last Divination Discussion to get inspired by the holiday cheer :candy:

YAY! Thank you all for participating!

It seems most of us were inspired by the shape of the Christmas tree :christmas_tree:

@Limeberry started us off with the :christmas_tree: spread of her own that also incorporated the signs of the Zodiac! :scorpius:

@praecog29 “stole” @Limeberry’s :christmas_tree: concept and modified it to fit their purpose, adding in crystals to make it look decorated!

@MeganB also made a :christmas_tree: spread inspired by the nonsense that happens with Christmas trees and cats :cat:

Seeing inspiration in the world around is something we as witches tend to be fairly good at. It was so fun to watch us all get inspired by the same thing :christmas_tree: :heart:

Great job everyone!


Ready for the new discussion?

Let’s break out the symbols!

Image Source

No matter what divination method you choose, symbols play a vital role in interpreting the meaning of your readings. As a species, we are biologically inclined to view symbols in the world around us. Think about it! Our brains are designed to see faces even where there aren’t any. That’s why we can look at the emoji " : ) " and see a face. The brain does the work for us!

This week, I want to tap into the symbology of whatever divination method you prefer. No matter what divination method you use, there is symbology in the meanings, shapes, and colors. This is especially true if you use tarot or oracle cards, but even the shapes of runes and ogham have meaning. It would even be interesting to see how this plays out with those who are adept at pendulum readings!


What to do?

:peace_symbol: Grab your favorite divination method.
:peace_symbol: At random, pick one (a card, stone, rune, etc.).
:peace_symbol: Tell us about the symbols and the meaning.
:peace_symbol: Can any other connections be made between the meaning of what you chose and the symbols connected with it?

Don’t have a divination method? Use one of the links below to choose a random tarot card, rune, or ogham stave.

Random Tarot Card
Random Rune
Random Ogham - This one picks three, just choose one.


New to Divination Discussion?

How does it work?

  • Every two weeks, starting on Thursday, I’ll be posting a new hypothetical divination question.
    For anyone that doesn’t have a divination method or wants to make it a little more challenging, I’ll have another option available for you.

  • During the week, use whichever method you feel comfortable with to answer the question. Draw as many cards, throw as many bones, or pull as many runes as you need. Any spread you think will work is okay to use that goes with the challenge.

  • Write about it here in the comments and share any pictures you may have taken!

  • Discuss your interpretation and the interpretations of others and help out where you can.

  • Ask questions! If you’re not sure how to interpret something, please ask. Many of us have personal experience or other sources that we can share.


What’s the purpose?

When we are learning a new method of divination or just practicing, it can be hard to get good practice without actually doing anything. Practicing this way with a hypothetical situation gives you an idea of questions that might be asked and it gives you practice in how to respond if you’re reading for someone else.



Anyone can participate – from new beginners to seasoned readers alike – to benefit from this discussion. To make sure we’re all on the same page, I’ve got some guidelines for everyone to follow to make this a place of safe and constructive discussion.

  1. Any divination method is okay - use what you’re okay with.

  2. This challenge will run from Thursday of one week to the end of day Wednesday the following week.

  3. If you do not want feedback on your interpretation or reading style, please say so. The purpose of this challenge is to learn and discuss with everyone else.

  4. Please use trigger warnings if your interpretation involves any mention of the following.

Trigger Warning Words (click me)
  • rape
  • abuse
  • violence
  • self-harm
  • other sensitive materials

To hide words, phrases, or content in your writing, highlight it, click the gear button up top in the formatting, and select either Hide Details or Blur Spoiler


Be sure to get your interpretations in before Wednesday, January 20th!

Remember, there aren’t necessarily wrong answers. Divination is often very personal and that’s why interpretations are fun and good practice!

Need more information on different divination methods? Check out these sources.

:crystal_ball: Cromniomancy, Capnomancy & Other Little-Known Divination Methods
:crystal_ball: How to Use Dice for Divination
:crystal_ball: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Fortelling the Future
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:crystal_ball: Talk Tarot with Me at Round the Cauldron


Finding symbols and reading their meanings is the heart of divination- this is a great way to strengthen core reading abilities! :blush: This is a very interesting topic- I’ll see what I can dig into for this! Thanks for the fun challenge, @MeganB :two_hearts:


Don’t forget this discussion is still ongoing and you still have time!


For this discussion, I decided to choose an Ogham at random. Learning Ogham is on my list of things to do for 2021 so why not?

I did the random Ogham draw and ended up with Ngetal, or Broom.

Image Source

Symbolism with Ogham comes in the form of the meaning of the symbol and the plant it is tied to. There isn’t any symbolism (as far as I know) in the way the symbol is drawn. This is just a letter.

It’s interesting that I chose this one because it appears to have two meanings – one that isn’t historically accurate (Reed) and one that is (Broom). I’m obviously going to go with the one that is more historically accurate.

According to Ogam Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Rowan Laurie, nGétal is the primary letter of healing.

When nGétal appears in divination, it suggests that health is or should be a pri-
ority now. It may indicate the danger of injury when paired with h-Úath or other
challenging feda. In positive readings, it may suggest that an injury or illness is
healing, or that a course of treatment for a chronic health problem may be going
well. It can be a reminder to watch your health or to get something checked on that
you might otherwise consider minor. It is a very hopeful fid to draw for those who
are ill, as it implies active and progressing healing and the restoration of health and

Magically, this fid is excellent for all types of healing work, and useful for heal-
ers to call upon when doing any work with their clients. I have an image of this fid
surrounded by calligraphy of its word ogams in Old Irish and other meaningful
symbols that I put on my altar when doing healing work to remind me of the power
of this fid and invoke its healing qualities.

In specific healing work it can be useful to anoint the afflicted part with blessed
water, colored body paints or healing substances like herb powders or oils to aid
with the flow of energy by drawing this fid on the skin. This anointing can bring the
energies of the fid into the client’s body energies in a very powerful way, aug-
menting their healing process. - From Ogam Weaving Word Wisdom

When looking at the meaning and interpretation of nGétal, I then turn and look at the plant itself. As I did with Beith-Birch || The Ogham Staves, we can tie the meaning of the Ogam to the historical use of the plant.

Broom was used historically for many different healing properties. It was used as a…
:herb: cathartic
:herb: diuretic
:herb: emetic
:herb: labor inducer
:herb: antiarrhythmic

In homeopathy, Broom is used in the management of…
:herb: arrhythmias
:herb: head congestion
:herb: throat congestion
:herb: diptheria

:mask: The plant possesses mild activity against a limited number of human pathogens.

:sun_with_face: In vitro and animal studies have demonstrated some antioxidant activity, and use as a topical preparation to protect against ultraviolet light damage has been explored.

The connection between the letter, its assigned plant, and its meaning is fairly obvious. This is one of the reasons I really enjoy Ogham!


Look at you go, girl- already crossing off things on your 2021 to-do list! Amazing! :clap::star_struck:

And it looks like you drew a perfect symbol- of spring cleaning, healing, and health :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope Ngetal is a sign of things to come in this first part of the new year. A very good omen indeed!

Things have been so busy lately- good that there’s still a couple days to find a symbol to research! Gotta get back into my practice routine :pray:


I’m hoping so!


Ahh- it’s been busy! Hope I’m not late with this one :pray:

For a while now I’ve been seeing these four triangle symbols:

[Pic from Pintrest]

Probably even before @Ashlynn showed off her awesome new elemental tattoo! :grin:

While I know they represent each of the physical elements, I’ve been curious about the meaning behind each of the triangles. So for this challenge, I delved in deeper to do some learning! :nerd_face::open_book:

While some consider a fifth element of Spirit and/or the symbol for Unity/Balance/Aether :star_of_david:, I’ll just be sticking with the 4 common triangles for this break-down.

As for why each triangle looks the way it does, Learn Religions says this is caused by their attributes: Moist/Dry and Warm/Cold:

[Picture from Learn Religions: The Five Elements]

I quickly realized that I opened Pandora’s Box with this one- the article has so much information breaking down each of the elements. It explains their properties and that their position in the chart is based on the complexities of how they relate to one another.

“In classical elemental systems, each element has two qualities, and it shares each quality with one other element.”

From Learn Religions: The Five Elements

I was able to learn a lot just by skimming through the article (it’s a long one!). If you share an interest in the symbols and like exploring more about the elements and how they interact- it’s worth a read!


Blessed be! :sparkles:


Oh I didn’t know that! I’ve never really explored the elemental symbols but I think I might have to now! When I have time…lol

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:


I pulled The Star :star2: from my Tarot Deck, which I was very pleased about as it’s one of my favourites! So I did some research into the pictures and symbols displayed on the card…


The main picture on the card is of a naked woman kneeling by the water; one foot is in the water and one foot is on the land. The foot in the water :droplet: represents her intuition, inner resources and listening to her inner voice, the foot on the land :evergreen_tree: represents her practical abilities and good common sense.

She is naked which is representative of her vulnerability and purity :white_heart:

She holds a jug in each hand; the one in her left hand is the subconscious and one in her right hand is the conscious. One container pours water :ocean: onto dry land in five rivulets, representing the five senses. The other pours water out to nourish the earth and continue the cycle of fertility :o:

Above her head is one large star, representing her core essences, and seven smaller stars, representing the chakras :red_circle: :orange_circle: :yellow_circle: :green_circle: :large_blue_circle: :purple_circle: :brown_circle:


The Star is one of my favorite cards as well! It always seems to be so beautiful no matter what deck you’re looking through :star2:


Hahaha I know the feeling, @MeganB! :laughing: So much out there to learn, but never enough time for it all- I thought the elemental symbols would be pretty simple (the designs are so sleek and simple after all!) but it turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll also have to dig deeper in the future! :grin::+1:

You’re very welcome, @NickWick! :two_hearts:

Beautiful explanation and breakdown of The Star, @Abs53- thanks for sharing! This card has a lot more symbolism than I was aware of before. A lovely card :star2::relaxed:


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