How to Use Dice for Divination 🎲

This is my personal method of doing a dice divination. I was inspired by @Roxanne’s thread about dice. I developed it while playing Generala (Spanish version of Yahtzee) so that’s why I use five 6-sided dice.

It’s very easy to get quick insight without any specialized tools for divination.

This is the chart of divination meanings I use:

  • 1: Self & Present
  • 2: Relationships & People
  • 3: Work & Efforts
  • 4: Obstacles & Challenges
  • 5: Decisions & Opportunities
  • 6: Goals & Success

Then I make the connections between the dice and the question. Here’s a sample session:

Using Dice for Divination

As you can see, I group the dice by numbers and I read them from smaller to larger. Other patterns I typically see are: odds/evens, number sequences, missing numbers or empty slots.

While this divination method can be used for a Yes/No question (as in a pendulum reading or a simple Tarot spread), I prefer to use them for open-ended questions.

The questions in the video were picked up from comments on a different video about Tarot. These are the questions:

What’s in it for me in the near future? What do I need to know right now? How do other people see me? Why am I in this situation?


I love it! I’m going to be giving this a try today :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yes, I find it really useful for a quick reading or when I don’t have any other divination tools at hand. The technique is similar to reading anything else (Tarot, pendulum, etc), it’s a tool to explore your psyche and work out your intuition.

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Thank you for this, I guess now I need a new set of dice!! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this thorough and straightforward guide to dice divination, @Francisco! :game_die: While I have tried a few forms of divination in the past, it’s always so exciting to learn about new ways to peer into the future and have our deepest questions come to light! :candle:

It is particularly interesting to see how different divination practices are used around the world! The online Harvard school HarvardX currently has a fascinating (and free!) course called Omens, Oracles, and Prophecies. The course is self-paced, and is a wonderful introduction to various divination practices throughout history and around the world!

There is an introduction to the more commonly known methods such as tarot card readings :flower_playing_cards: and crystal ball readings :crystal_ball:, but the course also introduces lesser known methods such as Turkish tea leaf readings :coffee:, Roman Augury readings :bird:, and even the ancient practice of Haruspex :sheep:.

Best wishes to everyone practicing divination- may the future you see be clear and bright! :blush: :sparkles: