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Hi, I’ve started using my Tarot deck and pendulum again, after not using them for many years. Years ago, it just felt a bit forced, it didn’t come naturally. Now, I’m forty-five, entering the middle-age time of my life, and feeling my power rising within me, if that makes sense. I felt like I wanted to start using my Tarot deck and pendulum, because there are a lot of changes going on in my life right now… and it feels much more natural, I have a better intuitive sense of the messages I get. Is this a common experience, and does anyone have any advice for divination practice? (If it helps, I am not coming from a Pagan tradition, I follow an Esoteric Christian tradition, that acknowledges reincarnation and spirit beings.)


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I think there is a shift in awareness on a big scale happening recently, but it also could be that you’re on a stage of life where this awakening just happens!

In my opinion, the best way to learn divination is when you’re struggling to make an important decision or can’t figure out what you really want. Then the pendulum (or cards) can give you that clear and honest gut-level answer to the question.

For starters, ask simple yes/no questions.

I find that Tarot cards can be very useful just for asking yourself questions as a way to tap into your own inner intuition or subconscious.

I can also recommend you to watch these two lessons:

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I haven’t used a tarot deck or pendulum. I am looking into getting them though! Way back when I was a itty bitty witchy girl, we didn’t use them so much as we used crystals and rituals/spells. I’m really trying to relearn what I lost from back then & learn what I missed so many years ago. Is there a way to know which tarot deck you should have? I have my pendulum picked out and I feel the same, that with age came a heightened sense of awareness towards divination! I’m 42 years young and coming into my own after having children that have now moved on and my little shadow is a very independent 11 year old.


Good question! Yes, there are Tarot decks and Oracle decks that you can use for divinations.

Tarot decks always have 78 cards including 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards (you can learn more in the video course I linked above).

Oracle cards can be anything the designer decides. There’s no limit or minimum to how many cards the deck should have.

What I did was start with an Oracle Deck (find one that speaks to you) and master that. Then go onto learning the Tarot. For a first Tarot deck you may want to get a Rider Waite deck (the most universally used in divination).


@Francisco oh thank you! I will put that on my list of items to get for the little space that I have created.


A very warm welcome to the forums, @sherry! :hearts:

I’m so happy to hear you are delving deeper into your interests and pursuing your craft- hooray for another tarot enthusiast! :flower_playing_cards::raised_hands: Francisco shared some great resources on tarot and intuition, and you may also be interested in jumping in on some related discussions here in the forums!

If you feel other forms of divination calling to you, you may also be interested in other types of predictive readings! :crystal_ball:

Feel free to join in on any topics of interest, and you are warmly invited to create a new topic to share your experiences, spells/rituals, thoughts, or anything you learn along the way that you’d like to share! :books: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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