2020 Collective Tarot Reading - It's a Long One!

Today is the first day of the year - and the first day of a new decade. What better way to start off the year than with a tarot reading?! For this reading, I decided to do a general reading for how 2020 is going to go for the majority of the population. This is what we can expect for each month around the world in one form or another.

I have honestly never done a reading like this before, so this is a first for me. Sometimes I think reading the collective can be difficult. However, you will never know unless you try. I also plan on doing this reading for myself personally, and I will use the same spread. I understand this reading a bit, but I would love to hear what you think about it after you read it.

I used a tarot spread that I created for looking at a year ahead. If you are interested, you can find it here and I will include an image here as well. I also used my Wild Unknown deck, which is one of my favorites. The difference here is that the court cards are Daughter, Son, Mother, and Father instead of Page, Knight, Queen, and King.


Each month is represented by one card for the entire month. This is the overall theme for that particular month. If you choose to do this reading for yourself, feel free to draw as many cards as you want for each month. Whatever helps you and works for you. Then there is a card for the overall theme of 2020 as well as a card of the year’s goals and obstacles.

January - Father (King) of Wands
February - Daughter (Page) of Swords
March - Ace of Cups
April - The Emperor
May - 2 of Cups
June - The Sun
July - 4 of Swords
August - 5 of Pentacles
September - Strength
October - 10 of Swords
November - The World
December - Mother (Queen) of Swords
Card of the Year - 7 of Wands
Goals - 5 of Cups
Obstacles - The Magician

So, for 2020, this is my interpretation. I don’t want to call it a prediction because - if you believe as I do - not everything is set in stone and our fate is not always sealed. However, I know that sometimes the Gods have Their ideas for what they want to happen. They may go to great lengths to accomplish Their goals.

We start off the year strong. The energy of the Father of Wands allows us to carry purposeful and meaningful actions into the new year. With this new action and inspiration brought to 2020 by the Father of Wands, the Page of Swords kindles that creativity and thirst for knowledge. By March, something emotional will happen - in a good way - that will affect a lot of people. There could be a mass spiritual awakening as is reflected by the overflowing of the chalices and their connection with the element of water and emotion. In April, we will be met with a strong leader who understands that structure is important, but sometimes things need to change to allow for growth. Where this leader will come from, I don’t know. However, they will be apparent to those who are spiritually aware.

May brings with it an energy of newness - new relationships, new love, new joys, new happiness. Partnerships will develop and relationships will move forward, allowing for progress. The Sun in June allows the happiness and joy to continue to flow. At this halfway point through the year, we can relish in the warmth of the sun - literally and figuratively - and have the fun in our lives that we so deserve.

July is more foreboding with the 4 of Swords following the frivolity. Typically representative of a time of rest and meditation, it worries me that this follows the happiness of May and June. Do we overwork ourselves in those months? Does the energy dwindle down? What has caused us to put a pause on the happiness and look inward? This is especially daunting with the August card being that of the 5 of Pentacles. Typically representing loss and poverty, I am drawn to think that the frivolity of the previous months throughout the world causes some sort of crash - either the housing bubble, the stock market, or the like. However, we draw on our strength - both inner and outer - in the coming month as shown by the mighty lion of the Strength card.

October sees us with a painful ending. Some loss is going to occur and, even though we relied on our strength in the previous month, we were not meant to keep the thing that we lose. There could be a crisis or a betrayal, and most people will feel this sense of loss.

November sees us back with the World - a light at the end of the tunnel. The World shows us that this cycle - although painful at times - is now complete. We have learned as a whole what we need to know to move forward and embrace the knowing of the Mother of Swords in December. The Mother of Swords faces the future with both her stern demeanor and soft understanding. This leads me to believe that a woman will come to be important during the end of 2020 - in whichever way it is meant to pass.

The theme for 2020 is represented by the 7 of Wands. As we know, wands are heavily associated with the element of fire and the ideas of passion, creativity, and creation. The 7 of Wands represents a challenge that the world will face - and that the entire purpose of this year is to be challenging and allow us to pull together as a whole and embrace the truth of the situation. We are armed with what we need - though we may not know it yet - and we must persevere through the obstacles to come out on top.

The goal of 2020 is represented by the 5 of Cups, a card of emotion. We know by the previous card that 2020 is going to be challenging, and it appears that the goal of 2020 is for some sort of a disappointment to take place to allow for spiritual growth as a collective. There are those among us who need to feel the disappointment and failure before they can move forward.

However, the obstacles facing this goal of 2020 is represented by The Magician. The Magician is a person who is fully connected to all realms - mental, physical, and spiritual. This person - or people - could show up to help prevent the disappointment and failure of those around them that could be caused by this coming year. The Magician is a master of their tools and - being connected to the divine in some way - may not be an obstacle in the way we think. This obstacle could be placed here to allow for the spiritually connected to come to the light and save the day, so to speak. Without the Magician, disappointment and failure could be catastrophic.

However, we won’t know what will happen until it happens! Do I think these things could be representative of specific events? Yes, I do. Part of me hopes that a certain someone in a political position is taken care of - which would happen in November - and then a new person would come in and take over - which would happen in December. However, that is me putting my own political spin on the reading.

I would also like to point out how this plays in with the numerology of the year. As we know from a previous post, the year 2020 has a Year Number 4. A Universal Year 4 year is all about getting things done. The energy of the number 4 in numerology helps to calm us down so we can buckle up and go along for the ride. It is a year of accomplishment for many people but, as we know, chasing your dreams and accomplishing your goals is sometimes fraught with failure and disappointment. So, it is interesting to me - and a form of confirmation - that my reading for the year as it applies to the collective corresponds with the numerology of the year.

What do you take away from this reading? Have you done a reading for the new year?


I finally found time to do my reading with this fantastic Wheel. I think we are pretty much on the same page, check it out:

January: Totally agree with you, @megan. Ace of wands says the year will begin full of inspiration, new opportunities, growth, potential.
February: Seven of Cups talks about perseverance through a time of struggle.
March: Judgement card is about resurrection and spiritual awakening. Again, just what you said in your reading @megan :open_mouth:
April: Fertiliy, harmony, alignment. The end of hard times (Ten of Cups).
May: Knight of Wands is ready for battle. Talks about inspired action, adventure and impulsiveness. Moving forward just like your May card.
June: Sourness, internal conflict and disgreements (Five of Swords). Here I am seeing a very different face of what you are seeing.
July: Unity, wholeness, and completion (The World). These two months will probably require a deeper analysis.
August: King of Swords when I associate it to your reading speaks of a tyrant, or absolute ruler.
September: The Wheel of Fortune card marks a turning point or it could be a point in which everything makes sense.
October: In this month when you saw loss and crisis, my deck shows the Devil. No escape from it. :imp:
November: I see the same light a the end of the tunnel you see. The Ace of Swords symbolizes breakthrough, success, and clear thinking.
December: Queen of Swords. We matched! So there will indeed be a feminine energy all around! :woman_mage: :clap:

Theme of the Year: My deck says there will be disagreements and competition (5 of Wands). Very similar to your passionate, fiery, full of obstacles 7 of Wands. Sounds like it won’t be an easy year.

Goals: (3 of Wands) Finding progress, expansion, and stability. To be prepared for upcoming challenges, and plan for the future.

Obstacles: Nine of Pentacles symbolizes material wealth, luxury and abundance. When I combine it with yours, I think maybe this is what Barack Obama meant with 'old white men in politics not getting out of the way’. :laughing:

I think it’s going to be a good year but certainly not an easy one! There are lots of room for growth and improvement but only if we can be perseverant! :muscle:


Your reading is just confirmation that we are both on the right track when it comes to the next year. 2020 sure does seem like it will be a trying year but - as you said - as long as we persevere, we can overcome the obstacles and grow from the experiences.

This was very interesting to do! I haven’t done something like this before. I have been reading tarot for 2 months now so this was very educational and fun for me. I loved reading both spreads! I feel like I got a combination of both of your interpretations (@MeganB & @Francisco) and of course my own thoughts as well.

4 of Rods - A clean slate and starting the year off strong. Feeling hopeful, happy, inspired, stable.

8 of Rods - Things become different for everyone. A little big of a rollercoaster. Not necessarily good or bad. Some people are getting things done and accomplished on a fast pace. For others they feel a bit too rushed and are wanting things to slow down or they feel a bit overwhelmed.

Wheel of Fortune - Some interesting things are going to happen for everyone. We have to remember that life goes on regardless of what happens. But im thinking this is an eye opening time and a lot of us are going to experience either fate, luck, opportunity, change.

4 of Pentacles - Some people might feel a bit worried or fearful for the rest of the year but others will feel things are going great and want to continue on. We need to look at everything in the big picture and find that balance.

4 of Swords - Five months into the new year a lot has happened for everyone. This is a time to reflect, look over the success made, & recuperate over what has happened so far for 2020.

3 of Cups - Enjoy life, family, friends. Be happy and celebrate. We need to reach out to people that we haven’t had contact in a while and catch up on things. Break old habits and excuses and take some time to do something you have always wanted to do.

3 of Swords - This might be a hard time for a lot of people. Either experiencing a type of loss, dealing with conflict. But regardless we will get through everything and focus on the positive after whatever has happened. A time for insight and growth.

5 of Rods - Im getting a feeling of 50/50 on this card. For some people, good things are happening creating positivity. Communication & teamwork are getting things done. Others might be facing some challenging situations and things might be a bit on the negative for them. Competition, struggles.

4 of Cups - Things are a bit of a standstill. Everything is just going how it is. Nothing new or crazy is going on. Were all just kind of going through the motions and taking things day by day. Some might feel unhappy or bored. Others might be thinking on what to do next, getting inspiration.

The Magician - Again i’m getting a 50/50 feeling on this. For some people they are finding their confidence, building skills, using resources. Having a positive outcome. Others may be feeling doubtful of themselves, feel or being betrayed by others. This could be a hard month.

Queen of Swords - A lot of truth is going to come up and out. After everything that has been rough and heavy for some… Things are going to lighten up for them. Becoming independent, cared for, feel recognized.

Six of Swords - Transition. This being the last month of 2020 we look at how this year has been. Making note of the good and bad. Taking this time to see what we have learned from and wanting to take into 2021.

Card of the Year
7 of Cups - Possibilities, choices, paths. A lot of new things are going to pop up. It is up to us on how we go about things. What are you going to do to try to make 2020 better?

The Hierophant - A lot of people are going through a spiritual journey. Maybe wanting to explore faiths or reconnect with what they already believe. Some might be doing a lot of research on finding a faith that connects to them, or explore their spiritual side. Some might already belong/identify with a type of religion/faith. But are going to be more active upon it as compared to years past. Like praying, attending services, etc.

The Hanged Man - A lot of us are going to have to make or see some type of sacrifice. This could be a good thing for some and for others… not so much. We need to look at the big picture on things.

Seeing as 2019 was a difficult year for the three of us it seems to be that 2020 will be better overall but still there will be those tough times. I think comparing all of our spreads to how 2019 was for us. It looks like 2020 won’t be as tough but who knows. Im hoping this will be a much more smooth and easier year for everyone. Even 2018 was a rough year for me so i’m really hoping for a much better year. I want/need some good things to happen!


Hey @Missa I’m glad you were able to find this tarot spread useful!

It is interesting to see how each of our readings contrasts with each other - but that there are also many similarities.

I guess we will just have to see how 2020 decides to turn out. Hopefully for the better!


It will be very interesting to look back one year from now how things developed! I hope it will help all of us to keep learning Tarot and deciphering meaning in our world! :raised_hands: