Reflecting on my 2020 Collective Reading

This year has been intense, to say the least. With COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement, and different counter-protests to both of these situations I feel like we have really seen the true colors of some of our friends and family.

I wanted to take the time to go back through my reading for 2020 and see where we are and where we might be headed - and maybe see if I got anything wrong!


Let’s start in June.

The Sun in June allows the happiness and joy to continue to flow. At this halfway point through the year, we can relish in the warmth of the sun - literally and figuratively - and have the fun in our lives that we so deserve.

I feel like the Sun is warranted for June, but not in the way I originally interpreted it. One of the main meanings of The Sun is that brighter days are ahead. If we are going through difficult times, the Sun tells us to push forward and keep going - keep moving through the difficulty and we will come out of the other end better for it.


July is more foreboding with the 4 of Swords following the frivolity. Typically representative of a time of rest and meditation, it worries me that this follows the happiness of May and June. Do we overwork ourselves in those months? Does the energy dwindle down? What has caused us to put a pause on the happiness and look inward?

The new interpretation for June and The Sun makes sense for July. If we look at June and The Sun as meaning to push forward through the difficulty, it would then make much more sense for July to be fraught with the Four of Swords and introspection. We’ve been pushing through the difficulties of COVID and the unlearning and decolonization that the Black Lives Matter movement has brought attention to. This has made us look deeper within ourselves to really evaluate what it is that we value as people, as pagans, and as witches.


…August card being that of the 5 of Pentacles. Typically representing loss and poverty, I am drawn to think that the frivolity of the previous months throughout the world causes some sort of crash - either the housing bubble, the stock market, or the like. However, we draw on our strength - both inner and outer - in the coming month as shown by the mighty lion of the Strength card.

For August, I think we can all sort of see this coming if you live in the United States (I’m not sure about elsewhere). The current pandemic and social movements have put a damper on the finances of the general population. Something will eventually crash and we might be facing another depression here in the states.

In September, Strength showed up in the reading and I am hoping with all my heart that this really pulls through for us. As a collective, we need to be able to gather our strength and not become bogged down by the loss that preceded it. Will it suck? Probably. Will it tear people and families apart? Maybe. But will it be the end of the world? No, it won’t. It will be something that we can get through as long as we realize that need to face it as a community instead of as individuals.


October sees us with a painful ending. Some loss is going to occur and, even though we relied on our strength in the previous month, we were not meant to keep the thing that we lose. There could be a crisis or a betrayal, and most people will feel this sense of loss.

The only thing I can think of for October is the collective sadness we will all feel if we lose Halloween. I know it’s been a meme going around the internet, but it is very true for me. Halloween - even outside of Samhain - is one of my favorite secular holidays! To not be able to celebrate Halloween would make me sad - and it would make my daughter sad, too!


November sees us back with the World - a light at the end of the tunnel. The World shows us that this cycle - although painful at times - is now complete. We have learned as a whole what we need to know to move forward and embrace the knowing of the Mother of Swords in December. The Mother of Swords faces the future with both her stern demeanor and soft understanding. This leads me to believe that a woman will come to be important during the end of 2020 - in whichever way it is meant to pass.

As far as the last months of the year, I’m hopeful. We see an ending to a cycle in November. This could be the election that is causing a lot of issues here in the United States. It could be something else. The World ends this cycle and brings us back into the light of the collective. With the Mother of Swords coming directly after in December, I am hopeful again that now we know better, so we can do better. I’m not sure how a woman would come to play an important role at the end of 2020 - not unless by some miracle a woman is elected president. However, this could also be a woman at the face of a movement or a woman who creates the vaccine or finds a cure for COVID-19.


Revisiting the themes for the month…

The theme for 2020 is represented by the 7 of Wands. As we know, wands are heavily associated with the element of fire and the ideas of passion, creativity, and creation. The 7 of Wands represents a challenge that the world will face - and that the entire purpose of this year is to be challenging and allow us to pull together as a whole and embrace the truth of the situation. We are armed with what we need - though we may not know it yet - and we must persevere through the obstacles to come out on top.

…and the goals…

The goal of 2020 is represented by the 5 of Cups, a card of emotion. We know by the previous card that 2020 is going to be challenging , and it appears that the goal of 2020 is for some sort of a disappointment to take place to allow for spiritual growth as a collective. There are those among us who need to feel the disappointment and failure before they can move forward.


Whatever happens, I am crossing my fingers that it ends in December and things don’t get more intense for 2021. I’ll do another reading then, but I think doing that reading now is too early.

For those of you that did readings for 2020, how do you feel things have correlated with your reading? Are they spot on? Are they worse? Are they better?


Very interesting read!
Quick question - does the reading you did only apply to the US? Or globally as well? Because as I was reading this paragraph:

I thought that from a European politics perspective, two women especially (and of course many more) already play a big role in driving the recovery from COVID-19 forward, namely Ursula von der Leyen (who is the President of the European Commission, first woman ever to hold this position!), and Angela Merkel, who is the German Chancellor.


This reading was meant to apply to the entire world as a collective. I’m just not versed on foreign politics as those of us in the US are, unfortunately, sheltered from the rest of the world.

It sounds like that section makes a lot of sense to you in that regard, so that’s good!


Halloween is my favorite holiday too- and this year it is extra special because it’s going to be a Full Blue Moon, and on a Saturday!!!

Farmer’s Almanac Rare Halloween Blue Moon in 2020

It will be a tragedy if group gatherings are called off, and the traditional celebrations are canceled. That being said, I suppose it will still be a spectacular night for cosmic magick whether it’s spent in a big group or in solitude! :full_moon::sparkles:


That’s very true! I’ve been excited about Halloween and Samhain since last Halloween and Samhain :crescent_moon: And then finding out that it’s a Full Moon and a Blue Moon just made it that much more exciting!

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Hahaha I know the feeling!!! :joy: I spent Halloween in Salem for the first time last year and it was amazing! :bat::ghost: I’m still hyped about it- and I’m counting down until this year’s Halloween. I can’t wait to see that beautiful Blue Moon! :full_moon::blue_heart:

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