⭐ Year Ahead Revisited - What is happening?! (2020)

If you haven’t seen it already, I did a collective tarot reading for the year 2020 back in January. If you want to read it all, you can look here. I figured with the current events taking place around the world, it might be a good idea to revisit this reading and see what’s happened so far.

January - Father (King) of Wands

We start off the year strong . The energy of the Father of Wands allows us to carry purposeful and meaningful actions into the new year.

February - Daughter (Page) of Swords

With this new action and inspiration brought to 2020 by the Father of Wands, the Page of Swords kindles that creativity and thirst for knowledge.

March - Ace of Cups

By March, something emotional will happen - in a good way - that will affect a lot of people. There could be a mass spiritual awakening as is reflected by the overflowing of the chalices and their connection with the element of water and emotion.

Now, I don’t know if you look at things the way I do - I am a pessimist by nature - but the Ace of Cups does not seem like the card to represent what’s happening right now. Just last night, Governor Kate Brown ordered the closure of all K-12 Oregon schools. She’s not the first one to do it, and she probably won’t be the last. The Ace of Cups is representative of a positive emotional change. I can only hope to put a positive spin on this global situation. This might be far-reaching, but let me try.

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Spiritual Awakening?

Do I think this pandemic could cause a spiritual awakening? Yes, I think it’s possible. Is it probable? I have no idea. I don’t have much faith in humanity right now, especially seeing how people are hoarding toilet paper and leaving shelves empty.

Images are from my sister-in-law in North Dakota showing bare shelves in their local Walmart.

However, I believe that the Ace of Cups being here for March could show us that there is a good side to humanity. Maybe our societies will stand up and protect each other. Maybe the good in people will begin to show more than the fear. Maybe people will start to recognize that we are not just cities, states, and countries. We are a global community . Maybe this pandemic will bring out the love in the hearts of the world and shun the hate, prejudice, and bigotry. I can only hope so.

Theme of the Year

The theme for 2020 is represented by the 7 of Wands. As we know, wands are heavily associated with the element of fire and the ideas of passion, creativity, and creation. The 7 of Wands represents a challenge that the world will face - and that the entire purpose of this year is to be challenging and allow us to pull together as a whole and embrace the truth of the situation. We are armed with what we need - though we may not know it yet - and we must persevere through the obstacles to come out on top.

I can only hope that this part is true, that we are armed with the necessary tools to combat the sickness as well as the hatred and fear that’s poisoning our globe.

Goal of the Year

The goal of 2020 is represented by the 5 of Cups, a card of emotion. We know by the previous card that 2020 is going to be challenging , and it appears that the goal of 2020 is for some sort of a disappointment to take place to allow for spiritual growth as a collective. There are those among us who need to feel the disappointment and failure before they can move forward.

I definitely feel like this is happening right now. So many people are disappointed in their friends and neighbors for the way they’re behaving. So many people are disappointed with the way public figures and those in power are acting on any side of the political spectrum. I’m from the US, so I can only speak to my experiences here. However, I have some friends in the UK and I know they’re upset about their political leaders as well.

Obstacles of the Year

However, the obstacles facing this goal of 2020 is represented by The Magician. The Magician is a person who is fully connected to all realms - mental, physical, and spiritual. This person - or people - could show up to help prevent the disappointment and failure of those around them that could be caused by this coming year. The Magician is a master of their tools and - being connected to the divine in some way - may not be an obstacle in the way we think. This obstacle could be placed here to allow for the spiritually connected to come to the light and save the day, so to speak. Without the Magician, disappointment and failure could be catastrophic.

Either way, I fear that it will get worse before it gets better - as everything always does. We need to not hold fear and panic in our hearts. Preparation? Yes. Caution? Yes. But not downright chaos. We can pull together and create a better world after this. Maybe this is like the metaphor of The Tower. We need to be broken down as a society in order to be built up. We need to let the foundation of false and shaky ideals tumble away in order to build a society based on love, hope, and healing.

Our children will thank us for that.

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Thanks for bringing this up!! I also went back to the collective Tarot reading we did in December, and most things make sense so far. The theme for the year was “full of obstacles” and “challenging”, I can totally see that.

The good news is April will be better! This is what we wrote:

In April, we will be met with a strong leader who understands that structure is important, but sometimes things need to change to allow for growth. Where this leader will come from, I don’t know. However, they will be apparent to those who are spiritually aware.

April : Fertiliy, harmony, alignment. The end of hard times (Ten of Cups).

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I can only hope that’s the case lol but based on all of our readings, it looks like that’s what we’re leaning toward :heart:


Omg! As soon as I saw the Ace of Cups in your spread for March I thought it made sense for the current climate.

I think this is making people rethink whats important in life; making people realise there’s so many simple pleasures we take for granted like going out as and when we please and hugging the people we love!

It’s really transformed my community, people are helping each other in any way they can, they are dropping off shopping for the vulnerable, the gates and fences are covered in positive messages, bright colourful photos. School gates are covered in photos of all the children.

8pm every Thursday its so surreal to stand in the garden and hear the whole street cheering and clapping, all the cars passing beeping there horns. Fireworks going off. Its bonkers but really heartwarming :sparkler::blush:

Obviously there’s so much sadness at the moment and so many people are grieving for lost loved ones but I honestly think this will change a lot of people’s outlook for the better longer term.

I know I’m never going to take for granted visiting friends and hugging loved ones again. Or just eating out at restaurants or having a BBQ on the beach! Once this is over, I’m going to make sure I do at least 5 things every week that I couldn’t do on lockdown.

But then I have a really optimistic nature :joy:


@Abs53 I feel that too! It’s crazy how unexpected all of this was. We could have never predicted the current situation, yet a lot of people were talking about big changes… and they were right!

Where I live now they don’t do this, everyone is too far from each other. But I talk to my family in Buenos Aires and every night at 9pm they all go out and cheer… it’s like the world cup but cheering for nurses and doctors, who would have thought! :laughing:


It’s also interesting to see you had light at the end of the tunnel around October/November time; considering the updates were getting about isolation and social distancing being lifted very slowly, with those who are shielded being last to lift (in the UK anyway) I think that could be a good indication for when things are back to normal… Though I think the majority of us will be back to work and socialising before then! At least I hope so! :joy::sob:

Or maybe indicative of a vaccine?


We sure hope so!! :pray:

Sounds like we need to do another collective Tarot reading!! :smiley: @MeganB @Abs53 @Missa ! Any ideas?


I’m keen!! Keep me posted on what you decide :slight_smile:


Just asked the Tarot what we can expect in the following weeks…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


:crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :kissing_closed_eyes: :rofl:

I just did a spread for the remaining months of the year, will post my reading tomorrow :+1:t2:

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So here we have it…

I read from May 2020 to January 2021.

May- The Tower

My least favourite card! Disaster, abuse, violence, job loss, divorce, chaos, loss, tragedy, natural disasters.

I guess this one is self explanatory, May is still looking pretty rough! :pensive: The UK are reporting a large increase in domestic abuse cases and calls to childline. We also have a fair few businesses announcing job losses and whilst the daily death toll seems to be decreasing numbers are still substantial and as of last night were thought to be circa 27k.

June- Four of Pentacles (reversed)

Financial insecurity, financial loss, lack of control, theft, sharing, giving to others, generosity.

I tend to always read this one as a warning for financial instability, but I know some people link it to sharing and giving to others. Both would make sense for June in my opinion! It could be a sign that due to financial pressures, some people could be reliant on help from other sources. The first thing that popped into my head when I drew this card was food banks.

July- Five of Pentacles

Jeez, what a rough 3 months! Financial loss, recession, adversity, struggle, hardship, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, breakups, divorce, temporary financial hardship.

Not much to add here except it looks like the after effects of this are going to be far reaching and with us for a while.

August- 10 of Swords

Just when I was hoping for some light relief! Failure, ruin, collapse, breakdown, exhaustion, inability to cope, curses, rock bottom, hitting a wall, deadends, martyr, attention seeker, violence.

I have never had so many negative cards in a spread at the same time… Ever!

September- Jack (Page) of Swords

Delayed news, patience needed, inspiration, planning, chatty, communication, being truthful, fighting injustice, vigilance, guarded, fairness, education.

This is the card I always associate with my daughter. The page of swords symbolising a young person who is lively, chatty, abhors injustice, quick witted, sharp minded and likely to be an Air sign (my girl is a Gemini).

The schools in the UK start the year in September which makes me think the schools could be back to normal for the next educational year? The latest we’ve had on schools is that they won’t be operating normally any time soon, but may try for a staggered introduction back in… Hopefully this is a sign that as of the next school year the children will be back to normal.

October- 3 of Wands

Finally!! Travel, moving forward, moving abroad, foreign land, self confidence, self belief, FREEDOM, success, experiencing life, hard work paying off, spreading your wings, adventure, expansion, growth, long distance.

The tide is turning in October!

November- Jack (Page) of Wands

One of my favourite cards :heart: Good news, swift news, letters, phone calls, cheerful, fresh, playful, optimistic, fun, full of energy, new plans, confident, intelligent, fearless, creative.

December- 9 of Wands

Battle weary, fatigued, drained of energy, nearly there, close to success, gather your strength, fight your corner, strength of will, courage.

Interesting! I read this as the relief of the freedom and fun times of the previous two months have worn off. We’ve all sensed a return to normality, we’ve all celebrated, possibly we’ve all reunited, now we realise what we have to do to pick up the economy again. Now we have to get back to working hard to make up for what we lost. Its going to be hard work but the end is in sight, we will rebuild.

January- 2 of Pentacles

Balance, trying to find balance, ups and downs, flexibility, adaptibilty, financial decisions, balancing books.

Going into the new year, it feels a bit calmer than December. We’re all still trying to get back to “normal”, but we are adapting. This card feels positive.

Suffice to say it’s looking rough for a while from my end!


What a wild ride we are having! :grimacing: :weary:

I was also hoping for some good news to come soon…! But this seems to be a big challenging year, from start to end!

If we stay together and remain positive, we can beat it.

“It might be stormy now but it can’t rain forever” :pray:


It’s crazy, I’ve never seen so many negative cards in a row. There is hope and a sense of adapting and pulling through which is nice.

Nothing is ever set in stone so maybe we should revisit in a couple of months?

I think it’s safe to say this year is going to be a challenging one!


Yes! The negative cards should only encourage us to face the challenges. I believe that we create our future, not the cards. :muscle:


The cards are saying what is right. Hit it on the mark. They figure it will be the end of the year before things really turn around good. They will again, as they always have, We have been warned over and over, yet people don’t listen, A very good video to watch, that in a lot of ways mirrors what is happening now is this one.

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I need to go through and do an update to this reading lol I honestly haven’t looked at it much since I did it, but I’m sure it could do with another revisit. I do hope @Abs53 is right lol hopefully the end of the year will start looking better.


@MeganB @Francisco @roxanne I’m planning on doing a revisit tomorrow to see if we’re still on track… Would love to hear your thoughts :heart:

And of course anyone else who wants to join in :grin:


You read my mind!! I’ve been thinking of this recently…!

I think it’s about time for a revisit :+1: :+1:


Ohhhhh I loved reading through everyone’s readings- looks like a lot of what the cards said was right on! :flower_playing_cards: :astonished:

I can’t wait to see what insights your revisit brings :blush::two_hearts: