Divination Discussion ❤ Muddy Waters

Way to go to everyone that participated in the last Divination Discussion and sought out some symbols and their meanings.

YAY! Thank you all for participating!

Symbols are everywhere. Last discussion, we took the time to look at symbols that we were drawn to and connect them to their meanings.

@MeganB drew inspiration from the Ogham, randomly drawing nGétal and connecting it to the Broom plant :broom:

@TheTravelWitch picked the alchemical symbols for the elements, looking into the meanings of the triangles :small_red_triangle:

@Abs53 blessed us with the beauty and symbology of The Star :star: in tarot

As a species, we are often drawn to symbols as a way to communicate and connect with ourselves and others. No matter what divination method you choose, symbols play a vital role in interpreting the meaning of your readings. It is important for us to be able to read these symbols, whether intuitively or “by the book”, and be accurate in our divinatory practices.

Great job everyone!


Ready for the new discussion?

Muddy waters, murky scenes, and a future not quite clear…

This week, we’re going to do a reading for a woman who can’t quite make up her mind about some decisions she needs to make. She has three choices, none of them known to you, and she wants your help putting things into perspective. She says that each decision has an action she can take but the outcome is unclear, almost like looking through muddy water…

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A woman comes to you for a reading, confused and slightly anxious. She says that she has an important decision to make and while her options are clear, the outcomes are not. No matter what she does, she can’t figure out which direction to go.

“The uncertainty is what bothers me the most,” she says. “If I could just see the path clearly, I would know which way to go.”

You ask her what she wants to get from her reading, because so far, she hasn’t asked a question.

“I want to know the outcomes of my decisions. I want to see the possibilities of my options so I know which way to go. I have three choices, and I can’t decide between them. Can you help?”


What to do?

:confounded: Grab your preferred divination method and read for her.
:confounded: Share your reading and interpretation with us below!
:confounded: This is good practice for reading for others.

Don’t have a divination method? Click below and find a pre-made spread of tarot cards for you to use.

Pre-Made Tarot Spread (click me)

The cards are laid out as follows…

The top row represents the decisions she needs to make and how she feels about them.

Card One (decision one): The Ten of Cups
Card Two (decision two): The Three of Swords
Card Three (decision three): The Page of Cups

The next row represents the possible outcome of the decision above it.

Card Four (outcome of card one): The Four of Swords
Card Five (outcome of card two): The Knight of Cups
Card Six (outcome of card three): Queen of Cups


New to Divination Discussion?

How does it work?

  • Every two weeks, starting on Thursday, I’ll be posting a new hypothetical divination question.
    For anyone that doesn’t have a divination method or wants to make it a little more challenging, I’ll have another option available for you.

  • During the week, use whichever method you feel comfortable with to answer the question. Draw as many cards, throw as many bones, or pull as many runes as you need. Any spread you think will work is okay to use that goes with the challenge.

  • Write about it here in the comments and share any pictures you may have taken!

  • Discuss your interpretation and the interpretations of others and help out where you can.

  • Ask questions! If you’re not sure how to interpret something, please ask. Many of us have personal experience or other sources that we can share.


What’s the purpose?

When we are learning a new method of divination or just practicing, it can be hard to get good practice without actually doing anything. Practicing this way with a hypothetical situation gives you an idea of questions that might be asked and it gives you practice in how to respond if you’re reading for someone else.



Anyone can participate – from new beginners to seasoned readers alike – to benefit from this discussion. To make sure we’re all on the same page, I’ve got some guidelines for everyone to follow to make this a place of safe and constructive discussion.

  1. Any divination method is okay - use what you’re okay with.

  2. This challenge will run from Thursday of one week to the end of day Wednesday the following week.

  3. If you do not want feedback on your interpretation or reading style, please say so. The purpose of this challenge is to learn and discuss with everyone else.

  4. Please use trigger warnings if your interpretation involves any mention of the following.

Trigger Warning Words (click me)
  • rape
  • abuse
  • violence
  • self-harm
  • other sensitive materials

To hide words, phrases, or content in your writing, highlight it, click the gear button up top in the formatting, and select either Hide Details or Blur Spoiler


Be sure to get your interpretations in before Wednesday, February 3rd!

Remember, there aren’t necessarily wrong answers. Divination is often very personal and that’s why interpretations are fun and good practice!

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Ohhhh a tricky one! :laughing: This is a quite a challenge… my first instinct is to tell her that a reading may not even be possible. It sounds like she is hiding… well, pretty much everything!

Like the discussion in My Moody Tarot Cards, a few tarot readers agreed that it is important to focus and be explicit in what you are hoping to get from a reading :crystal_ball:

If the woman seeking help is not being honest and open with what she is asking (hiding the questions so there is not really a direction to look towards :compass:) then I may have to tell her that she can’t expect the deck to be open and honest with her either! :woman_shrugging:

This is just my personal thought on this question- I really had to think on it! And my preferred deck for reading can be really cut-throat at times… I don’t think it would take kindly to this woman’s whimsical and murky approach :joy:

Thank you so much for posing this challenge, @MeganB- I’m glad I had the chance to think through this scenario in practice and come up with an answer, rather than having to decide on the spot in an actual reading someday! :pray: :heart:


I decided to interpret the cards that I pulled for the pre-made tarot spread. This woman said she wants to know the outcomes of the decisions that she has to make so she can decide which way to go. Remember, she doesn’t say what the decision is, just that she has three options.

Path number one is represented by the Ten of Cups. This card represents alignment and blissful relationships. On the surface, this decision looks like the best one. The outcome of this decision is the Four of Swords, pointing to rest and recovery. :crossed_swords:

Path number two is represented by the Three of Swords showing severe heartbreak. Whatever this decision is, it isn’t a good one. The outcome of the second decision is represented by the Knight of Cups showing that if this is the decision she makes, it will be met with creativity and imagination but to get there she has to go through the grueling heartbreak represented by the Three of Swords. :broken_heart:

Lastly, path number three is represented by the Page of Cups. This card points to creative opportunities and possibilities. With this decision, the outcome appears to be one that is in line with her compassion and intuition. :art:

:flower_playing_cards: :flower_playing_cards: :flower_playing_cards: :flower_playing_cards: :flower_playing_cards: :flower_playing_cards: :flower_playing_cards: :flower_playing_cards: :flower_playing_cards: :flower_playing_cards: :flower_playing_cards: :flower_playing_cards:

If she chooses to go with the first path, she will be following her alignment and bliss and get to a place of rest and relaxation of the mind. However, these particular cards give me the feeling of “ignorance is bliss”. Just because you follow your heart doesn’t mean you can ignore what’s in front of you.

If she chooses to go with the second path, it will be much more difficult. The Three of Swords is one of the hardest cards to get in a reading. We know right off the bat that it represents heartbreak and emotional turmoil, but also turmoil of the mind which is represented by the swords. The outcome of this decision, though, appears to be the better one for it. The Knight of Cups represents her creativity and imagination. So should she brave the necessary shadow work and difficulties to come out on top?

Lastly, if she chooses the third path, she will be met with new opportunities that allow her the freedom of creative expression. The Page of Cups is able to turn seemingly difficult things into beautiful expressions of art. This outcome leaves her in line with her compassion and intuition, possibly doing what she loves for something (or someone) she cares deeply for.

So what does she do? That’s for her to decide.


My modified Gaia Tree spread seems to work wonders for people that won’t share their questions or intentions. When I use this spread, I actually prefer people not share what is on their minds so they know if I am a sham or the real deal.

This is a picture of the Gaia Tree I took for @Abs53, not for this discussion, but I knew I could share a picture of it here before I flipped the cards for her.

The spread allows for one to three questions to be asked and it allows for one to three possible futures or a timeline for one future. Since she has three questions, it will answer all three and give outcomes to all three. :slight_smile:

1:Present Reality - This is who you are and your energy in this moment.
2-4: These are clarifications on who you are. They can also be read as what is leading to the questions you have.
5-7: These are the choices for your one-three questions.
8-10: These are the outcomes of those decisions or the timeline of them.
11-13: This is the shadow work or reminders you need if you want the outcomes or different outcomes.
14: This is the clarification of what choice to make.
15. This is the clarification if this is shadow work or divine reminders.
16. This is a divine or universe inspired message to guide you along the way.

I sometimes add crystals to the mix, but I didn’t in this case. As you can see, this is extremely versatile and can stand up to a lot of foggy intentions and unknown questions. That’s why I love it. :slight_smile: I would totally use this for the hypothetical situation presented in this week’s divine discussion.


Oh, I am totally using the Moonology Oracle Cards and Crystal Vision Tarot Cards, if anyone wants to know.

Thank you to @haley and @MeganB for bringing these up to the coven. I am in :heart: with both decks.


I always love when you post pictures of this spread. It is gorgeous and I definitely peeped the backs of those cards :rofl:


Which of these choices are right for the Querent?
Looks like the querent Has a change on the way. No matter what choice you make life keeps moving and nothing is forever nothing is fixed. It may be hard for you to move forward but it looks as though you have angels all around you protecting you and guiding you. There is a transformation at place. You are going to a new chapter in your life it is your turn to turn the wheel. And this is the Clarence general attitude toward the choice.
Overall I see that this person needs to make a change and they are really overwhelmed Between the choices because there are lots of temptation with power or struggle and they’re trying to find what is best for them.Seems like they may feel as though they have a shadow lurking. Their heart may feel strained from this really hard decision and I believe that it’s leaving them feeling suffocated in capable fatigued. He or she may have to find meaning in life or find a counselor or some kind of teacher. I am talking about the hierphant (sorry I’m not that great that is why I am practicing.)
without feeling that you are in conformity to a certain religion. You may want to decide for yourself what that means for you. You may be seeking for more knowledge so look between above and below. This person is just starting out but that’s okay because there is potential. There looks like there could be justice but not without some work or a heart ache.
Honestly I am very tired it is 1130 at night so I gave it my best shot. I had fun :star_struck:
I’m telling you this is not that easy because I have not practiced in a while. Honestly I didn’t answer the question about what choice they should take but I think they need to answer that question don’t you think?
We’re just there to guide him right?
Blessed be


This is a good interpretation of The Hierophant. He usually points to a tradition and conformity within a religious or spiritual context.

That’s totally fine! Not every reading is going to have a concrete answer and if you saw something else, that’s a valid thing to point out to them. Sometimes we are just there to steer them in the right direction.


Do you think this was a good spread? Thanks


Yeah, I think it’s a wonderful spread. It definitely fit the reading question. You did a great job!


Just a reminder that Divination Discussions have been extended to two weeks, so this discussion will officialy end on February 5th with a new discussion posted on February 6th :heart:

Get your readings and interpretations in and let’s chat about what you see and how you feel!

@TheTravelWitch pointed out, rightfully so, that this one is quite a challenge because the querent (person asking the question) isn’t entirely clear at first. So what do you say? Do you read for them? Or do you tell them they need to be honest with themselves first?

What say you?


This discussion ends soon and a new one will be posted tomorrow!
You still have time :mantelpiece_clock: but not much!


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