Thrift Store Find ❤ Crystal Visions Tarot

I was so excited when I came across this today.

We went thrift shopping with a friend of ours (we all live together, so safe for CDC guidelines, etc.) so they could grab some things for work. I was wandering around the book section of the thrift store we went to and I say a sign for “Women’s Interests” and I was…irritated, I guess, because my inner feminist was like, grrr what is that even supposed to mean?! The books in this area were all things like, how to be a good wife and how to attract a good man and just…:roll_eyes:

Anyway while I was looking at the books, I happened to glance down at a shelf toward the bottom and saw a Ziploc bag with something inside. I recognized the little white booklet and, to my surprise, there was a complete tarot deck inside this Ziploc bag! I picked it up and rifled through it and these cards are beautiful. The physical cards are shiny and don’t look like they’ve ever been used. The images are beautiful, too.

So this is the Crystal Visions Tarot. I haven’t read with it yet because it needs to be cleansed. I’m not sure how many people picked it up and touched it in the thrift store, not to mention the person that had it before. Besides the normal 78 cards, this deck also has a card that is titled, The Unknown Card. I’ve never seen one of these in a tarot deck before, but I kind of like it. The card depicts a woman dressed in black with a raven, a purple candle in the background, a sun and moon in the background…all kinds of imagery. According to the booklet that came with it, this card symbolizes something that isn’t quite reading to be discovered yet.

It can signify something from the past that one may not fully understand, or something that will happen soon. Wherever the Unknown Card falls within a spread will indicate what area still needs to unfold and that further steps need to be taken in order to clarify the bigger picture.

I also really like that the booklet that came with it has meanings for the reversals. Anyway, I just wanted to show you this amazing find. It isn’t often that I find neat stuff like this at a thrift store. And the best part? It was only $2.50 :scream:


I love finding stuff at the bargain center!!
I found some Florida Sand in a bottle! Not as cool as your find !!! Good eyes!!
I never heard of this deck but I like the vibe!

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Love Thrift Stores!!! With Covid I have been afraid to go hunting so I am “Jonesing” a bit! :joy:

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Holy cow! You got a real find! How lucky for you! And all the cards are there? Wow. Very cool. :star_struck:

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I had never heard of it before, either but it is very pretty! I’ll get it cleansed and I might set up a topic in #energy-exchange to do some one card pulls with it to get used to its energy and style.

This is how I’m getting to be again because everything is getting worse. For me, it’s a double-edged sword. I work from home but everyone else in my house has daily exposure to the public. Whether I like it or not, there is a chance I can be exposed even though I don’t leave the house often. :woman_shrugging:

Yes! I was so surprised, too!


NICE FIND!!! Even at our second hand book store in Phoenix these would be about $10 - perhaps they discounted them because they didn’t have a box? Who cares about the box ??? I hope they serve you well. They are beautiful.


Oh wow! :scream::scream:. I was just looking at this deck o Energy Muse’s website. It was about $25. Great find!


YEA… Right? @christina4 Cards …any deck … are pricey!


That’s the deck I’m using, as soon as I saw it I fell in love with the gorgeously vivid fantasy like style and symbolism! And that’s a really good price, I had to pay almost ten times that for a new one :smile_cat:

I’ve found the guide booklet very helpful as a beginner, and I’d be fascinated to hear how it looks to a more experienced reader :smiley_cat:


Very cool! I’m glad you picked them up!


Lucky find, @MeganB! The cards look gorgeous- and all for $2.50!?! Wow, such a steal! :grin: You’ve got yourself a pretty awesome thrift store- enjoy your new treasure :sparkles::two_hearts:


I’m not sure why they were discounted, or even where they would have gone in the store in the first place.

I looked it up when I got home :rofl: I’m still pretty excited that I even found it. And to think, I walked over to that section about to get irritated at the things that were in the “Women’s Interests” section :laughing:

I’m definitely going to do some readings with it soon. I’ll probably open up a thread in #energy-exchange sometime today after I cleanse them :smiley:

Yes! Very much so!