Would anyone mind doing a quick reading for me?

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone would mind doing a quick reading for me? I’m too invested in the result for a self read I feel! Don’t worry, no pressure.

I would just like to know:

  1. Should I go with my head or my heart?
  2. What time scale can I expect a possible resolution?

Thank you :star2:

Be honest if you see anything negative or even if the answers don’t make sense, it might make sense to me :smile: :heart:

Let me know if you need anything else from me to connect, name age etc. and feel free to write findings here or to message me.

Thank you all x


I can if you’d like :blush:


The more the merrier :smile:


Hi, @Abs53! :grinning: I am sorry you are facing some uncertaintity in your decisions but the timing is perfect as we are exploring the theme of uncertaintity in this week’s Divine Discussion. I want to share what I read for you. If you have any questions how to read this spread yourself, I shared the instructions here.

Decision 1: Heart?
Decision 2: Head?
Question 1: Outcome and timing of Decision 1 or 2.

Here is what I see.

You are blessed by the goddess(or divine or universe), meaning you have her blessing upon you as you make these decisions. There is a momentary feeling of being stuck or not committing to a decision. My guess is this relates to a loved one of some kind? But you aren’t really stuck. You have all the knowledge and understanding you need to make these decisions.

The cards seem to imply your choices really have more to do with the mind than the heart. That while you may dread not going with the heart, your mind will be a great battlefield if you choose the heart decision. The divine guidance says it’s time to let go of negativity, whether that is fear or something toxic in your life keeping you from making the decisions you already know you need to make.

It doesn’t appear that shadow work is as necessary for this. It appears there are some divine reminders as you choose the path forward. (Yes, I am reading these out of turn but I think in this case it is important.) You’ve done the right thing by reaching outside of yourself and getting confirmation of what you know to be true. You’ve reached a limit in what you want to handle in this battle of the mind and if you are willing to move forward and stick with what you decide, your decision will pay off. But if you reverse course midway and go with the other decision because things might get hard, it will actually make things worse.

So what about the future? There will be an immediate change in direction in your mind. You may feel like you have betrayed yourself or someone close to you feels betrayed. It appears the timing will be nearly instantaneous. As soon as this decision is apparent to others, there will be ramifications but they ultimately lead to your personal fulfillment and peace - almost like a new beginning as occurred the moment this decision is made public.

The divine message on all of this is while you may keep this from others as you look for answers, you already have the answers you seek and when you choose what you know you need to choose, the universe has your back.

I don’t see this in the cards, per se, but I do believe they lean towards making the mind decision if you want peace in your heart. While the heart decision may seem the better route, it’s not worth a lack of internal peace and there are bigger rewards on the other side. But that is my personal opinion. I can’t wait to see what others say.


There’s something quirky about my cards; the Querent has to touch them before they can work their magick.


I have a deck like that! The querent HAS to shuffle and lay them otherwise it wants nothing to do with them :rofl:


Thank you @praecog29 that’s very helpful :slight_smile: