Need help to get ex back

I joined spells8 because I need my boyfriend back. I have been with this person for 4 years and we loved each other dearly. But from the past few months he has started acting weird and abruptly blocked me a month back.

I am devastated and I need him back. Can someone please help me out with this.


You joined Spells8 to get get an ex back. I’m sorry but I think you might have joined for the wrong reasons. There are spells that you can do but you can’t just do a spell and think ok now he’s coming back. I’m in no way trying to be rude or mean. I’m just speaking the truth. And the spells you can try don’t manipulate him. They help to change the energy along with your intent and then you need to take steps towards your end goal. You can’t perform a spell and expect him to be back at your side. Try a honey jar or road opener spell or both. All you really need is your intention. But other thing like corresponding herbs, candles, crystals, etc just help add to the energy. They do help but is not necessary. I wish you well getting your ex back.


I agree with @christina4, this is not the right forum to have someone cast spells for you. Plus there are ethical concerns. You don’t want to force him back, and magic would work like that anyhow. We’re not trying to be terrible or anything, it’s just that there are some things that magic can’t do.


Hiya @kiran, I’m so glad you found us. :heart:
I know what a horrible situation you’re in at the moment and completely understand how you’re feeling- breakups like this can be devastating and confusing.

My advice would be to gently shift the focus from your ex and to take some time to focus on yourself now. This may sound impossibly difficult but take a deep breath and keep reading. Use this wonderful website, these endless resources and beautiful people to build yourself up again. Focus on self-love and self-care. Learn new things. Meditate. Grow stronger, create your own happiness. When you’ve achieved these things and if after a time you feel that you still want your ex in your life, I guarantee you’ll have the knowledge, power and patience to start changing the energies between you to start again- or you may even find your priorities change as you grow!
In the mean time, I really look forward to getting to know you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@kiran, Welcome to the forum. I have had people block me out of the blue, including an ex. We would be laughing in a text and later I would go to message them and I would be blocked. People don’t always act the way that we hope. So I have a small taste of what you may be feeling.

There is a “rule” in witchcraft sometimes called the “rule of 3”. While it may actually be possible to cast a spell to bring him back, it wouldn’t be the way you wanted. You would be miserable the whole time you were working the magic and the whole time you were with him. It isn’t worth it. The best thing you can do is talk it out with close friends and listen to the advice these wonderful people on the forum have already given you: focus on you. Build yourself up. Heal. Give yourself the time you need to do these things then you can work on either winning him back or, more likely, winning the heart of someone better.


Sidenote: @praecog29 ahaha another example of the rule of 3 effect - totally didn’t realise before :joy:awks


Hello @Kiran! :wave:

Merry meet and welcome to the forums! Sorry it was a rough situation that brought you here. It is very hard when those we love and trust leave our lives.

There is another discussion about bringing back an ex that has some advice, tips, and potential spellwork you can do to help your situation. You can check it out here:

Bring back an ex boyfriend

As others have mentioned, working spellwork that interferes with the free will of another is a grey area of magick- be very careful of potential side effects if you choose to take this path.

Instead, I would recommend trying to find the root of the problem- why did he leave you? Before any reconciliation is on the table, you need answers for why he left. If direct contact is not an option at this time, consider trying Divination Methods like tarot, reading dice, tea leaf reading, etc. to help you find the answers you seek. These answers may enlighten a new path forward for you :railway_track:

Wishing you the best of luck- blessed be! :sparkles: