Divination Discussion 🍁 Ready for November

Awesome job to everyone that participated in last week’s Divination Discussion where we focused you you :sparkling_heart:

YAY! Thank you all for participating!

@amy10 used Tell My Tarot to pick a card for themselves and will be practicing with their own tarot deck very soon :crescent_moon:
@Susurrus took the practice a step further and used their pendulum to help select a tarot card – and go their daughter involved, too :hugs:
@Amethyst pulled some cards and had an encounter with the devil :smiling_imp: who isn’t so scary after all
@janelle tossed some dice :game_die: and took a stab at reading the numbers
@Rowan pulled the Queen of Cups :cup_with_straw: and had an uncanny encounter involving blonde hair
@praecog29 also had an encounter with the devil :smiling_imp: that was illuminated by the moon :crescent_moon:

I loved to see everyone’s involvement here in this discussion :heart: Getting into a daily practice, as some have said they will, can be a great way to kickstart your divination education. Reading for yourself is arguably one of the harder things to do because you can’t be fully objective :crescent_moon:

Great job everyone!


Ready for the new discussion?

This week is the first week of a brand new month so it’s only fitting that we use our divination skills to see what lies ahead for November :maple_leaf: This is one of my favorite tarot spreads to read because it’s simple yet quite effective. Getting insight into a new month can help us see what we need to focus on, what might be influencing us from our past, and what might get in our way of achieving our goals.

:maple_leaf: Grab your divination method of choice and create a spread (if that’s possible for your method) to help you answer the following questions…

:herb: What is my focus for November?
:herb: What areas from my past are influencing my decisions this month?
:herb: What might get in the way of achieving my goals?
:herb: What are the possibilities that might come from November?

If you need to see this visually in a tarot spread, I have one I created on my site that I’ll link here for you.

:maple_leaf: This challenge is not limited to tarot, so feel free to use whatever divination method you choose!
:maple_leaf: Let’s discuss your findings! Did you have any difficulty interpreting the reading for the questions? How does the reading for each individual question lend itself to the meaning as a whole?


New to Divination Discussion?

How does it work?

  • Each week, starting on Thursday, I’ll be posting a new hypothetical divination question.
    For anyone that doesn’t have a divination method or wants to make it a little more challenging, I’ll have another option available for you.

  • During the week, use whichever method you feel comfortable with to answer the question. Draw as many cards, throw as many bones, or pull as many runes as you need. Any spread you think will work is okay to use that goes with the challenge.

  • Write about it here in the comments and share any pictures you may have taken!

  • Discuss your interpretation and the interpretations of others and help out where you can.

  • Ask questions! If you’re not sure how to interpret something, please ask. Many of us have personal experience or other sources that we can share.


What’s the purpose?

When we are learning a new method of divination or just practicing, it can be hard to get good practice without actually doing anything. Practicing this way with a hypothetical situation gives you an idea of questions that might be asked and it gives you practice in how to respond if you’re reading for someone else.



Anyone can participate – from new beginners to seasoned readers alike – to benefit from this discussion. To make sure we’re all on the same page, I’ve got some guidelines for everyone to follow to make this a place of safe and constructive discussion.

  1. Any divination method is okay - use what you’re okay with.

  2. This challenge will run from Thursday of one week to the end of day Wednesday the following week.

  3. If you do not want feedback on your interpretation or reading style, please say so. The purpose of this challenge is to learn and discuss with everyone else.

  4. Please use trigger warnings if your interpretation involves any mention of the following.

Trigger Warning Words (click me)
  • rape
  • abuse
  • violence
  • self-harm
  • other sensitive materials

To hide words, phrases, or content in your writing, highlight it, click the gear button up top in the formatting, and select either Hide Details or Blur Spoiler


Be sure to get your interpretations in before Wednesday, November 11th!

Remember, there aren’t necessarily wrong answers. Divination is often very personal and that’s why interpretations are fun and good practice!

Need more information on different divination methods? Check out these sources.

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Oh goodness, I was having such weekend burnout earlier this week that I totally missed the last discussion! And my poor tarot deck hasn’t seen any use all week :sweat_smile: Gotta get back into it! :clap: I love these divination discussions and I think they are very helpful for developing the practice.

I especially love the card spread you shared on your site- thanks for that! :flower_playing_cards::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can’t wait to see what November has in store! Hopefully it’ll be a bit less chaotic than last month :laughing:


@MeganB I have a question for you. Do you want us to come up with a new tarot spread or just read the cards? Because I like the questions and spread you used. And I’m confused about how to do a new one if I need to.

Thanks muchly for the help!


I’m so sorry I missed this one. I knew I was missing something. My laptop died & I’m saving for a new one. I’ll remember to check back for these though.


I missed this one too, this crazy election has had me preoccupied this past week.


Let’s double-check with @MeganB, but I think the deadline for this is in two days on Wednesday the 11th- so everyone (myself included) probably still has time to join in! :grinning:

Gotta get out my poor tarot deck- it’s been so busy lately here that it’s been completely ignored :flower_playing_cards:


You can if you want, but you can also just use the one I provided :smile:

This one doesn’t end until Wednesday, so you still have time! :mantelpiece_clock: I probably forgot to change the due date :rofl: It’s been a crazy week, so that wouldn’t surprise me. I’ll double check!

Yup, I forgot to change it. I’ll update it now :rofl:

Sorry about that, everyone!!


Oh awesome. I will find time to work on this while I’m between things to do. Thank you so much


I will! Why mess with perfection! Thanks, @MeganB!


I read the cards this morning and iI don’t think it was a bad spread. I understand them to mean that I’m going to have to pay attention to balance this month and being close to the ones I hold dear. Watcj for new beginnings but don’t make hasty decisions because new and great things are coming my way that will benefit me from here on out.


I did a modified Gaia Tree for this reading. Oh my! This really picked up on my energy and hopes and fears. :man_facepalming:t3: I don’t know how much of this I can share. :joy:

  1. Core Being - Ace Pentacles
  2. Question 1: What areas from my past are influencing my decisions this month? - Reversed Page of Swords
  3. Question 1: What areas from my past are influencing my decisions this month?
  4. Question 1: What areas from my past are influencing my decisions this month? - 7 Swords
  5. Question 2: What might get in the way of achieving my goals? - Justice
  6. Question 2: What might get in the way of achieving my goals? - 2 Pentacles
  7. Question 2: What might get in the way of achieving my goals? - The Emperor
  8. Question 3: What are the possibilities that might come from November? - 4 Pentacles
  9. Question 3: What are the possibilities that might come from November? - Magician
  10. Question 3: What are the possibilities that might come from November? - 10 Wands
  11. Past Shadows - 3 Swords
  12. Present Shadows - 8 Cups
  13. Future Shadows - 2 Cups
  14. Theme Covering My Core Being - 6 Wands
  15. Clarity To Questions 1-3 - Have Faith In Your Dreams Oracle
  16. Clarity To Shadow Work - Observe In Silence Oracle

I will summarize to avoid the necessary charge of $25-35 dollars to myself for this reading. :sweat_smile: :rofl: Also, some of what I see is incredibly personal and I don’t feel ready to share it yet. You guys will have all kinds of fun looking at this big of a spread and reading what is going on, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:herb: What is my focus for November?
My focus in November is being silent and allowing the betrayal and drama in my life to be fully processed. It appears November is the time this finally happens but I need to be working on me and not be focused on the storm around me.

:herb: What areas from my past are influencing my decisions this month?
I am going through a time of personal reflection and change. While the reversed tower card says this is not due to outside factors, it’s clear these outside factors are looking at this change and there is a question of what is truth. Who is Ben?

:herb: What might get in the way of achieving my goals?
I am juggling my fears and hopes for justice in my life and an order in the chaos. Right now I am doing well but it’s clear I am way to innocent or naive to do this alone for long.

:herb: What are the possibilities that might come from November?
The unanswered questions from October will receive resolutions this month. My energy, passion, and spirituality will be restored. I need to have faith my dreams, and not my nightmares, will come true. I can manifest a good foundation for myself or I can manifest a poor foundation for myself. It is up to me on what I focus on.

I have experienced deep pain in my immediate past. It’s left me lonely and feeling like I can’t do it anymore. I long for a real relationship to come along but it seems I need to remain silent and trust all the processes in my life. Healing is still coming and that needs to happen first.


This is what I’ve got.

What is my focus for November: The Ace of Swords.

What I see: Victory, celebration. Winning. Being crowned with laurels.

What the book says: This card means success, attainment, victory, or the beginning of all these things. It may mean that the Seeker is or is about to become a champion, hero, or leader. It may show the birth of a valiant child. It may also show the beginning of an intellectual venture.

What areas of my past are influencing my decisions this month?: Four of Cups, reversed.

What I see: The end of disillusionment. Hope. New starts.

What the book says: New relationships, the beginning of action. New possibilities.

What might get in the way of achieving my goals?: The Star, Reversed.

What I see: Lack of intuition. Unbalanced thinking.

What the book says: Laziness and indifference. Unrealized hopes. Arrogance, pride. Delays, loss of hope, faith.

What are the possibilities that might come from November?: The Eight of Cups.

What I see: Letting go of old things, walking away from bad situations.

What the book says: This card means leaving this phase of life behind; rejection of the material to turn to the spiritual. Disappointment in love. A search for a new path. Leaving the familiar to “find yourself”.

What conclusion I’ve come to. November is going to be a good month, as long as I don’t let my natural laziness get to me or my pride. I’m hoping this means I’ll get my Medicaid helper because I’m going to have to set pride aside to do some of the things they’ll be doing.

But I also see that with new friends that I’ve made in the past, that I will be victorious and will start on a new path in life.

So it sounds like November is going to be a good month for me, as long as I don’t let myself get lazy or arrogant.


That looks like a wonderful reading, Krissie. Great job! I love how you printed the worksheet, too. One of the best ways to keep track of your readings and your learning is to journal about it or use worksheets like that one :heart:

:hugging: Only share what you feel comfortable sharing! That is a very large reading and it looks like you go into great depth. Amazing job!

That’s always a struggle for a lot of people. I have faith in you :sparkles: and believe that you can find the willpower to set aside your pride when the time comes. Wonderful reading!


I have many problems with laziness, sad to say. If I can’t do it today, I’ll do it a week from now. LOL. Thanks for the kind words @MeganB! Glad you liked my reading!


My deck’s been giving nothing but swords to me and often reversed, no matter how I shuffle it… :sweat_smile:

I’m leaving it on my altar overnight all spread out with salt sprinkled over it and try again tomorrow, if the results stay the same then I’ll believe I’m going to have a challenging month… :grin:


The deck in my car hates me. I constantly pull the devil from that deck. To be fair, I went through a really dark time in my life in that car and it is time for a cleansing.


After a long time of neglect, I finally carved out the time and energy for a nice reading session! :grin: With the coming weeks of November in mind, he’s what my deck had to say…

(A mix of my own spread and the suggested questions)

Card 1 (Above)- Overall theme for November?The Moon

The Moon symbolizes distance and mystery. It can also refer to fear and illusion.

Looks like the anxiety over the election will continue throughout the following weeks. There is also the lasting uncertainty about the pandemic and in my own personal life- how long I can continue to live outside the USA (battling visa restrictions, the trials of being an expat, and being far from home).

Card 2 (Left) The PastTwo of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles often points to balance and the juggling of tasks.

I have been doing so much multitasking and trying to balance different areas of my life lately (work, hobbies, my partner, family and friends, my craft, being an expat, keeping up with the news, and all the endless tasks and errands of life). It seems that my interests and opportunities are pulling me in every direction as of late. Not surprised to see this card here.

Card 3 (Right) The Future/ ResultQueen of Pentacles

A strong, feminine figure of stability and material success

Absolutely pumped to see this card here- looks like despite the overall stress, all the efforts of my recent multitasking will bear fruit and lead to stability and material comforts. And double pentacles in the reading! A good sign for incoming money. Whew!

Card 4 (Below) ChallengesThe Devil

Restraints, misguidance. Sometimes being held back by your own mind or inner nature.

Oh boy, @praecog29- looks like our decks are of the same mind! I was honestly surprised to not see more cards like this due to how long I’ve neglected my deck- I honestly thought it would give me a spiteful reading! :laughing:

Looks like I need to keep an eye out for potential set-backs this month- especially those of my own causing. No matter what happens, I’ll need to remember to keep an open mind and look beyond the surface. Sometimes problems are different than what they appear to be.

All in all, not a bad reading! I’m glad I took the time to sit down and spend a while with the cards. It felt good to use them again after a bit of a burnout period earlier this month.

Thanks so much for @MeganB for a fun challenge! :heart:


What deck are you using? It’s amazing! :star_struck:


It’s the Anima Mundi deck! :flower_playing_cards::national_park: I love this one- it balances the beauty and the harshness of nature- a deck that doesn’t pull punches! :laughing: If you’re interested, I posted more pictures and gave a full review of the deck here:


Ohh, maybe it’s trying to tell you that you’re in your head too much and you need to step out a bit! Let us know if you try again!

Definitely sounds like it could do with a cleanse :sweat_smile:

Those cards are beautiful :heart: I love the way you interpreted everything and really tied it together. Also, those cards are beautiful!