Tarot Deck Review~ Anima Mundi ✨

Being dazzled by @roxanne’s gorgeous new tarot deck, I had completely forgotten that I had ordered a gold-leaf deck a while back, and it just arrived!

For anyone interested in tarot decks/ gorgeous artwork- here is the Anima Mundi Tarot by Megan Wyreweden! :flower_playing_cards:

The deck is a traditional tarot deck with 78 (Major and Minor Arcana). While there is no gold leaf applied to the face of the cards, there is gold on the side- so when they are all together and catch the light, it is quite an attractive deck :star_struck::yellow_heart:

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful artwork! The deck focuses on animals and nature with a color palette of mostly soft blues, whites, blacks, and greys. The artist definitely has a preference for birds more than any other animal! :dove:

Something interesting I found is that while three of the suites have a clear element (swords=air :cloud: / cups=water :droplet:/ pentacles=earth :evergreen_tree: ), the last suit (wands) did not have a clear element. Although it should be fire, there is only one card in the entire deck that has a picture of fire on it :fire:. Even The Tower, which is depicted as a volcano :volcano:, has only smoke- there is no fire shown on the card.

In my opinion, this makes the deck slightly imbalanced. I will use it for readings involving air and water especially, as those two elements dominate the deck. For matters regarding fire and earth, I will probably turn to a different deck :flower_playing_cards:

This is going to be a tricky deck to read! Although I knew this and bought it anyway :joy: It doesn’t have the bountiful symbolism that other decks have- the cards are limited to an animal, element, and an item or flower or background. Not much to draw from… but luckily it came with a handy little pocket guide with all the interpretations! :grin: :+1:

I took a picture of my favorite Major Arcana cards in the deck- I love how The Fool echoes the traditional Raider-Waite depiction of this card. Justice was particulary powerful presence :lion::crossed_swords:, and I LOVE this take on Death. The Moon is easily the most gorgeous picture in the deck, although it’s basically completely devoid of symbolism and just a really beautiful painting :laughing: :full_moon:

I also greatly appreciate the Roman Numeral on each card- it helps when I ask the cards for more specific information about time/dates :blush:

All in all, I highly recommend the deck! :sparkles:

Happy card readings, and Blessed Be! :heart:


Ooh, it’s so pretty! I love the artwork :heart_eyes:
Did you by any chance order it from somewhere in Europe? Like I said in the other post, I’m not willing to pay €23 for shipping from the US :grimacing:

However, your review has definitely given me something to think about! I’m especially sad to hear that fire isn’t represented well, considering it’s my element :fire: Also, you mentioned the deck is quite tricky to read, so maybe it’s not well suited for a tarot beginner like me?

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I know that feeling very well! Haha it’s a nightmare when you go to checkout and realize the shipping would cost even more than actual item! :sweat_smile:

Yes, I had it shipped to Poland! I actually saw the deck while browsing on AliExpress- I ended up buying it from a tarot reseller, so I’m afraid I don’t know if it is the original deck or a knock-off/recreation :face_with_monocle:. The quality is very good though, and the price can’t be beat!

I was surprised too! I’ve accepted that it’s just part of the deck’s theme and character, although it seems a shame that such an important element is almost completely avoided in the cards :fire::woman_shrugging:

I am also a tarot beginner! :blush: I was hesitant about this deck because yes, due to the lack of symbolism, it can be harder to find meanings in the cards. But it does come with a little guide book that has been very helpful! :open_book: :+1:

I was actually doing a reading with the cards yesterday and the thought came to me that, although the cards don’t have as many symbols as other decks, in a way this can make it a bit more approachable! :grin: I don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to read and sort through all the possible meanings on the cards- sometimes I just look at them and answer my question based on how the card makes me feel :blush: And with the lovely paintings and pretty images, these cards have a lot of emotion!

I think you should pursue the decks that call out and resonate with you- when it comes to tarot, follow your heart! :sparkling_heart:

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I’ll have a look if I can find it there, thanks :blush:

I’m very happy to hear that it comes with a guide book! Without it I would be very lost :rofl:

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Thank goodness for the little guide books! :grin: :+1: Otherwise after every card I draw, I’d be scrambling through the internet watching YouTube videos for a breakdown of what each card means :joy: There are a few cards I know pretty well now, but so many that I forget entirely :sweat_smile:. Tarot is certainly a long work in progress! :flower_playing_cards:

Best of luck on the deck hunt! :raised_hands:

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