Finding Marbles in Odd Places 🔮 What Does it Mean?

I found a glass marble so I thought: “What kind of witchcraft can I do with a marble?” For this week’s Thrifty Witch Challenge I am doing a scrying with a glass marble! It’s cheap and easy!

Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Glass Marble

If you feel like the fairies have left you a marble and you’re struggling trying to decipher its symbolism or meaning, do this! It’s called scrying.

  1. Light a candle :candle: and hold the glass marble in front of your eyes, between the candle flame and you. Look at the flame while you slowly move the marble closer to your eye.

  2. At one point you will notice that you can see through the marble into the light reflected. Breathe deeply and remove any unwanted thoughts from the mind.

  3. After a minute you will reach a state of trance. It’s okay to blink, but keep the focus. Now you can begin free association with the perceived images. The best way to do it is to record yourself talking. Look and say what you see out loud, even if the images seem irrelevant, this is to deepen the trance state. Keep doing and you will see a rich visual images on the glass.

  4. Use your journal or book of shadows to take notes so you can come back and interpret its meaning. This is the page I used:


If you found a marble, know that this is a sign of the spirit, of messages being delivered. Not necessarily of good luck or prophecy, but of awareness and bonding.

If you feel it connects you to a loved one, look at your marble every day and be reminded of this special connection. :sparkles:

Or put it in a pouch with some protection herbs such as rosemary, sage, or bay leaf and carry it with you. :herb:

I wrote about other divination techniques here: Divination Methods: Traditional and Modern


Congrats on your exciting find, @Francisco! :star_struck: I never considered so many possibilities with a marble- these are lovely ideas! :two_hearts:

The video was amazing- it’s very neat how you were able to share the inside world of your marble! :heart_eyes: It was beautiful- I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be lucky enough to find a marble too someday! :grin: :+1:

Thank you so much for sharing! :heart:


I admire marbles for a while know, glad that you made the connection! I found some marbles once and kept them. I knew they were speacial. I just didn’t know why! I can’t wait to go home and try to scry! I want to know what the marble will tell me!
Thank you :blush:


@Francisco , At first I saw a :dolphin:dolphin and then some :ocean:waves, it was exactly what I saw! :eyes: This was very :thinking: interesting and I am glad to learn the meaning of the word scry.

This simple experiment was quite informative and straight to the point. I know what to do now when I come across a marble again.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much!


Thanks for your kind comments, Jeannie! I hope you had time to try it and experiment!

@NickWick I noticed the more relaxed I am, the more things I begin to see. Sometimes it takes time. Anything that helps you relax or moves you into a heightened/altered state can have a powerful effect on this type of divination.