Tea Magick to Have Your Questions Answered 🍵

Warm greetings to all! :blush:

As I was writing up this week’s Tea and Talk Group Ritual, I ended up with quite a few ways to use tea magic! Rather than trying to cram them all into the group ritual post, much better to give them their own place in the forums!

For all the tea lovers with questions on their mind:

:tea:Using Tea Magick to Answer Questions:coffee:

  • Asking the Boiling Kettle:

[Picture from Pintrest]

  • Using Tasseology/Tea Leaf Readings:

If you have tea leaves or sediment left at the bottom of your cup, you can find the answer you seek there :mag_right:

[Picture from Pintrest]

Look for shapes in the leaves- if you see a pattern that looks like “Y” your answer is yes. Shapes that resemble “N” lead to a negative answer.

If you can’t spot any letter-like shapes, look at where the sediment/leaves are settled at the bottom of your cup. If most of the leaves are on the upper half, your answer is yes. More material resting at the bottom half means no.

For more complex questions without a yes/no answer, follow the guide in Tasseology: Tea Leaf Divination.

  • Asking the steam:

It is possible to ask the steam rising from your cup a question.

To begin, simply hold your mug close and speak your question into the swirling smoke.

After you ask your question, hold your breath and count to three.

If, while you are holding your breath, the steam bends to the left, your answer is no or false (depending on what you asked). If the steam swirls towards the right, your answer is yes or true.

What questions are on your mind? :thinking: Ask your tea and find some answers!

You may even find that a warm cup of something tasty and a quiet tea meditation solves your problems on its own! :grin:

Blessed be and enjoy your tea! :coffee:


This is what I’ve been looking for! Thank you! I’m trying to learn more on the subject and voila.


Aaaaaaaaaaaargh you crazy mind-reader you! @BryWisteria
I spent a good half hour yesterday staring at the bottom of my coffee cup reading messages - the first time I’d ever done so and yet I found all sorts of great stuff!
I swirled the crap at the bottom of the cup 3 times clockwise while asking my question, flipped the cup upside down and quickly flipped it back up and then just stared mesmerised, reading and reading, turning the cup clockwise every few moments to see what else I could see! I saw words and all sorts - fascinating stuff.
This was my final flip - the end of my session- and I just had to take a picture :joy:

:heart: :goat: (goat face anyway… maybe Capricorn?)


Ta-dah! :laughing: It’s amazing how sometimes what we are searching for comes right to us- I’m so glad you found this helpful! Happy tea magic, Christina! :sparkling_heart:

We’re in sync once again, I see! :joy::+1: Sounds like a very exciting and successful first reading! Ohhhh I do see the goat face and heart… hmmm :thinking: This could be read to mean you have/will have a romantic partner who is a Capricorn, or could possibly have some upcoming romance this Capricorn season (just a few months away!) :goat:
Congrats on your first reading, @Limeberry ! :heart: