Cross-Checking Divination Methods to Improve Readings

Hello all!

For my entry to this week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge- Foretelling the Future, I decided to combine divination methods.

Why combine methods?

There are many reasons why you might consider using two methods of divination for the same question:

  1. To increase accuracy. When one method says “yes” you might still feel unsure. But when two methods give you the same answer- you’ll have a stronger sense of security.

  2. To double-check your interpretation. Methods like tarot or tea leaf readings give answers coded in symbols- your card/leaves may be trying to tell you one thing, but you interpreted it in a different way! Asking the same question to your pendulum or dice can help to give you direction and solidify meanings.

  3. You are testing a new method. Maybe you have a new bag of runes or pendulum you are testing out. Cross-checking a reading with your trusted method can help to reveal if the new method works for you. If the answers don’t align- it may be that you need to connect more with your new tools, or perhaps they just need a good cleansing.

  4. It’s good practice. The more you use your magickal tools, the more comfortable you will feel with them! Daily readings will help you learn your tarot cards and help you memorize symbolism and meanings. Cross-checking can help to illuminate meanings you may not have picked up.

  5. It’s fun! One reading is exciting, so two readings is double the fun! Try new things and challenge yourself- this is how we learn and grow as witches :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For the challenge, I boosted my daily tarot card with a tea leaf reading. I thought that the card might influence what I saw in my cup, so I started with my morning tea. I enjoyed a lovely black blend, then prepped for reading :mag_right:

For anyone interested, you can find a guide in Tasseology: Tea Leaf Divination :fallen_leaf:

The question I asked my cup was, "What should I be aware of today?" Here’s what I got…

Right away I saw a girl with a heart. She seemed to be waving :wave:

The lens of my camera seems to reset my eyes and give me new visions. As I was taking a picture, it was like the scene changed:

I saw a person reaching for a steaming tea kettle- and that seems like a direct call-out of my three to four cups of tea each day :coffee: :joy:

The bottom appeared to be a rugged natural landscape with mountains with a planet and two smaller planets or stars :mountain: :full_moon:

With a few ideas of how to interpret my tea leaves, I got out my deck and drew a daily card :flower_playing_cards:

I got… Temperance

The temperance card represents taking the middle road. It can read as advice to take things as they come and in moderation.

My interpretation: Temperance, the waving and loving girl, and the hot tea kettle all point towards a day of love and self-care. I think I should not stress about my task list today and take one things at a time. I should reach out to loved ones and spend time relaxing with my beloved cups of tea :coffee::two_hearts:

As for reading visuals, the two white flowers on the card looks like the two stars or planets I saw in my cup- it seems the number two may be important today. Two is one of the hardest words in the Polish language, as they have about a million ways to say it.

Language meme hiding here....

[Pic from Pintrest]

I do have language class today, so it looks like it may be a struggle! :laughing:

Takeaways: While these methods worked for the question I asked and I figured out a reading that feels right to me, I have to admit that Tarot cards and tasseology are both methods that rely heavily on symbolism and personal interpretation. For future cross-checks that need more specialized advice, I want to try using a method that gives more direct answers (reading smoke, dice, pendulum) and then one method that has a more open approach (tarot or tea leaves).

Have you ever cross-checked your readings?

  • Yes!
  • No, but I’d like to try
  • No, and it’s not for me

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Happy predicting and blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


I like the idea of cross checking my reading. I pulled an oracle card along with my weekly Energy/Obstacle/Advice tarot reading yesterday and it really clarified thing for me. I’m gonna have to do that more often.


Ahahahahaa I love this meme :joy: good luck with your class today!

That teapot is so clear its crazy! Maybe its also telling you to check for messages in your other teas today? Your girl with a heart kinda looks like she’s looking into a giant mug :coffee::thinking:


I’m glad the oracle card helped to clarify your tarot reading, @kasie! :blush: Hopefully your cards had some good news and happy things to show you for the future :flower_playing_cards: :raised_hands:

Thanks, @LimeBerry! :two_hearts: My apprehension was right on- we started some new grammar topics in class and it was brutal :joy: I also went through 4 cups of tea, but I didn’t think to do any more readings! Perhaps I’ll try again today :mag_right: :coffee: Tea leaf reading is actually starting to become a regular hobby- reading the leaves is so much fun! :laughing:


Haha same here! I’m checking the tea leaves/coffee cinnamon crap constantly for messages :joy:


I have been cross checking recently. I’d use a pendulum, cards, or my new favorite… crystal tossing. I don’t remember the term but it’s cool!


Me too! I keep on getting the Tower and the Two of Swords this week. I wish whatever change that is supposed to happen would happen so I don’t feel like it’s hanging over me. LOL.


Find anything interesting in your cup, @Limeberry? Sounds like fun! :laughing:

That sounds awesome, @christina4! Crystal tossing? Ohhhh are you tossing the crystals on a crystal grid to get readings? I’d love to hear more about your new method! :star_struck:

Ohh wow, @kasie- the Two of Swords could mean a decision is approaching or already in your mind. The Tower may mean that one outcome from that leads to turmoil- I would interpret the repeated draws to mean that your deck is urging you to really think carefully! Good luck- sending you the best of wishes for whatever is coming your way! :hugs:


I just toss the crystals onto a mat (or piece of paper) with different words on them. And try and evaluate what the meaning is. I also like to incorporate the crystal meanings into the reading. I should have used this for my entry. Lol


Too many interesting things :sweat_smile: it’s exhausting trying to figure out what they mean! Yesterday’s tea had some worrying/scary images mixed in with luck and love. It’s all been a bit confusing the last couple of days! I’m going over my notes now and wishing I hadn’t deleted the pictures. It seems like some kind of internal struggle… relating to me but not my own if that makes sense? Ugh I love this divination stuff but it’s mentally draining :joy:

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The Two of Swords is my stalker card, but I have no idea what decision it is that I need to think about carefully. I know I have to balance out something, otherwise everything could fall down around my ears, but I just don’t know.

Or my deck could just have gas and keeps throwing these up at me. Who knows? I’ll probably cleanse it real good Friday at the new moon and see after that.


I keep pulling the 5 of wands! Two days in a row Any advice?


I love this idea, @christina4- it reminds me of runes in a way (with the tossing and reading) but with your method you can choose which words to write :memo: . I think this really specializes each reading to focus on exactly what is being asked- a fantastic method! :star_struck:

I’m going to have to give this a try- thanks for sharing! :two_hearts:

Ohhh girl I know the feeling! :laughing: And the other day you had the Grim too, right @LimeBerry? A lot of darkness mixed in with symbols for love and happiness- quite a confusing read!

Perhaps this mix of symbols is reflecting your inner struggle and shows you need to regain balance? :balance_scale: As for whether the scales tip towards the good or the bad- your actions now will likely lead you one way or the other. Go for the good things! :laughing:

This is the best deck excuse I have ever heard :rofl: Omg @kasie you always say the best things! :laughing: Cleansing the deck under the new moon sounds like a great plan! This could be the pepto bismal your deck needs :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If the Two of Swords keeps coming back after that- it’s probably time to take a deeper and more personal look at the card :mag_right: . It is starting to sound like there is some aspect of that card that it really wants you to know, but you haven’t realized it yet!

I know you’ve been writing your gorgeous tarot poems in order, but maybe skipping ahead and examining the Two of Swords with your creative mind will reveal some answers?

The 5 of Wands can be read in a variety of ways- the traditional and basic meaning points to conflict and pent-up emotions. Take a deep look into yourself and see if there are any suppressed feelings you are pushing back- you may not be aware of them yet! The New Moon is a great time for rest and reflection, so this is a great time for some inner exploration!

If you find you do need to release emotions and start anew, @SilverBear posted a wonderful New Moon Fresh Beginning Ritual you could do :new_moon:

If this interpretation doesn’t feel quite right- no worries! To help clarify the card and why you keep getting the 5 of Wands- try to crosscheck your reading with another method. Perhaps using a pendulum or reading tea leaves :fallen_leaf:

Good luck!


Thanks! I will try my pendulum. I didn’t even think to do that!

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I got the High Priestess reversed today so at least for the moment, I’m not being stalked. But yeah, I may have to go more in-depth and research the Two of Swords if I get it again. I don’t like being stalked. LOL.

And, hey I think if decks can be sensitive to things, they can get gas. LOL.

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Awesome- good luck, @Nadialuna! :grin:

Nice that you got a break from the Two of Swords, @kasie! It could be that whatever choice was being decided has already been put into action :+1: Either that or yeah- the deck is feeling less sensitive now :laughing: Either way, wishing you blessed readings to come! :flower_playing_cards:

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Yeah, no more Two of Swords today either. Still going to take some palo santo to my deck later on today though. It could use it anyhow.