🕯 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Of Candles and Flame

Warm greetings to all!

Thank you again to all the respectful souls who joined in on last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge- The Veil Between Worlds :skull:

After showing respect and honoring those who came before, it is time to light the candles once more :candle: .

The theme for this week’s challenge is…

:fire::sparkles: Candle Magick :candle::rainbow:

Candles are one of the most common ingredients in any witches’ toolkit- they serve a huge range of purposes when working magick!

Cornerstones of rituals, powerful spell enhancers, tools for divination, cleansers, and even mood setters- mastering the art of candle magick leads to countless possibilities.

Delving Into Candle Magick…

Candles come in every size, shape, and color imaginable- and they can all be used for different purposes!

:straight_ruler: The type of candle you use can bring different elements into your spell or ritual and can affect how long your spellwork lasts.

Not sure about when to let a candle burn out or when you can reuse an already-lit candle? The discussion Candles: Use Once? Or Reuse? has some helpful tips and advice.

:rainbow: The color of your candle can also direct and play a role in the outcome of a spell. Here is a short list of properties of different candle colors:


For more details about each color candle, check out the Color Chart for Candle Spells.

:dizzy: We’re just getting started with candle magick! A complete guide with all the basics to selecting and working with candles can be found in the Spells8 Candle Magic 101.


Whether you use massive candles, Yankee candles, graveyard candles, tiny tealights, candlesticks of every color, or even birthday candles- this challenge is about putting your candles to new and creative uses :diya_lamp:

Are you ready to put your candle knowledge to the test? Light 'em up because it’s… CHALLENGE TIME!

STEP 1 : Practicing Candle Magick :candle:

Here are some ways you can put your candle knowledge to good use:

Do a candle spell

Candles are the backbone of numerous spells and are a common ingredient in various kinds of ritual work. Here a few possibilities:



And @colin’s lovely 7-Day Money Spell:

More candle spells can be found at Spells with Candles.

Decorate your altar with candles

In addition to assisting with any rituals or spells that you do at your altar, candles make excellent offerings for deities and/or spirits you want to invoke or worship :pray:

Not to mention that candles are very atmospheric- setting the mood for spellwork can help you to feel focused and involved during your ritual!

Anoint your candles

Also called dressing, the process of anointing your candles imbues them with your magickal intent and can increase potency.

For a full guide with step-by-step instructions, visit Dressing Your Candle.


@SilverBear also has an awesome guide about How to Dress a Candle.


Do a candle meditation

Watching the flames flicker can help to ground and relax an uneasy mind. If you’re new to candle meditations, consider trying one of these Guided Candle Meditations.


Make your own candles

For the crafty among us- consider gathering ingredients and making your very own homemade candles! :diya_lamp:

The discussion topics Calling All Candle Makers and Making Candles Today offer some tips, insights, and guides on how to go about making your own candles.

Be creative with candles

Do you use candles for a purpose not mentioned here? Feel free to experiment with methods and uses- let your creativity shine! :sparkles:

However you choose to work with candles, remember…

:warning: Fire Safety!

Fire is both a beautiful and dangerous element of magick- when working with candles, be sure to follow the Candle Safety Guidelines.

STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

No matter how you choose to approach this challenge, you must share your experience!

Please write about your experience learning/trying candle magick

For your entry to be counted, please write about your experience in the comments below and/or create a new post in the forums. If you create a new post, please tag the challenge by adding a hyperlink back to this post - thank you! :grinning:

:exclamation: This challenge will be open for 6 DAYS! :exclamation:

To join in, please share your experience by 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time) on Tuesday, November 10th!


For their efforts, all participants will receive a special shout-out and a small prize! :gift:

Acknowledgments will be given in a Props and Presents Post that will appear in the forums on Tuesday.

After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.


A warm reminder that all challenges are designed to be very open- everyone is encouraged to participate in a way that reflects their unique practice :open_book:

If you have any doubts about if something is acceptable to post or say, please double-check with the Forum FAQ and/or reach out to a moderator.

For those new to challenges, know that these activities are designed to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :handshake:

May the warm glow of candles always light your way and give your magick an extra sparkle

Shine on and Blessed be! :sparkling_heart::candle:


Ooh, sounds like a perfect opportunity to learn how to make my own spell candles, maybe adding some essential oils to the mix too! :candle:

Also reminds me that my altar to Selene in my bedroom needs a white candle, with an appropriate holder… I have seen a silver one that would be just perfect! :white_heart:


Candles :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: ooh such fun!


Making candles :candle: ought to be fun! I tried once and what a disaster! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’m better at making incense cones :icecream:


Can’t wait to share my creative thoughts! I love candles! I save every birthday candle too bc it’s still a candle. Every time I go out, I but more candles. I don’t prefer the nasty paraffin toxic fumes.


Sounds like another great challenge! Way to go @TheTravelWitch!


Oh no! :laughing: What went wrong?
I’ll have to be extra careful then and do my research first! Or at the very least I’ll have a disaster of my own to share… :grin:


Oh! I love candles! I can’t wait to do this challenge!


Good luck with making your own candles, @CelestiaMoon and @Christina4- I can’t wait to see how they turn out! :blush: Candlemaking is a fun but often messy activity. And it can be hard to burn them after all that hard work! :laughing:

So glad you’re excited @Limeberry, @Amethyst, and @Siofra- good luck and have fun! :candle::two_hearts:


My first attempt at writing a spell. I also posted it in the weekly challenge to Write a Spell. What do you think?

SPELL To Transform hate to love

As the fifth day of the week, Thursday is considered a good day for magic rites

Hamsa serves as a connection to the energy of protection from God - Some equate it with the hand of the Goddess, Mary, or Fatima. It wards off the evil eye or negative energy.

According to the Energy Muse

“left side of your body is your most sensitive side and deals with your internal self. It receives energy from outside your body and helps you make positive “shifts” that best benefit you internally.

In contrast, your right side is your “doer” or “action” side. When you wear gems on your right wrist, the gemstones aid in your productivity and control the energy you put into your outside environment. Your right side is more about how you take action in the world outside.

I envision using the Hamsa as protection while converting incoming dark energy to light energy and the new light energy is released back out into the world. Effectively blocking the negative energy so it does no harm but then diminishing its effects by converting it to light energy

On Thursday - (at 5:00 if you can manage it)

Gather together:

  • A Hamsa- this can be anything that can be carried easily in a pocket or if it is a charm that can be added to a bracelet and worn on the left wrist. even a slip of paper with a hamsa drawn on it Place it on the table in front of you.

  • A bell

  • 1 black candle on the left - to absorb negative energy

  • 1 white candle on the right-to bring clarity and clean energy directing it outward.

  • Matches

Casting the Spell

  1. Dress candles as you see fit with oil

  2. On the white candle write all positive energy emotions - ie love, joy, blessings, happiness, etc.
    Do not cast your circle or call your watch towers since we want the energy to flow freely.

  3. Speak:

"I ask all saints and Gods protect

The action of our spell elect

Your blessings on these motions prove

A source joy and you approve

I light the candles black and white

One way path from dark to light

Let the energies easy flow

From left to right

I wish it so

I ring the bell to call it here

When hatred lurks and causes fear

I bid it find no home to stay but

Change to love and go on its way.

Moving through the flames of change

Your hurtfull nature now a strange

And with your energy anew

I bid you spread only love in lieu.

This spell is cast to set love free

So as it’s spoken let it be

Thanks to the powers that came by

I bid you go - or stay nigh"

  1. Carry the Hamsa for three days after the spell is cast.

Family Protection Candle Spell

For this spell you’ll need:
-3 white votive or tea light candles
-Protection oil

Perform this spell just before sunrise.

After gathering everything needed, open your circle and call upon the elements On your altar place 3 candles in the centers they make the shape of a triangle, take a moment and feel the strength of protection, see your family safe. Take each candle, one at a time, and dress the candle in protection oil, then place each candle back onto the altar so they form the shape of a triangle. While doing so, visualize your family and see them safe from harm.

Light the first candle and say,

“Kneeling here just before dawn
I ask thee as a wife and a mom
Please protect my family and home with love and light
Protect them all thru the day and the night
By white candles flame of three times three
I ask this if thee
With harm to none, So mote it be”

Repeat as you light the second and again with the lightning of the third candle. Let the candles burn out, Thank the elements and close your circle.

Protection Oil Recipe:
3 dried bay leaves
3 teaspoons of dried basil
3 sprigs of fresh sage
9 shakes of black pepper
1/4 of oil (I used virgin olive oil)
Add all ingredients in a small pot and simmer. Stir slowly and simmer the oil until the scent of the herbs reach you. Once you fully smell the herbs, let cool and strain into a bottle. Charge the oil with protective powers.


Here are some of my spell jars using candles! I use the wax to seal the jar/bottle and then, if possible, stick the candle on top for use whenever I want to add some energy to the spell.


Way to go @berta! That’s a lovely spell and I learned something new about the Hamsa. I’d never heard of it before. Thank you!

And @charity, what a wonderful chant. Great going!

Lovely jars darling! You can almost feel the energy from them. I’m gonna have to step up my game and sit down and figure me out something tomorrow.


Oh I love this @berta! :heart:


How beautiful @charity! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for sharing! :heart:


I looooove sealing jars like this! :heart_eyes: Ahhhh your spell jars look so beautiful @LokiStarr76! Are there any you could share? Love a good spell jar.


Oh @charity this is lovely. I think that one should be a weekly ritual. Your family is lucky to have you.


I tried this new spell I wrote with interesting reactions

Center white candle on altar
Place fireproof container in front of candle
Write what healing you need on a slip of paper (can be multiple on separate pieces of paper)
Roll slips of paper and light with candle, placing in cauldron or fireproof container

Repeat as each piece burns individually:

Take from me
These things, I plea
Heal my heart
That’s upon this hearth
That healing will arise
And new health at sunrise
Come and bless
With healing, no less
So mote it be

When I did this, what has been plaguing me most took over a minute to burn. The other burned instantly.


I saw this first in your other post- and such a gorgeous spell it is! :heart_eyes: Well done, @Berta- and congrats on completing your very first spell :confetti_ball:

I love this, @Charity- I can imagine the candles glowing softly as the sun rises. You put a lot of thought and some lovely intention into this spell- it is a pleasure to read! Nicely done :blush:

Gorgeous spell jars, @LokiStarr76! :candle: The collection of colorful candles, jars, and crystals is so pleasing to look at- thanks for sharing your beautiful spellwork and such a gorgeous picture! :grin:

I love the chant and your beautiful spellwork, @Brenda10- it sounds like it was very potent! :+1: It makes sense that our worries and the things hanging overhead take longer to burn away. I bet it feels better to have some enhanced clarity now- really well done! :two_hearts:


I did a spell I found on the website here tonight to banish negativity and curses. I used cinnamon and salt (partially chose this spell because I’m not too stocked on more rare ingredients.)

I can say positively that I’ve gotten a great deal better at deciphering lunar phases and this also helps with my candle magics.

Something I need to improve on: is anointing my candles, so thanks for pointing that out.

I’m looking forward to my next 7 day candle spell but I think I’ll wait until the moon is waxing again.

I actually started a 7-day spell a couple nights ago(different from the spell that I posted), but couldn’t finish it because I had to travel to my hometown the next night. I used a piece of paper with some things drawn on it for this spell. Tonight when I cleaned up my altar for the anti-negativity spell I took that paper and threw it out. On my way to the trash I noticed my broom leaning up against the door fell over a little and I’ve never seen it move before. So after my spellwork I was thinking about it and thought “Well I’ve already put one day into that spell paper” so I actually grabbed it out of my wastebasket again(don’t worry it was clean as a whistle). So I’m taking the broom falling over is telling me to finish my spell later on instead of just throwing it out. On the first night after the new moon I plan to resume my spell with only 6 days remaining.

Well, that’s my experience with candle magick. Thanks for reading!