Meditate with Candles: Practical Ritual by Raymond Buckland

Lately I’ve been reading this book: Practical Candleburning Rituals by Raymond Buckland, and I was inspired to share this simple ritual for the latest 🕯 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Of Candles and Flame!

Meditating with Candles on the Altar :candle:

The Ritual as explained by Buckland

  1. Light two altar candles (white pillar candles).

  2. Light incense. According to Buckland, any incense is better than no incense.

  3. Light a candle that matches today’s correspondence table. He uses this Table but you may use a different one or go by Today’s Devotional Page.

Days of the week candles

  1. Light the Petitioner’s candle, in this case the Meditator’s candle. He uses this chart:

  2. Think of yourself and say:

“This candle is myself, burning steady and true.”

  1. Light two blue candles, I’ve used tealights, and say:

“Here do I find peace and tranquility. A place apart where I may safely meditate and grow in spirituality.”

Meditate with candles

  1. Settle into meditation in your own particular pattern (e.g. trancendental meditation, mantric yoga, etc).

  2. At the end of meditation, extinguish the candles reversing the order of lighting.


This is great. I need to stock up on white pillar candles but I’ll definitely look into this. The first book I read on the Craft was Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft and I can definitely say that I’m a fan of his work. I find myself inspired by the man for being so deep into the Craft and taking it so seriously. I wouldn’t mind checking out some of his other books.


A beautiful candle ritual- thank you so much for sharing, @Francisco! I love that you included Buckland’s reference tables fo days of the week and astral colors as well- very interesting to see! :star_struck: Candle meditations are some of my favorite- I’ve found that watching a flame really helps to draw in and hold focus :candle::grin:

I can’t seem to play the video- although it might be a connection problem on my end! Internet has been wonky here the past day or so.

Is everyone else able to see the video okay?


This looks to be a lovely ritual. I’ve got that book, I just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I’ll have to get on that. Thanks for sharing!

@TheTravelWitch, I can’t see the video either.


Thanks for the kind comments, @colin and @kasie! Raymond Buckland is such an inspiration for solitary Witches! That book is full of easy step-by-step candle rituals and it’s very inspirational and useful for all levels.

@TheTravelWitch Thanks for letting me know! I had the video set as private so that’s why it didn’t work.


Hooray! It’s working now and looks amazing- such a beautiful ritual and helpful video, Francisco! :clap::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


LOVELY! I like that.