My 7 Day Candle Spell for Money

Hello! I came up with a new candle spell that is primarily based on some spells that I came across awhile back. I decided tonight to modify the spell to suit me a little more and I’m happy to share it!
For this spell you will need a green candle, lighter or matches, blank paper, and a pen. It is also nice if you can burn the candle for the spell on your altar. Okay, so first you take a blank white piece of paper(I used printer paper) and fold it in half. This paper will sit under the candle during the spell. On the outside you draw something symbolizing currency.

That is my personal sigil for gain and the rune represents wealth and prosperity.
On the inside, you add a reason that you need the money for every day of the spell, only add the reason on the appropriate day.
After writing on the paper you get into your witch clothes! Then you go the altar with your supplies and call a simple circle. Light the candle with the paper underneath and meditate for 5 minutes on financial success. Close the circle and let the candle burn for another hour, after that you can blow it out. I changed out of my witch clothes quick so I didn’t get too hot. I think dressing up a little just adds a little more complexity. Light your candle in the circle and meditate for 5 minutes again for another 6 days. Make sure you let the candle burn for an hour each day. There! I hope everyone liked my spell. I am open to feedback. :slight_smile: And Happy Halloween to all.


What a great prosperity spell! You go @colin!


Well done, @colin! This is a lovely money spell :money_with_wings: I love how you wrote out the instructions step-by-step, it makes it really easy to follow :+1: And I agree- I like the idea of dressing up (even if extra fancy clothes get toasty pretty quickly :laughing:). This was a pleasure to read- thanks so much for sharing :heart:

And Happy Halloween to you, too! :jack_o_lantern::two_hearts:


This is such a lovely spell @colin - I love your use of sigils :heart: thanks for sharing! I wish you lots of luck and prosperity :hugs:


Great spell! Wish you all the prosperity you want! Thanks for sharing.


That’s a great spell done well! May your desires come to life. :slight_smile:


Candle Magic is definitely a favorite of mine, and the sigil is a great addition!! I feel I can relate to how you cast this spell! :green_heart:

Thanks for sharing and Happy Halloween/Samhain to you!


Thanks! Tonight is night three of my 7 day spell and it’s turning out well. I also did tonight’s lunar spell suggested by the site. I’ve definitely been thinking big. After meditating with my written dreams I placed my note on top of my Ouija board with a small round blue piece of glass (I don’t have any sapphires on hand). I’ve been sending lots of notes out with my Ouija board lately and I keep them all inside the box.


Thanks colin,
I am in perfect Love :heart: and trust!
So mote it be
Blessed be


Hi Colin<
I know its been a minute but I thought I would try your spell afterall. I will let you know how it goes k.