🕯 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Of Candles and Flame

I did a farewell ritual for a friend who passed away last month.
I used a purple, white and black candle.

Purple to aid me to go deeper into my meditation, white for purification and cleansing and black to help protect and absorb the negative energy I was feeling.

I used rose, sage, lavender and bay leaf in the dish.
I burned incense.
Had rose quartz, black tourmaline, and clear quartz present

I anointed my candle with Frankincense oil - this oil is said to ease the burden and lighten the emotions from grief.


This looks like a gorgeous ritual filled with so much love @SilverBear, I hope it brought you peace :heart: sorry for your loss :heart:


Thank you very much. It was a sudden and tragic accident. He climbed cell phone towers and he fell from it and did not survive… 33 years old and left behind a wife, 2 children and a devastated mother. So sad.


Last night I did some small scale experimenting with melting down candles and discovered a way to have a tealight candle with three flames! :fire:

Besides the dramatic effect I could melt the wax quicker and on a larger area that way with just two extra matches! When it was liquid enough I extinguished the flames and quickly added in some lavender essential oil for sweet dreams and mixed it in. Once I could touch the metal I put the candle in the fridge to cool it down.

I put the finished candle on my nightstand making sure there was nothing flammable nearby, lighted it and thanked it for bringing me sweet dreams and peaceful sleep :relieved:

Soon after lighting it I could feel a sense of calm on me and reduced mental chatter (which flared up again when I went to the bathroom so I noticed the clear difference!)

I fell asleep with the candle burning, it lasted for about 4 hours giving off a very gentle lavender scent. Restlessness at bedtime often keeps me up and I’ve tried different things for it, this feels the closest to a solution I’ve come across yet, I’ll definitely give it another try! :blue_heart:


Oh that looks so cool :heart_eyes:


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Did you know the flame and wax of your candle(s) during your spell work, meditation, etc can be interpreted and have different meanings?

Every time I do spell work with my candles the flame and or wax ends up different every time. The burn time for mine is usually the same for me (I use chime candles)

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Here are some book recommendations :candle: :grin:


For this challenge, I did a relaxing meditation with my candle that’s surrounded by amozonite crystals. Amozonite is said to soothe the nervous system. Who couldn’t use that? I thought the dragon flies just added a nice touch.

And here’s the meditation I used.


I’m so sorry for your loss, Laurie! May you find peace. You’re such an inspiration to others and I’d like to be am inspiration to you now! I’m sending healing energy! I’ll make a healing grid today ok.


Thank you so much! I appreciate you!


Or for instant relief… use flash paper?


Love those dragon flies!!! Did you make them?


Thanks for the research @Missa !!


I love this set-up @christina4 :heart_eyes:


This is a simple spell for general good luck. I’m using a green candle for luck, dressed with High John The Conqueror oil and having a rune ANZUS carved in it for good fortune.

To go with it I have this spell:

Goddess Fortuna send me good luck

To help me through this week or else I’m stuck

I need your blessings and your aid,

so all my endeavors will have it made.

So grant me good luck and hear my plea

an harm it none, so mote it be!

Let the candle burn down if you can, or else snuff it out and then burn later till it’s gone. Make sure you specify good luck, or else you may get bad luck.


I use candles coooonnnnssssttttaaaaannntttlllyyyyy! I will be making some soon, I promise! But just so I don’t miss the deadline for the challenge I’ll sneak in what I’m up to today!

Today being a Sunday I’d normally light a yellow/orange candle for happiness/success and that’d be my focus. Today I wanted to tie in a little self-love.
I found this super-handy info about Orange candles on our very own site and decided this was the way to go. Positive thinking, emotional healing, self-respect. Yes.

I have a lovely cup of turmeric, ginger, honey and lemon tea (with cinnamon cos cinnamon), I’m burning bright sunny citrus incense, I have my Sunday crystals everywhere!
I lit my orange candle, breathed in its energy and light and repeated this gorgeous affirmation I found in ‘Sacred Self-care - Everyday rituals for a more joyful and meaningful life’ by Chloe Isidora (a beautiful book by the way).

I am ready to commit to myself. I am ready to set aside time for myself. I am ready to love myself. I am ready to respect myself. I am ready to honour myself. I am ready to treat myself as sacred. I am ready to say YES to being ME.

And now I’m off to try my new Divination oil while I do a Weekly tarot spread! :kissing_heart:


@Limeberry I love that about the Dragonfly! I think I need a few Dragonflies around.


It’s 11:33 pm as I’m typing this. I believe that everything happens for a reason and in Divine Timing. I really needed to hear the dragon fly message from you @Limeberry :heartbeat: it completely resonates with me. I got teary eyed bc it’s just something that I need to hear during a hard time. I’m so grateful for @Francisco for joining so many intelligent and caring individuals. Thank you for lifting my heart! :heart::pray::metal:t3:


You’re doing amazing with the 7-day candle spells and following the lunar phases, @colin! :clap: Well done- and thank you so much for sharing about your recent 7-day spell. May it banish any negativity and curses that come your way :pray::candle:

I am so sorry about the loss of your friend, @SilverBear. I hope you had a reflective and consoling meditation and could remember the good times and happy memories. Big hugs and warm wishes to you as you recover from the loss :heart:

Wow, @CelestiaMoon! I love the three flame idea :fire: And adding lavender oil too- I bet it smelled heavenly :relieved: A beautiful combination spell with candles and oil- well done! :clap:

So much helpful info about candles, @Missa! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with everyone :blush:

So beautiful, @Christina4 :two_hearts: I think the dragonflies are a lovely touch- and it looks like they had a deeper meaning for you! :blush:

A very thoughtful and well-done good luck spell, @Amethyst! :green_heart: Your chant is gorgeous too. May it bring you many blessings and good fortune this week! :two_hearts: And look at the winged cat!!! Ahhhh- so cute!!! :heart_eyes:

Orange candles and orange tea sound like a perfect match, @Limeberry :orange_heart: Not to mention your beautiful crystals and loving affirmation as well! Good luck with your weekly tarot spread- may there be good things coming your way :grin:


Friendly reminder to all that this challenge will close:


Anyone who would like to participate, but has not done so already- please share your candle magick experience by the deadline Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone).

May your candles continue to shine brightly- blessed be! :candle:


Thanks, @TheTravelWitch! I wasn’t too sure about the rhyme in the chant so I tried to keep it simple. And the gargoyle kitty is Pookie. He protects my computer. LOL.