🧪 Divination oil - To enhance psychic powers

This was originally going to be a spell jar with all dried ingredients (to inhale before meditation, divination work, sprinkle on altar etc.) however I figured turning it into an anointing oil would be a fun alternative!

The idea is to dab a drop onto your third eye/use it to anoint candles for meditation/divination work to help enhance your natural psychic powers. As inspired by @cat’s post.

The chant I have to go along with it’s usage is:

Open my eyes
Open my mind
The truth that I seek
Help me to find.

Dry Ingredients: (Loads of great herbs to choose from, don’t worry if you’re missing stuff- use what you have/ what you feel drawn to. Play with quantities, make it your own.)

  • Bay leaves - enhances psychic powers and ensures victory and success
  • Cinnamon - raises clairvoyant energies, success, power, communication
  • Cloves - boosts confidence, improves mental awareness, aids meditation
  • Dandelion flower petals - aid in spirit communication, divination and mediation
  • Hibiscus - aids divination work
  • Jasmine - helps with prophetic dreaming and astral travel, moon connection
  • Lemon balm - great for meditation, may induce prophetic dreams, aids in astral journeys
  • Oregano - encourages psychic dreams and communication
  • Rue - assists with developing second sight and encourages psychic abilities
  • Thyme - enhances psychic abilities, can aid in communication with the Fae
  • White Rose - enhances spiritual powers, connection to the moon, divination
  • Wormwood - enhances meditation, encourages psychic dreams and astral travel.
  • Yarrow - aids divination, cleanses third eye

To make the oil:

  1. Add the dry ingredients to a clean glass jar or bottle, thank each ingredient for it’s helpful qualities

  2. Top it up with a base oil e.g. Olive oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil etc.
    and don’t forget to add vitamin E oil to preserve it!

  3. Shake it up, baby!

  4. Light a purple candle, place any crystals you feel would be helpful next to it (I chose labradorite, selenite and opalite- I’m sure @christina4 would have some awesome crystal recommendations)

  5. Meditate with your new oil, asking for clarity, increased psychic abilities, expanded awareness and inner wisdom.

  6. Give it a good shake every few days for the next month (bonus points if you charge it under the full moon :joy:) and it should be good to go!

While we’re at it- a combo of some of these herbs to make a psychic tea sounds like an excellent plan. :star_struck: :coffee:

For more oil recipes check out these gorgeous creations by @SilverBear :heart_eyes:


I love it, thank you!


Wow. That looks great @Limeberry, thanks for sharing!


I absolutely ADORE this, @Limeberry. Thank you so much for sharing!


Ohhhh a gorgeous spell and look at how lovely it looks in the pretty bottle! :heart_eyes: Absolutely beautiful spellwork as always, @Limeberry- thanks for sharing! :two_hearts:


I’m heading to the thrift store they have really nice bottles there and going to try your amazing divination tool!!!:heart::heart::heart:

I am so excited to do this thanks so much!!!
Lovee this is going to so fun!!!


Ooh yay!!! Let us know how it turns out - post a pic! :kissing_heart:


Lookie here my lovelies!
@Francisco and I have popped this recipe up on the main site along with a printable version for your BOS! Keep your eyes peeled for more easy-to-follow posts and printable treasures :kissing_heart:


Limeberry, thank you so much for sharing your recipes and a printable version for your, “Divination oil: Enhancement of Psychic Powers.” Have you tried this yet? And if so, have you noticed or experienced a difference? Pleasure :pray:t4: do tell.

I love your beautiful photo that you provide us, I’m going to gather the ingredients this weekend :slightly_smiling_face: blessed be.


Ooh let us know how yours comes out @nieemah!!! I’m so glad I’ve inspired you to make it too, it’s such a lovely blend!
So I only made it a few days ago and I’d definitely like it to infuse a little longer before I call it a finished product… but of course I had to give it a try anyway :joy: :joy: :joy:
I used it on Sunday evening - a couple of drops on my third eye and rubbed into each wrist - the scent wasn’t very strong yet so I shook up the bottle and gave it a few sniffs (it’s already much stronger now since then).
I did a Week Ahead Tarot Spread as usual, I then did the same with my Oracle cards (I bought them a couple of weeks ago and though they’re lovely they haven’t been making a huge amount of sense) however this time they seemed to match up pretty perfectly with my Tarot reading! :star_struck:
The first couple of days of this week have gone as predicted. I generally have pretty strong starts to my week ahead readings and the end of the week kinda tapers off so I guess we’ll see if there’s any improvement there! :heart:


Okay, I’ll post mine later tonight.


I don’t use oil on my magick but this recipe seems interesting :heart_eyes:


Good morning, Limeberry

So, I used the ingredients below for my spell:

  • Purple Candle

  • Jupiter Incense

  • Crown Chakra Crystal or Quartz

  • Oregano Essential Oil or Limeberry Essential Oil

Say: I ask the Gods, for divine light, higher consciousness, to awaken my deepest state of inner knowing through my third eye, without harming none. So more it be. (Say this three times with feelings).

Place a drop of either essential oils between your forehead and add a drop to the back of your neck. Meditate for 3 minutes and thank the Gods.

When I did this, while my eyes, we’re closed I can see a bright light :bulb: it was like someone was shining a flashlight in my face, while I was meditating the hole while my eyes were closed. I hope that this spell works for you. Sorry, no pictures :disappointed:


Congratulations, Limeberry!!! Your spell officially made it into the Spell8 list of spells, way to go!!!:+1:t5::clap:t5::purple_heart::wink: as soon as my printable spell paper arrives from Amazon, your spell will be the first one that I print. It looks great by the was, so happy for you :grin:


Yay! Thanks for the love @cat! It’s so exciting to see it looking all official! :heart_eyes:


I used the oil last night as part of the ‘Spell for today’ New Moon ritual and had the most beautifully vivid dream of my wish beginning to manifest :heart_eyes: I rarely remember my dreams so this was super special :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Limeberry, may all your wishes and dreams come true🙂


Super interesting experience with this oil a couple of nights ago:
I was struggling to sleep so figured I’d have a little meditation with crystals and divination oil…
I fell into a strange trance - I was able to fully wake up and go back into it at will (I actually got up to shoo the cat away from my herbs at one point :joy_cat:) and I was experiencing these flashes of what I can only assume were predictions of a potential future?
I could see so many different scenes all playing at once and if I focused on one I would sort of fall into it- I could hear, smell, taste, feel everything that was happening in that moment (all of them were new-none of them were memories), but I’d only be able to stay for a few seconds and I’d be taken back to seeing everything at once (a bit like having lots of people on zoom at once :joy: but rather than having them talking to you they’re all just living out their own scenarios which you jump into and become a part of).
Rather rambly and confusing, sorry folks! But interesting nonetheless so thought I should share!
The oil has brewed for a good month now so I guess it’s reached it’s full potential? :joy:


This is wonderful! Great oil! Thank you for sharing the recipe.