Let's Make A Love Oil! 🥰

:revolving_hearts:Let’s Make a Love Oil!

First let us talk about, “What is a love oil?”

It’s a magical oil created with herbs and intentions that hold specific energies which is then used in spells and rituals. This oil will be effective in attracting love, self-love, or to rekindle an old flame.

Oils are all pretty much made the same way, you just change the herbs up depending on your intention. You can create protection oil, money oil, peace and harmony oil, cleansing oil and so on.

How to use it:

  • Anoint candles
  • Draw Sigils on paper
  • Add it to your bath water
  • Add it to a honey jar spell
  • Anoint amulets or charms

What You Need: (You can use 1 or 2 of these herbs, all of them or a mixture of your choice)

  • Sealable glass bottle or jar – Baby food jars work great and old glass spice jars (which is what I used – see image)
  • Olive Oil (or grapeseed oil) – Olive Oil is ruled by the Sun and the Element of Fire. Olive Oil makes a great carrier oil for blends that deal with healing, peace, fertility and protection. In many traditions Olive Oil is an all-purpose oil.
  • Dried Rose Petals – Love and romance energy
  • Dried Hibiscus – Sexuality and lust energy
  • Whole Cloves – grounding agent, aphrodisiac, protection, stops malicious gossip
  • Rosemary – love and fidelity within relationships
  • Basil – attracts love and happiness, peace, purification, marriage charm (Give this plant to a newlywed couple to ensure their marriage stays sweet and prosperous.)
  • Cinnamon Stick – Adding cinnamon to your spells helps them to manifest faster. Also increases male libido, inspires lust, love, healing and can be used to consecrate your sacred space or anoint magical tools (oil)
  • Sage, incense, or Florida water

Let’s begin now…

  • Cast your circle. (optional)
  • Begin by cleansing your container – sage, cleansing incense or use your Florida water! The purpose of spiritually cleansing your jar is to clear or remove unwanted energies. You can use the sample below or use it as a guide to help you create your own. Don’t be afraid to make it your own! Feel the words. Love the process!
  • (I used Palo Santo) Ask for the plant spirit blessing, “I ask that the plant spirit of palo santo please infuse this space with blessings”.
  • Pick up your object, fan it with your smoke, go all around it and say , “with this smoke I cleanse this object of all negative or harmful energy so that I may use it for my highest good. So, it is said, so shall it be.”
  • In magic, we are calling upon the spirits of these sacred plants to support us in our magical workings. Use them wisely, with respect and be sure to thank them for their aid! “Thank you plant spirit for your blessings.”
  • Take each ingredient and empower them with your intent. For example, if this is for self-love say, “I am loved”. Do that for each ingredient as you fill the jar.
  • Once done with your herbs add the carrier oil.
  • Shake the ingredients together.
  • Take a deep breath in. Imagine breathing straight into your heart chakra. Feel a ball of loving light grow with each breath you take. Visualize it radiating with love. Think about yourself and be grateful, acknowledge your worth, and make yourself a priority.
  • Once you feel you have meditated enough, release your circle, and set your jar someplace safe.
  • Now, this is the part where we take some time for ourselves.
  • We let the herbs infuse into the oil for 2-3 weeks. During the first week visit your jar daily and shake it, then spend a few minutes meditating. Feel all the feelings! Feel complete. Feel love. Be love. Radiate love. Feel worthy. Etc.
  • The next two weeks feel free to rest your jar in the center of a crystal grid or on a crystal charging station. Charge it up with selenite or use a beautiful crystal like rose quartz which promotes love and romance.
  • At the end of week 3, you can strain the herbs if you wish using a cheesecloth or mesh strainer. I make a very small bottle, so I like to keep the herbs in it as I feel it gives it a more “witchy” vibe! If you leave the herbs inside, add about 5-10 drops of pure vitamin E – this helps to keep the oil from going rancid.

If you DO decide to strain the herbs and place the oil into another jar, make sure you go through the cleansing ritual again. This oil, if stored in a cool, dry place will last for up to 1-2 years.

Candle Work Tip:

If you are using this oil to anoint a candle and want to bring love into your life, make sure you anoint the candle with oil starting at the wick and moving down toward the base. If you want to release or get rid of something anoint the candle with oil starting at the base and move up toward the wick.

Once anointed with oil, you can dress your candle with herbs of your choice, again, they should reflect what your intention is.

Note : The herbs should be ground finely. They will adhere to the candle more easily and are less likely to have little bits catching fire as the candle burns down. Be sure you burn the candle in a fireproof container large enough to catch any bits that may fall off in the process. A cast iron cauldron/pan is great for this! Never leave your candles unattended! Practice fire safety. :fire:

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