⭕ Circle Casting: What does it mean to you?

There are so many opinions on when to cast a circle. I see people who always cast a circle when doing spellwork, others never do it.

Some use it for protection, others to concentrate the energy, or just for focus in meditation. Others feel that the bad energies might get stuck in… or that it’s only necessary in group rituals.

While I have my personal interpretation on circles of protection, I’m curious about everyone else’s opinions on this subject!

What do you all think? Do you cast a circle often? :o:

Honestly, I don’t cast circles. It can be a good thing to practice and know how to do, but I find it just takes too long. Sometimes the longest part of doing a spell could end up being the circle-casting, and that’s not the point. Also, if you’re a spoonie like I am, casting a circle takes way too much energy to do and I’d rather save my energy for my spellwork and other mundane things that need to be done.

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I agree. But I don’t think casting a circle has to be an overly complicated ceremomy.

I find it useful to turn off my phone, visualize a simple circle and meditate while feeling I’m in a place outside of the world and away from the my daily concerns. (No evocations or tools required).

This gives me focus when doing any kind of ritual or even other tasks. It creates a space with no distractions, no untimely thoughts, and no outside energies.

But everyone’s practice is unique, so I was just looking for different opinions.