Salt Bowl for Healing

I’m having problems with my sinuses so I made this up for the Potion Making Challenge.

Salt Bowl for Healing.

  • 1 cup of sea salt for protection and purity.
  • 1 tablespoon rosemary for well being and life.
  • 1 tablespoon thyme for healing and luck.
  • 1 tablespoon spearmint for healing and purification.
  • 5 drops eucalyptus oil for healing respiratory illness.
  • 10 drops of germ fighter oil for, well, fighting germs.
    (I got this oil off Amazon. It has lemon, clove bud, eucalyptus, cinnamon cassia, and rosemary in it.)
  1. Cast a circle and call the quarters if you wish. Use rosemary incense if you wish.

  2. Anoint a white candle with some of the germ fighter oil and light it. Mix the herbs in a mortar and pestle and say:
    "Herbs of green, herbs of health,
    Give me well being, good luck, and wealth."

  3. Say again until you’ve got the herbs good and crushed together.

  4. Pour with the salt in a crystal bowl, add the oils. Stir with your right pointer finger and say the charm again, until you’ve said it nine times in total.

  5. Take a few deep breaths, letting the scent of it go into your sinus cavities.

  6. Open the circle if you’ve put on up, but let the candle burn down if you want.

Put the bowl in the middle of the room you’re most in and hopefully, your sinuses will unclog.


Great recipe!! I love working with a mortar and pestle!

This is very practical and useful for the coming season! :cloud_with_snow: :snowflake::snowman: Thanks for sharing, Kasie!!


Thanks for this recipe! I’ll have to bookmark it. This is definitely something I’ll have to do!


It helped my head, that’s for sure. Glad you liked it!


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Lots of loving, healing, loveliness in this bowl :heart: I’ll be saving this for ickysicky season! Thanks!
I hope you feel better! :heart:


Thank you hon, I’m doing better actually! It helped. Glad you liked!


Thanks for your spell it definitely can help because I have sinus issues and I definitely need healing😀


Ohhh I feel like I can smell these ingredients just from reading your recipe, @Kasie! What an awesome blend- and it sounds like it was able to help you a lot! I hope your sinuses are cleared up and much better now :blush:. Bookmarking this for future use- it’s a potent and wholesome recipe that will come in handy during the winter blues! :+1:

Thanks so much for sharing, Kasie! :heart:

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You’re welcome! It helped mine! Hopefully, it will help you!

Glad you like it enough to bookmark it hon! It did help me, my head is cleared. I’m so glad and I hope it helps you in the future.