Major Success Potion! 🥂 - Potion Making Challenge

Challenge entry number 3 :joy: :clinking_glasses:

Here’s my Major Success Potion!
You’ve done it! (almost? maybe? well you’re getting some good signs anyway :woman_shrugging:t3:) Time to celebrate!
Perfect for a Success-filled Sunday (or a day which corresponds with your intention).

Is there something you’ve been working towards for a while (and are still working on?)
This potion is a wonderful feel-good boost in the right direction using the magic of visualisation!
Inspired by my love of prosecco and a recent tarot reading which reminded me
‘not to give up’ when I’m ‘so close to achieving my goals’ (something I’m sure a few others could do with hearing too!).

You need

  • Champagne flute/special occasion glass/chalice
  • Sparkling Wine (18/21+)/ Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine/Other Celebratory drink - fizzy is best.
  • Stuff to add to your potion based on what you’re working towards (see ideas below)
  • Orange Candle (for success)
  • Tool to engrave candle with (I usually use a pencil)

Engrave your intention into your candle in the present tense e.g. ‘I have healed’ ‘I am loved’ ‘I sleep well’ ‘I remember my dreams’ ‘I have enough money’ ‘I have a job’ ‘I am happy’ etc.
Light your candle and watch the flame for a few moments focusing on your intention.

When you are ready, create your potion using your chosen base drink and ingredients, as you add each ingredient thank it for it’s relevant properties. e.g. ‘thank you for helping me to heal’, ‘thank you for keeping me protected’, ‘thank you for making me beautiful’ etc.
Stir your potion clockwise 3 times, seal with a pentagram and raise your glass in a toast towards the candlelight.

I’m achieving all I want to achieve,
I feel my life is coming together,
In my success I truly believe,
I will be (intention) now and forever.

Drink your potion and embrace the feeling of success! Imagine how amazing you will feel when you do achieve that final goal. Celebrate it now. Live in that moment now. Meditate on it, allow it to fill you up. With every sip of your potion you grow closer and closer to the real thing so enjoy it! (Sensibly)

Allow the candle to burn down completely and rest assured your Success Celebration will attract another one :kissing_heart:

Examples of ‘Stuff to add to your potion’

  • Apple - Beauty, Divination, Fertility, Healing, Love, Prosperity, Protection, Psychic Powers
  • Basil - Cleansing, Happiness, Prosperity, Peace, Love, Luck, Travel
  • Cinnamon - Communication, Healing, Love, Prosperity, Protection, Sex, Spirituality, Success
  • Cranberry - Courage, Healing, Love, Negativity-Banishing, Protection, Sex
  • Ginger - Courage, Healing, Inspiration, Love, Prosperity, Sex, Success
  • Hibiscus - Clairvoyance, Divination, Peace, Love, Sex
  • Lavender (edible variety please!) - Cleansing, Love, Meditation, Peace, Protection, Purification, Sleep
  • Lemon - Cleansing, Creativity, Fertility, Friendship, Happiness, Love, Protection
  • Mint - Dreams, Healing, Love, Prosperity, Protection, Travel
  • Orange - Divination, Fertility, Love, Luck, Prosperity
  • Raspberry - Creativity, Dreams, Fertility, Happiness, Health, Love, Marriage, Protection, Sex
  • Rose - Abundance, Divination, Healing, Fertility, Love, Luck, Peace, Protection, Psychic Powers
  • Rosemary - Concentration, Dreams, Healing, Love, Memory, Purification

Nice flavour combos for the weird ones:

  • Rosemary and Cranberry
  • Rose and Raspberry
  • Mint and Apple
  • Lavender and Lemon
  • Basil and Raspberry

Much love :heart:


This is great @Limeberry! I just wonder what would go with a celebratory root beer. LOL. Seriously though, this is a great idea.


I am loving the idea of a success potion- cheers to good things coming your way! :clinking_glasses::grin: And ohhhhh what a great addition of the list with possible things to add (and their many magickal properties!)- you’re sparking my creativity again, @LimeBerry! :joy: Thanks so much for sharing :two_hearts: