Espresso Martini Potion 🍸 (18/21+ contains alcohol)

:exclamation: Friendly Warning: This post talks about alcohol and drinking! :exclamation:

If this material is triggering for you, please avoid this discussion. If you are under the drinking age, this content may not be suitable for you. Please respect your local laws and follow medical advice when it comes to enjoying alcoholic beverages.

Of course I made an Espresso Martini Potion :joy:
My inspiration was the ‘fragrant ink’ (I definitely didn’t snort while laughing):face_with_hand_over_mouth:


  • Shot of Vodka
  • Shot of Coffee liqueur (I chose Tia Maria)
  • Double shot of espresso (or just make a teenytiny very strong coffee)
  • 1/3rd shot of Simple syrup/ sugar syrup/ vanilla syrup/ DIY syrup (sugar plus water plus vanilla essence?)
  • Optional coffee bean garnish (ooh and chocolate!)

    Am also going to throw in my ‘make it extra foamy’ recipe for anyone who has one of those tiny milk-frother whisks:
  • 1 tbsp ground coffee
  • 1 tbsp granulated/caster sugar
  • few drops of cold water (added gradually)

Edit: On taking my potion to my altar I decided to add some moon water to boost my intentions and at that point it occurred to me that had I planned in advance I could’ve used moon water icecubes!

Ok so add the vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso, syrup and plenty of ice to a cocktail shaker (or clean glass jar) and :musical_note: shake it like a polaroid picture :musical_note: until your hands get cold. Shake with intention!

  • Vodka: Fire, Strength, Courage, Motivation, Stability, and Power.
  • Coffee: Fire, Earth, Energy, Motivation, Boosts Spell Power, Happiness, Luck and Sex
  • Vanilla: Water, Energy, Peace, Happiness, Luck, Love, Strength, Prosperity, Sex, Friendship and Creativity

If you’ve whisked up the foam ingredients and it’s come out super foamy it’ll be a fab topper, if it’s a little runny add it to your shaker - it’ll still add good things :rofl:

When your hands and shaker are truly frozen :snowman::snowflake: grab a martini glass and strain your potion into it. Your lovely foam should gradually form on top.
Garnish with coffee beans and enjoy!
Yay for cocktail potions! :heart:

Editedit: This potion goes gloriously with dark chocolate! Time for some chocolate magic! I performed a little ritual using a square of dark chilli chocolate inscribed with my intention, I melted it over my candle flame and painted the edge of the glass clockwise (to attract) with chocolate.

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Wow. That looks good!


You made one!! That’s so awesome lol it looks delicious!


Can we just talk about that Martini glass!!! Wow that is a beauty! Lol. The drink in it looks delicious too!
:smiley: :yum: :laughing:


@Tamera thanks! I saw them and fell in love a couple of years ago :heart_eyes:they’re from ‘LSA international’ another heavily discounted tkmaxx find :joy:


Is it just me or Magic and alcohol seem to work really well together?

Tia Maria!! :drooling_face: @Limeberry!! I want an invitation to your Samhain/Halloween party! :jack_o_lantern:


Look at this!!! :star_struck: Ahhh I’m drooling, @LimeBerry this looks decadent! :drooling_face::two_hearts: All the decorations too- especially your kitty candle and chip bracelets! Gosh, your aesthetic is my ideal :clap: :heart_eyes:

The foam is amazing- I have not mastered that trick yet. I do have one of those tiny milk-frother whips and even an immersion blender, it usually just boils down to me being too lazy to whip the milk :joy:

This was inspirational- thanks so much for sharing!


Amazing Limberry looks yummy :yum:
I love this one for Valentine’s Day would be great for my lover!


This looks delicious! What a great idea, moon-cubes! I would have never thought if it!!