🍯 Sweet Productivity - A Sun Tea Recipe for Busy Bees

Merry meet!

The gardens are in full bloom here now and walks through the yard are accompanied by the constant hmmmmm of the bees. Big, fat, fuzzy bumbles mostly, but with a scattering of smaller honey bees as well :honeybee:

Once Litha comes, there will be a shift in the hives as they sense the shortening days - but for now, they are all forces go, working hard to gather pollen and create their liquid gold :honey_pot:

Meanwhile, my own productivity is struggling - there’s something about this time of year that makes it really really hard to sit down and focus. This was especially true with the recent full moon in fiery Sagittarius - between the full moon in a fire sign and the sun approaching its peak of power at the summer solstice, there is a very strong push towards physical action. This is great for building, exercising, crafting and other hands-on projects, not so great for endeavors of creativity, the mind, and stillness :sweat_smile:

The upcoming New Moon in Gemini will (hopefully) be a mental reprieve, and next month’s Full Moon is in earthy and grounded Capricorn, so I’m hoping I can dig in and keep on getting things done, even if it’s by willpower alone :goat:

Inspired by the hard-working bees, here is a quick and easy productivity booster spell!

Sweet Productivity

Sweet Productivity Sun Tea

An easy, tasty recipe to help you be a successful busy bee


  • :honey_pot: Honey
  • :potable_water: Fresh, clean water
  • :fallen_leaf: Tea leaves
  • [Optional] :lemon: Lemon

Suggested timing:

  • Late morning, noon, early afternoon :sun:

  • The magickal properties of Thursday :zap: and Sunday :trophy: correspond wonderfully with the energy of this spell


  1. Make a pot of sun tea - this is a type of tea that steeps naturally via the heat of the sun. To make your tea, fill a clean vessel (ideally glass) with cold, clear water. Add 2-3 strong tea bags.

  2. Cover your sun tea container to prevent bugs or other contaminants from getting inside. Leave it in the sun to steep, ideally for no longer than 3-4 hours.

  3. Bring your sun tea inside, uncover it, and remove the used tea bags.

  4. Take a spoonful of honey. Hold it up and acknowledge all of the hard work that has gone into its creation - thousands of bees have worked together tirelessly to bring this spoonful of golden, energy-filled deliciousness to you. Take a moment to be grateful for their gift and their efforts.

  5. Stir the honey into your drink in a clockwise motion :repeat: inviting in productivity, energy, and success.

  6. Once the honey has dissolved into your drink, fill up a cup and enjoy! This tea is especially delicious when served over ice with a slice of uplifting lemon :lemon:

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Feel free to share your spell experiences, advice, and wisdom with fellow coven members in the comments below.

Blessed Be(e)! :honeybee:


My favorite thing when local honey is in abundance is whipped honey. My honey supply last longer and spreads like butter on toast. Also, different flavors (vanilla, cinnamon, lavender, etc.) can be added during the whipping process for other delicious ideas. yummy


My stomach is rumbling at the thought! :yum: :heart: I’ve only had plain whipped honey before, but I’d love to try some other creative flavors too.

Thank you, Diana - 'tis the season for celebrating (and, soon, harvesting) local honey to enjoy! :honey_pot: :sparkles: