Espresso Healing Potion ☕ - Potion Making Challenge

For my next Challenge entry…
This little potion is based on a recommendation from my ‘Crazy Aunt’ (affectionate term – she’s one of my absolute favourite people and not an actual Aunt) who insisted that drinking coffee with lemon would cure my migraines as it cured hers.
I’m a wuss and can’t deal with the taste of straight up coffee and lemon… so made the coffee shot-sized (espresso) and added honey. Cinnamon on top because cinnamon. :heart_eyes: This was my daily coffee for over a year when I couldn’t stomach dairy or even fairy (fake dairy). It’s actually nice.
I remembered it today because I’d ran out of milk and my head was feeling crappy so I turned it into a little healing potion.

For those who don’t read my rambles – I don’t blame you. :joy:


  • Espresso :coffee:
  • Honey :honey_pot:
  • Lemon Juice :lemon:
  • Ground Cinnamon :salt: (pretend it’s red)

Brew your coffee, close your eyes, and take 3 long, deep breaths.
Inhale the scent and allow it to fill your body with its strong healing energy.
Coffee is powerful stuff.
Focus on the areas you want to heal and imagine the coffee fumes reaching those parts of your body as you inhale.
As you exhale visualise your pain leaving your body with your breath.
Inhale healing energy, exhale the illness.

Open your eyes and add honey to your coffee.
Honey to soothe, honey to seal,
Stick me together, help me to heal.

Squeeze in some lemon juice.
Cleanse me of illness, protect me from pain,
Banish negativity, I’m well again.

Sprinkle some cinnamon.
Heal me quickly with fiery power,
May I feel better within the hour.

Repeat the spell as you stir the potion 3 times clockwise and seal it with a pentagram.
By the power of 3, so mote it be.

Drink and continue the above meditation/ breathing exercise. Inhaling healing energy, exhaling illness. :heart:


That’s interesting, coffee with lemon for migraines. I’ve got to try that! Thanks for sharing this coffee spell with us!


I’d never think coffee with lemon would help a headache but that sounds pretty good! I like the reason you added cinnamon. LOL. Great potion!


This definitely deserves its own glory!
What a gorgeous recipe! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
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Another gorgeous recipe, @LimeBerry! :heart_eyes: You are truly a coffee lover- this is inspiring :grinning: Thanks so much for sharing, cheers! :coffee::yum: