Baby sleeping spell

So I have a 1 year old and a 6 year old my son who is the 1 year old will be 2 in June and his dad has adhd which they said he is too small to know still but most likely has it too since nothing entertains him like other. Kids my daughter was always playin with her toys or watchin YouTube on fone or tv and she would go to bed no problem nap during day but my son doesnt nap a lot only sometimes for a bit and at night time it can be sooo hard to put him to bed even with the room pitch dark he will play or jump around or stay up and I tried almost everything even melatonin for kids


Maybe you can create a night ritual/routine that involves an easy meditation practice, so they settle down and get them ready to go to sleep. You can include a drink (water, milk or chamomile tea?) and put an intention on it too.

If you can do this every night with your children it could help them ease into the mindset of going to sleep. Also, consider creating something like an herbal pouch or dream pillow for good dreams. :herb:


Francisco shared some great advice- I second the idea about a dream pillow! Using lavender :purple_heart: or chamomile :yellow_heart: may be great options to help improve sleep :sleeping: These herbs can also be used in teas or in an aromatherapy diffuser.



There were many great ideas for enhancing sleep shared as part of the previous Sleep and Dream Magick Challenge- perhaps look there for more ideas!

Good luck and Blessed be! :sparkles:


Oh sweet girl… I remember those days. When you are living them they seem to be timeless and in hindsight they go too fast.
Perhaps i should check the statute of limitations on child endangerment but we used to put my daughter in her car seat… which she LOVED. and put it on top of the dryer and run some baby blankets in it for about 10 min. It isn’t a spell but it worked on her. I think it was the warmth and rhythm of the dryer was soothing… when all else failed we would strap her into the car and drive around the block. My son - no issues… my daughter continued to struggle with anxiety and night terrors. Years of EMDR has helped with the night terrors and she is off all anti anxiety drugs at this point, but I hurt for her. The upside is that she LOVES to travel. She was the baby who was not comforted by holding but stiff armed all of us and never liked cuddling. She has learned to appreciate the comfort of hugs she knows how to offer a wonderfully comforting embrace. Our Children are great teachers. We learn so much from their struggles.


My daughter was like this when she was younger, and even still now (she’s going to be 8 next month) and I remember the many, many sleepless nights we had with her. She had colic, for one, but she also just doesn’t like to sleep. I remember having to swaddle her so tightly to get her to fall asleep and then loosen it once she was actually asleep. We took many walks around the block, many car rides, many nights sleeping in her swing – I feel for you, momma :heart:

One thing I try to do with my daughter here lately is to take away all electronics at least 30 minutes before bedtime. This gives her brain time to “switch off” so to speak because the electronics are a constant stimulation for her.

For your son, honestly, if you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, would there be any harm in just letting him be awake in his room as long as he is safe? It could be that he just really doesn’t need as much sleep as you might think, or he just isn’t tired.

As for magical things to do, creating a nightly routine infused with magic can help calm him and soothe him. If you bathe him at night, playing some lo-fi music and putting a drop or two of lavender oil in the water can help relax him a bit. You can charge the water to help cleanse any excess energy from him (this energy in the form of like…kids running around energy, not spiritual energy, if that makes sense). You can create a dream sachet to put under his bed or even embroider or draw a sleep sigil on his pillow.

I hope this has all given you some ideas for where to go. Only you can decide what’s best for you and your family :heart:


He won’t stay in a car seat still as soon as he started crawling he never liked to sit anywhere lol


But thank you so Much so helpful lol


I wouldn’t mind but he stays up sometimes 2 am and in am is tired


I wish you all the luck, then :hugs: it can be difficult, but eventually he will move through it and so will you


When my oldest was his age, Parker did the same thing. He was eventually diagnosed with ADHD too. At one point he had turned his sleep schedule completely around on me. I would think a peace or calming spell would help, maybe a diffuser with lavender in his room?

My daughter has trouble with sleep too, but we give her melatonin gummies about 45 minutes before she goes to bed. She is 11 going on 12. She has a night light & glow in the dark stars on her ceiling that she uses to help her go to bed too. Maybe the soft glow from those types of things would help him?