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Hello everyone,
I been wondering where you all buy supplies? I am looking for herbs like dragons blood, is there a certain place you prefer that is not really overly priced? Thank you


I honestly prefer to wildcraft (forage) or buy local. If that is not possible, I then go to etsy to support small businesses. I don’t really have a preference to a particular shop on there as all the ones I have come across are reasonably priced. Two of my favorites are Harmony Hills Boutique and All Access Organics.

Harmony Hills is based in Texas and is woman-owned. She is very open about fluctuating costs as well as issues with listings on etsy (Etsy no longer allows passionflower or horny goat weed for example). She operates her shop part-time from 4-6pm CST but is generally quick to respond to inquiries. I have not had any issues dealing with her!

All Access Organics is based in Florida. Their products are all organic and shipping is fast. They have a range of products (herbs, crystals, candles, etc) which is nice because you can then get things from one vendor and save on shipping costs. They are a larger store with 5 :star: over 75,000+ reviews. They package their herbs really well, I’ve only had one issue where a bag was punctured during transit but was still usable (it was a dried root so not a big deal). They actually currently have Dragon Blood Chunks.

With Etsy, I will do a search for what I’m looking for and read reviews. I’ve found the best reviews are any that are 3 stars as they tend to be the most honest. For “basic” things like basil/black pepper/salts, I just go to the dollar store or Walmart. As a last resort, I will use Amazon.


I would check out Embodii Crystals based in Texas (DFW area). They have tons of herbs. Some are listed on the website but I recommend visiting the store or watching a facebook live sale because they actually have way more. Definitely a reliable source, great quality, and not overly priced.


Thank you for you help, being in a small town hard to locate certain items.


There could be a botanica shop in your area, or many, look it up by that name, if using other search names, may not show, search by botanica, these shops have a lot of herbs and many magical/spiritual type goods, prices affordable.


I’m in Houston now but originally from a conservative small town so I understand! I’m blessed that I have a local metaphysical store within a 30 min drive now.

As @Eliza_01 stated, if there are local botanical stores, you may be able to find items using their botanical name rather than their common name. Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs (Amazon) is a great resources and contains the common name, botanical name, and alternative names.


Greetings @jean4,

Adding to what others have shared, I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs. They specialize in herbs and have, in my opinion, a very high quality and I’ve never had any reason to doubt their authenticity.

They carry Dragon Blood Resin available in both 4 oz packets or as 1 pound: Dragon's Blood Resin. Although it is on the pricey side!

Then there’s Amazon which can be great in terms of price and I’ve used them in the past, but just be careful about checking your supplier (if you’re not ordering directly from Amazon themselves). There are many things on Amazon of questionable quality- I’ve seen some “crystals” that were spraypainted :sweat_smile:

Like Eliza and Amaris said, if you can find a local herbalist or apothecary, they almost always have connections and can often get you whatever materials you need. Sometimes they can pass discounted prices (as they tend to buy in bulk) :+1:

Good luck, Jean- I hope you can find exactly what you need! :raised_hands:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Oooooooooo i could so hook u up with my suppliers if u are still looking. I live in the boonies. So i out source alot of my supply. And ive got some amazing vendors

And this is just part of my supply, and its 3 jars deep (104 herbs at last count)


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