Fighting and Preventing Illness: Herbs and Plants for Immunity 🌿

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As the world continues to battle the pandemic and our friends in the southern hemisphere are entering their winter months, it seems like a great time to look at few herbs that can be used to strengthen immunity :shield: !

These are herbs and plants that have earned their place on many an herbalist’s shelf and are a go-to when looking to prevent illness from settling in, or to shorten the length of a current sickness :face_with_thermometer:

:herb: Medicinal Herbs and Plants for Immunity :herb:

:grapes: Elderberry

Different from Elderflower (which also comes from the same Sambucus nigra plant), Elderberries are the dark berries harvested from the Sambucus plant (also called the ‘Elder plant’ or ‘Elderberry plant’). These flavorful berries help to boost immunity and promote healing, and time has shown that elderberries can be used to shorten the length of colds and sicknesses :two_hearts:.

Elderberries can be steeped in water to make an elderberry tea (and I recommend you sweeten it with honey :honey_pot: , as the flavor can be quite powerful!) but is more commonly boiled down to make a delightful syrup :yum: . The syrup can be stored for longer periods of time and then watered down to make tea :tea: , poured on top of pancakes :pancakes: , or added to numerous recipes :spiral_notepad: .

The Green Witch on YouTube shares her recipe for Elderberry Syrup, which can then be used to make these adorable and kid-friendly Elderberry Gummy Bears :teddy_bear::two_hearts:


Also known by the name “Coneflower”, Echinacea purpurea or Echinacea is a relatively easy-to-grow and common perennial plant that can survive cold winters and re-emerge in your garden each year to delight with its vibrant colors :purple_heart:

In addition to being used as an immunity-supporting herb, there are many other benefits of echinacea. A Healthline article lists 7 Echinacea Benefits that include immune support, healthy cell growth, reducing inflammation, and easing anxiety. It is an herb with many benefits! :sparkles:

While it can also be taken in the form of supplements or tinctures, echinacea is most commonly taken in tea form :tea:. "Give it a Grow” on YouTube shares a wonderful tea recipe for immunity using echinacea and a variety of medicinal herbs in Echinacea Tea with Herbs & Flowers. :tulip:

:garlic: Garlic

While many herbs have been tried and tested largely through the herblaism practice, the health benefits of garlic have found a place in modern scientifc studies as well. Findings show that garlic can greatly reduce the length of sickness and boost the immune stystem. In addition, garlic is good for our hearts- eating garlic can help to lower blood pressure :drop_of_blood: !

Garlic is a kitchen witch’s favorite go-to, as you can put garlic in just about every savory dish imaginable! Stews, pies, pastas, breads, and more- garlic adds a flavorful depth in addition to numerous health benefits :yum: .

Garlic can be made into a healthy and delightful soup as an appetizer or main meal. Recipe30 on YouTube has a beautiful recipe for Garlic Soup Italian Style Garlic Soup Italian Style :garlic:. The recipe is very hearty- if you want to keep it heart-healthy, consider swapping out the cream for milk or only broth! :bowl_with_spoon:

Angela from The Witches Apprentice has shared a recipe for Pickled Garlic, which is a great way to preserve fresh garlic for long-term use :plate_with_cutlery:.

Elderberry, Echinacea, and Garlic are just three of the many plants and herbs that offer immunity and healing properties :sparkles: . You can likely find them in their various forms in stores as live plants, dried, or in supplements. As with all medicines, it never hurts to do research and consider checking with your doctor and/or a trusted herbalist to make sure an herb is the right choice for you and your unique body :hugs:

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Do you have a favorite way to use these herbs? Perhaps you know of other medicinal plants that you want to recommend to others? Please feel free to share your knowledge and experiences below! :sparkles:

And if green magic calls to you :green_heart: , you may also be interested in Herbs for Anxiety or a discussion about the Top 10 Herbs:herb: . @MeganB also talks about the benefits of a strong immune system and gives solid advice about positive health practices in Tips for Relieving Anxiety in this Chaotic Time.

May your magick help you to always be healthy and well- Blessed Be! :heart:


Thanks for sharing! Elderberry syrup sounds delicious! :grapes:

I didn’t know anything about echinacea! And that channel Give it a Grow has some very useful videos!

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You’re very welcome, @Francisco! I highly recommend giving Elderberry syrup a try- it’s so delicious on pancakes or with fruit! :pancakes::yum:

Unfortunately, elderberries aren’t as easy to find- they’re not in grocery stories like garlic or commonly grown like echinacea. I used to buy dried elderberries from my teacher Herbalist Virginia Ahern who teaches herbalism classes in Massachusetts. But there’s also a great company called Mountain Rose Herbs and they have dried elderberries, in addition to elderberry powder, tonic, and extracts! they ship to the states but I’m not sure about internationally.

If the chance arises to give elderberry a try, definitely go for it! :grin: :+1::two_hearts:

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