Thunderstorm Panacea ⛈

Very hearty (and rather wet) greetings to all! :sparkling_heart:

While waiting to catch the metro back home yesterday :train2:, there were major delays across the city as much of Warsaw has been flooded due to the crazy thunderstorms we’ve been having here lately! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: Here is my metro station that was closed yesterday (video from another expat shared in the expat group on Facebook):

They had to shut down the station while they cleaned up the flooding :droplet:. After waiting out in the chilly rain and wind for a half an hour, they were eventually able to get the metro back up and running! However by the time I finally made it home, I was completely soaked and chilled to the bone :cold_face:

With a stuffy nose and that awful feeling of a sickness sneaking in- I knew I needed something powerful and strong to give my immune system a super boost- and fast! :scream:

I would like to share with you all my go-to, quick and easy concotion for shutting down or chasing away colds: Thunderstorm Panacea! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :test_tube:

:zap: Thunderstorm Panacea :zap:

When you’ve been caught in bad weather and feel a cold creeping in- this is a quick but powerful blend that can help to chase away sickness before it settles, or shorten the length of a cold you’ve caught!

Here is the super-fast version for when you need it snappy!


  • Chicken boullion/stock cube (can be substitued with a vegetable stock cube for a vegeterian/vegan recipe)
  • Ginger powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Dried sage

[If you have more time or can prepare a batch in advance, feel free to use homemade broth, fresh sage collected from your garden, fresh garlic cloves, fresh turmeric root, and fresh ginger root. You can boil the ingredients on the stove on low-medium heat to fully draw out the benefits. Strain before serving.]

While thinking about the immense immune-boosting and healing properties of these ingredients, place them into your mug of choice. Pour in boiling water and stir until thoroughly mixed :tea: .

Hold the warm cup close to your body, and as you drink- feel the warmth chasing away the cold, the damp, and the illness. Imagine it leaving your body as you are filled with warmth and strength :sparkles:

The visualization is a key part of this process- really feel the warmth of the healing benefits seeping into your body and protecting you! :two_hearts:

The ingredients in Thunderstorm Panacea were chosen with their healing and protective qualities in mind.

Chicken Stock: :chicken: For many, the thought of warm chicken soup may bring back nostalgic memories. Chicken soup has been used for centuries all around world as a panacea for the common cold :face_with_thermometer: . In addition to being a common and widespread household remedy, there have been numerous scientific studies on the potential health benefits of chicken soup: An Inside School on the Science Behind Chicken Soup and the Common Cold.

Ginger: :yellow_heart: Ginger is commonly used in many traditional forms of herbal medicine. It is prevalent in both Ayurveda and Chinese Medicines, and can be used to treat ailments of the stomach or to increase yang energy :fire:. Ginger is warming, calming, and can help to soothe respiratory ailments. Learn more about the magic of ginger on the Yogandha blog.

Turmeric: :orange_heart: In India, turmeric is often seen as an “all around panacea”, used to treat and cure a number of ailments, including lowering fevers and curing colds. There is a new trend in Western countries to use turmeric- this medicinal root is now entering the market in the form of “Golden Lattes” that make this strong and powerful herb more appealing to a new generation :yum:.

[For turmeric and ginger fans, this recipe for Ginger & Turmeric Shots (Magic Cold Fighting Potion) is potent and powerful!]

Garlic: :garlic: Garlic has a host of medicinal benefits and plays an important role in green and kitchen magick :sparkles: ! Take a look at Herbs and Plants for Immunity to learn more about the benefits of garlic.

Sage: :herb: Sage is a powerful herb commonly used for cleansing and purification (think burning sage and sage smudges!). Kitchen witches and chefs will also tell you that chicken and sage are ingredients often paired together in many recipes :woman_cook:

There are other herbs, plants, and ingredients with immune-boosting and cold-curing properties. Feel free to add to or adapt this recipe, and if you find something that works- please let me know, I’d love to learn about it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Many regions around the world are going through storm season right now :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: . The full moon this weekend has been given the name the Thunder Moon in honor of the numerous thunderstorms we get at this time of year :full_moon: .

If you are also in a region experiencing thunderstorms this month, are perhaps a ceraunophiliac :cloud_with_lightning: , or have a general interest in dieties- then you may be interested in doing a ritual in honor of the Greek God of Thunder- Zeus :zap:.

Feel free to use and adapt Thunderstorm Panacea to chase away those bad weather chills, and perhaps consider using it as a offering for Zeus or another storm diety! :cloud_with_rain:

May you harness the power of the storms, let lightning grant you energy, and may the rain cleanse and purify your path-

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Hope your feeling better! Great concoction! I make a Tumeric, ginger, and BLK pepper tea. Which I drink everyday and if I feel a chill coming on I’ll drink more.
Tumeric powder
Fresh ginger
1/4 black pepper.
I boil the water with the fresh ginger. Let it come to a boil, than add the tumeric powder and the Pepper .
Lower the heat to a slow simmer until the tumeric comes to a slow boil. (Usually 10mins)
Turn the heat off and let it sit for another 10-15 mins.
Than I strain some of it out, bottle it and put in fridge for a cold drink or hot. ( Oh and of course :honey_pot:)

Thank you for sharing your recipe! I have To try it with the chicken stock!

Blessed be.


Thank you @walter! :blush: Ohh your tea recipe sounds lovely- and perfect for chasing off any colds before they settle in! Thank you for sharing your recipe too, I’ll have to give it a try sometime! :grin::+1: It’s a great time of year for such warming and uplifting teas :coffee:

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