🌿 Thyme to Be Healthy - Cold Protection Charm

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As I enjoy morning walks through the gardens, it’s become apparent that one plant in particular is thriving this year - the thyme is out of control! With such an abundance of the herb, I’ve been doing research on various ways to use it.

Thyme has a long history as a medicinal plant and has been traditionally used for healing. The book Herbal Remedies lists thyme as antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, expectorant, relaxant, and a tonic.

Among its many healing properties, thyme is noted for assisting with upper respiratory ailments. It is believed to assist with various issues located in the ear, nose, throat, and chest area.

Picture from Herbal Remedies by Andrew Chevallier

In magick, thyme is associated with strength, healing, good luck (as well as the removal of bad luck), and well-being. It is linked to fairies and the Roman Goddess Venus (the Greek Goddess Aphrodite).

Thyme: Magickal Uses

Every year I harvest, hang dry, and store dried thyme to use in cooking and in spellwork. With so much of it in the garden, I thought I’d try something new!

Mandatory disclaimer that good health is maintained through ongoing diligence. It’s always smart to follow good cold & flu prevention practices - magickal and mundane practices work best hand-in-hand! Additionally, not every herb is a good match for every person. Consult your medical professional and/or your trusted herbalist to make sure a new herb is right for you prior to use.

Thyme Charm

Thyme to Be Healthy - Cold Protection Charm

Hang this magickal charm made with thyme near the window or door to help encourage the flow of good health in, and keep sickness out.


  • :herb: Thyme

  • :yarn: Rubber band / string

Suggested timing:

  • :sun_with_face: Summer

  • :mantelpiece_clock: Late morning to noon

  • The magickal properties of Wednesday :medical_symbol: and Sunday :sun: correspond wonderfully with the energy of this spell


  • Harvest 9 stalks of thyme. The longer they are, the easier they will be woven into a charm.

  • Take your nine stalks and strip off half the leaves (you can set them aside to use in cooking later! :woman_cook:). Lay your nine stalks into three piles of three.

  • For each group of three, twist the talks together. This will help keep them together and will make it easier to braid.

  • Braid the three twisted groups of thyme together to make one braided chain. As you braid, work some knot magick: visualize that you are weaving together good health, safety, and protection.

  • Stop braiding when you get the to leaves. It should look similar to a broom :witch_broom:

  • Secure the top and bottom of the braid. String works well for the bottom, but I recommend using a rubber band at the top - the rubber band will shrink along with the thyme as it dries (and prevent it from falling out).

  • Either directly on the rubber band or with a fastener/string, hang your thyme charm by a door or window. Allow it to help guide the flow of clean, positive energy in and keep illness out. Whenever you pass by the charm, feel free to brush against it and enjoy the scent of the lovely herbs :herb: :blush:

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Are you familiar with thyme? Do you have a favorite thyme recipe (medicinal, magickal, or cooking)?

Feel free to share your spell experiences, advice, and wisdom with fellow coven members in the comments below.

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Ooh I like this, thankyou. Herbs are the one thing I can grow :rofl:


That’s awesome I hope u enjoy your abundance of thyme :grin::grin: sounds like something if like to have


thyme the magic!
thanks @BryWisteria i will make it tomorrow thursday day of the planet Dia
cough prescription
boil a large cup of water with a large spoonful of thyme for five minutes
when it cools down, add three large spoons of honey, half a lemon and a little turmeric powder
we kept it in a jar in the fridge
magically stopped coughing from the first sip :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :dizzy:


I don’t know what happened to my thyme. And I’m not trying to be punny but well there ya go! :laughing: I planted it and it did well last year but it didn’t come back. Oregano on the other hand is going bonkers!

Bookmarked for when I grow have thyme again :hourglass_flowing_sand: ! OOoo that works both ways!!! :laughing:


I see what u did there :smile:


The first thyme was an accident. The rest weren’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish people where I live were as nice as you guys. Been dealing with a psycho chick at work. Thinks I’m talking bout her. She has verbally attacked me a few times. Sent me some messages while I was at work I told her she was a nutbag and blocked her. I’ve tried to be nice. Imma call in for reinforcement Friday from goddess of rage Lyssa I don’t have time for people like that.


Love you, sending hugs :people_hugging:


@tracyS You’re welcome, Tracy! :green_heart:

@Devenne Thank you, Devenne! I recommend it as an addition to a kitchen garden - it’s not always happy in a pot (or at least I haven’t had much luck with potted thyme) but it loves a nice garden bed. Sometimes too much - it’s taken over one of ours! :astonished: :herb: And I’m sorry about the difficult person at work. I hope the situation improves soon :people_hugging:

@AIRAM That sounds like a lovely recipe, and a very helpful cure for a cough! Thank you for sharing it, AIRAM :pray: Stay healthy and well! :heart: :hugs:

@Artemisia Ha! It’s always a great thyme for herb puns. Love it! :laughing: :+1: :two_hearts:


Thankyou @BryWisteria @tracyS

I hope so too but I doubt it. Imma ignore her the best I can.


@Devenne May she leave you alone so you can enjoy your peace! :hugs: :heart:


Sending hugs :people_hugging: :hugs: i have been using rose magic for protection lately. Imaging you have thorns around your etheric sheild. She will stop ■■■■■■■ with you.
It worked for my mean girl i was dealing with in Tap class…


Beautiful, i will keep this in my back pocket. I thinkni killed my thyme last year.
@Artemisia my oregan wont stop growing either… i know you can make oil from oregen which is also helpful for colds flus and is anti bacterial


That’s all I want is peace :heavy_heart_exclamation: :dove:


I’ll work on that thanks for the advice :people_hugging:


Let rose hold you with its sweetness and protect you with its boundaries :sparkles: :yellow_heart: :rose:


I was just imagining the thorns. I see her look at me out the corner of my eyes


I send you a big hug my sister :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :dizzy:
do what you know best!
don’t feel sorry for her!
I am by your side! :hekate_wheel:


I’m glad it’s useful my dear! :pentagram: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: