Tea Recipe for the Common Colds

Ginseng Honey with Calamansi/Lime or Lemon Tea

Small plate
1 tea spoon
1 mug or cup

1 sachet of 8 ml or 1 table spoon of Ginger, Ginseng or Turmeric,
1 mug /cup of water
1-2 Tea spoons of Honey
1 - 2 pieces of Calamansi (if not available, 1 piece of lemon will also do)

Procedure with making the tea by Microwave:

  1. Prepare all ingredients, cut the calamansi into half / if lemon, slice the lemon into smaller proportion and take off any seeds in it, leave aside in a small plate
  2. Put the mug with water in the microwave, set it to 1 minute timer, wait for the timer, take it out of the microwave
  3. Pour the Ginseng, Ginger or Turmeric sachet or powder in the mug
  4. Squeeze the Calamansi or Lemon juice above the mug
  5. Add 1-2 tea spoons of Honey
  6. Mix and serve

Note: If you’re pregnant or have any existing medical conditions consult your doctor first about drinking ginger or ginseng first, this recipe could be harmful to anybody pregnant or with medical conditions.

This is the typical tea I would drink in moderation or when it feels like I’m about to catch a cold or flu or if I need something to wake me up mentally in the morning. Blessed Be, Margaret


Thank you for sharing, I wonder if it would work for allergies too? :thinking:


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: this is a good immune-boosting tea :heartpulse:


Lovely! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’m in week three of a chest cold and will be sure to make some of this tea tomorrow :heart_decoration:



Ooh, this sounds good for clearing your throat when you’re sick. Thank you!


Thanks @anne2 I love tea, I do have the ingredients. I’ll try it out one day soon!!!?


Hello and welcome @Siofra , for allergies I’m not sure about that, I haven’t experimented on that part to myself yet. Most in the country have been forced to find herbal remedies due to COVID19, as for me, I was already drinking this type of tea before the pandemic struck the country. Also if it’s to be drunk 30 minutes after it, one can eat already

@Liisa , It is a good one, as long as it’s drank in moderation, too much of it, one risk their immune system to attack it’s own self too


Hello @katnabis , 1 - 2 cups in your case is usually the amount which will do the trick daily, if it’s already an average size of mug, 1 would do, also, for a usual person who doesn’t drink this, it doesn’t taste well, it’s the reason why honey’s added in it too. Hopefully this recipe helps you out too


It is @Amethyst , it’s taste is strong though. It’s why I would use Ginseng or Turmeric powder over Ginger when I am not sick


I drink a version of this tea with ginger, lemon, and honey about once a month- it really does wonders when we are feeling down! :orange_heart: :blush:

Beautiful recipe, @anne2- thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! :two_hearts:


You’re welcome too @TheTravelWitch , this tea is usually one I’d drink in a week timeframe too or if it seems I’m about to catch a cold that will start an Asthma attack, typically works a lot whenever that’s drank, it does it’s job for tons of sick people with respiratory conditions