Healthy Ways to Use Thyme in your Craft 🌿

Whether you’re growing thyme at home or adding it to your meals, you should know that thyme has some great uses in Green Magic!

Video: Magical and Medicinal uses of Thyme

This video is part of the Green Witch Course, which goes over the Magical and Medicinal uses of Thyme and other popular herbs.

Other ways to use Thyme in your Craft

Burning thyme can perfume the ritual space with its herbaceous and slightly floral aroma. It also has strong healing, purifying and liberating powers.

  • Ward off negative influences and bad dreams by keeping dry leaves under your pillow!

  • Protection amulets and spiritual baths are also enhanced by adding thyme.

  • Thyme contains various vitamins, minerals and active compounds that provide a great anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal protection, among other qualities. It is used in many remedies and within esotericism, in countless rituals and ancient beliefs.

  • In Egypt, thyme was used during mummification rituals. The Greeks believed that thyme came from the tears of Helen of Troy and used it during worship rituals and healing baths.

  • Romans introduced it in the kitchen, scenting wines and cheeses. Centuries later, many Mediterranean cultures were using thyme for spiritual purposes. It was believed that having the plant in a corner of the home would keep away the thunderstorm that destroyed the villages.

  • Another old superstition tells that if you plant thyme outside your home, especially if you live in the countryside, fairies and elves will come to bless you.


Thyme Tea Recipe

For a great thyme tea, use two tablespoons of thyme, cut or crushed, for each cup of water.

  • Teas and infusions made with thyme are recommended for cases of sore throat and colds.

  • Rinses with a thyme infusion can also relieve canker sores, improve oral hygiene and gingivitis or other gum problems.