Ceraunophilia ⚡

I am currently listening to the most beautiful thunder storm :zap: with a cup of camomile tea after me and my daughter just soaked up some refreshing storm rain :cloud_with_rain: so peaceful and relaxing but at the same time reminds me of the intense power of nature :herb:

Anyone else love thunderstorms?


I really like storms! I think it started when I was a kid, because when it rained we got to skip physical education class and go home early!! :cloud_with_rain:

Also in my hometown when it rains it’s super loud and you can hear all sorts of interesting sounds. Storms are my favorite weather, as long as I’m inside!!


I’ve always loved thunderstorms too- but I never knew this feeling had a name! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: “Ceraunophilia”- I love it! :sparkling_heart:

The immense power and energy in the air during storms is so exciting :star_struck:. My favorite thing was living by the ocean and seeing the huge, dark waves crashing along the shore :ocean: . The sound of heavy rain and pounding waves paired with the occasional bright flash of lightning and boom of thunder was always a cause of celebration :two_hearts:

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I bet Argentina have some fabulous storms! :argentina: Haha, skipping PE! I never thought of that before! :joy:

In England they made you keep going unless it was a H&S risk, then you just moved into the hall soaking wet to carry on :unamused::joy: I remember doing outdoor swimming and the rain falling down was warmer than the pool water!! :joy::sob:

That was 20 years ago though, I imagine they are kinder now :joy: at least I hope they are


Absolutely! I had no clue it had a term. Thanks so much :two_hearts:


So true @TheTravelWitch storms over the ocean are almost spellbinding!:sparkles:

I like watching storm videos people upload, one of my favourite places is Porthleven in Cornwall, it looks so pretty no matter the weather :fog: even more so when it’s stormy imo!

Though why people still park their cars so close to the sea in stormy weather I don’t know :joy::ocean:


LOL that video didn’t make me feel very relaxed… at all! :laughing:

But if you enjoy the sea, here’s one I found a while ago, it’s a timelapse of 30 days of sailing, with storms and everything!


We had thunder last night, to me it is intensely beautiful, it invigorates me when a huge storm like that comes in…


Ohhhhh @mrs that’s amazing!!! On gentle summer days it can be so easy to forget, but the ocean is a true power of nature- those waves are wild! :star_struck: :ocean:. Hahaha that’s so true though- those cars are just asking to go for a swim! :joy:

What a fun video, @Francisco! It’s an entire adventure at sea squeezed into 10 exciting minutes :grin: :sailboat:. I love how it shows different phases of the ocean, and how quickly the scenery changes!

My mother always said that no two days are the same when you live by the sea! Nature will always excite and surprise her observers :herb: :blush:


Yes that one was not so much relaxing more just can’t stop watching it!

Ohhh that’s awesome. That’s @Francisco :blush: the colours are amazing! :heart_eyes:


Your mum is so right! :blush: I would love to live closer to the sea :ocean:


Nature…she has such power!