:pentagram: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Symbols & Sigils

Merry meet!

Thank you once again to everyone who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - Everyday Magick :broom:

After exploring the many ways to add an easy extra touch of magick to our daily lives, it is time to look closer and study the intricate details of a new area of magick :mag:

The theme for this week’s challenge was suggested by the clever @Kasandra and is…

Spells8 Witchy Challenge Symbols and Sigils

:scroll::triskele: Magickal Symbols & Sigils :pentagram: :writing_hand:

Anyone who has flipped through the pages of a witchy book or watched a show themed around magick real or fantastical can attest to the sheer amount and diversity of magickal imagery.

From Zodiac signs to personal sigils, images of the elements to motifs that scream witchcraft- there sure are a lot of magickal symbols out there to explore! :mag:

Before jumping into the theme this week, it may be helpful to clarify:



  1. a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process, e.g. the letter or letters standing for a chemical element or a character in musical notation.

  2. a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract.

Definition from Oxford Languages

→ A symbol is a very wide category of representation that can be many various things (from a pattern to the outline of an animal to the silhouette of an image, etc). A symbol may represent something magickal, but it may or may not be magickal in and of itself.



  1. an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.
  • ARCHAIC: a seal.

  • LITERARY: a sign or symbol.

Definition from Oxford Languages

A sigil is a special or sacred image that carries magickal power in and of itself

A sigil is always a symbol, but a symbol is not always a sigil

Picture from Wikipedia: Sigils

While the above definitions are included to help guide you, don’t stress too much about the details. What one person considers to be a sigil, another might consider to just be a symbol- everyone’s practices are different and different people may view different things as sacred.

The world of symbols and sigils is very vast- a magickal symbol could be anything from the shape of a fox to a special word! Feel free to open your mind as you explore the theme and try to be aware of magickal symbolism, you may be surprised to see it more often than you were previously aware of! :grinning:

This week is all about exploring magickal symbols and sigils- but as always, how you do so is up to you! :star2:

So are you ready? Because it’s…



Picture from the University of Soul Wales: Science, Magic, and Discovery

STEP 1 : Sigils and Symbols, Oh my!

There are as many ways to approach this challenge as there all magickal symbols out there- that is to say, a lot! :laughing:

To help you get started with ideas for your challenge entry this week, here are a few suggestions of ways you might explore magickal sigils and symbols:

:open_book: Study Traditional Symbolism

There are oodles of magickal symbols out there you might research. From origin stories to deeper meanings, learning the history or basis of a magickal symbol you use often can help build deeper bonds within your practice as well as help to foster appreciation for magickal history :books:

Here are a few common magickal symbols you might look into:

Additional symbol resources:

Pentagrams, Pentacles, and the Upside-Down Star

Where Do Zodiac Symbols Come From? Video by Francisco:

:star2: Share Your Personal Sigil (or Make One)!

Do you have a personal sigil that represents you? Perhaps there is a certain image or design that you use to symbolize yourself and/or your practice. Think carefully- you may have one and not even know it!

There is great power in names, and as names appear as written patterns, your Magickal Name could be used as a personal sigil. You can incorporate your Magickal Name in spellwork as a taglock, or include it in ritual work of any kind to increase power.

:compass: Share Your Personal Symbol

Even if you don’t have a personal sigil at the moment, perhaps you have a certain symbol that you feel represents you or a favorite element of your magickal practice?

If nothing comes to mind, you might try the following meditation to find yours:

Meditation to Find Your Personal Symbol

:place_of_worship: Symbols of the Divine

Many deities have certain images or symbols worn or worshiped by their followers. If you currently work with a deity, consider learning more about any symbols or sigils that They correspond with.

Or perhaps consider exploring your unique relationship with your deity by crafting your very own symbol or sigil for Them :sparkles:

Deity Symbols can often be found on their Diety Page:

Additional Deities Resources:

The Triple Goddess Symbol and Meaning

Sacred Spiral: Meaning of the Ancient Goddess Spiral

:nazar_amulet: Symbols of Protection

Some magickal symbols are associated primarily with protection. Consider exploring them, and perhaps use them in Protective Spellwork or by Making Your Own Protective Amulet :nazar_amulet:

The All-Seeing Eye Throughout History :eye:

Magickal Symbols for Protection, Video by Francisco:

:raised_hands: …And More!

So long as you’re focused on magickal sigils and symbols, there are no wrong entries! Feel free to pursue your interests and explore this challenge theme in creative ways :+1:

Picture from LonerWolf: Sigil Magick: How to Create Symbols That Manifest Your Destiny

STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

Please click here for notes about challenge inclusivity

Everyone is welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow along with the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

That being said, please know that if you would like to receive a prize and a public shout-out, it is required that you share your experience

To participate in the challenge, please share:

  1. How you explored magickal symbols and/or sigils this week

For your entry to be counted, please write about your experience in the comments below and/or create a new thread in the forums.

Note : If you choose to create a new thread, please tag the challenge by adding a hyperlink back to this post so that I can easily find it- thank you! :bowing_woman:

:exclamation: This challenge will close in 6 DAYS :exclamation:

To join in, please share your experience by:

Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)
( 2022-03-01T06:00:00Z )

Please note the alteration in the time zone this week- I will be flying back to Europe! :airplane: So while the challenge ends at 7am as always, it is 7am in a different zone. You can use this time zone calculator to switch into your time zone!

For their efforts, all participants will receive a special shout-out and a small prize! :gift:

Acknowledgments will be given in a Props and Presents Post that will appear in the forums on Tuesday.

After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given. This discussion will remain open for about a week after the challenge finishes.

:gift_heart: :gift: :gift_heart:

From Pinterest by Heather Goodwin: Hellenic Gods Symbols

A warm reminder that all challenges are designed to be very open- everyone is encouraged to participate in a way that honors and reflects their unique practice :open_book:

If you have any doubts about if something is acceptable to post or say, please double-check with the Forum FAQ and/or reach out to your friendly Moderator Team .

And for those new to challenges- welcome! :heart: Know that the goal of these activities is to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :hugs:

Picture from Pixabay

Exquisite and fierce, or simple and sweet
The power of a symbol cannot be beat
Though small in size, they hold the key
To unlock and wield every possibility!

Blessed be! :pentagram::sparkles:


Ooo… I like this challenge! I still haven’t done the ritual that came with my Evil Eye goodies from Tamed Wild. :nazar_amulet:

Or I could come up with a bindrune for this particular portion of my path. :thinking:

Or… well… working with 2 :triskele: Celtic deities :triquetra: there are so many possibilities!



Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry & @Kasandra


The idea for this challenge came when I was meditating with Veaug and Tysteal a few weeks ago. I asked them if they had any symbols or sigils. Some images are coming to my mind, but they’re still fuzzy. For this challenge, I’m going to continue my meditation to try to get some clearer images. If not, I’ll just share whatever I can see.


I love this, I have really been recently pulled to Brigid so I cant wait to dive into this, Symbols and Sigils is something I have wanted to explore more and now seems like the perfect time!


Oh, I think I may have a little time to do the challenge this week! This one sounds like fun! Okay, now I feel guilty for stepping away from the neverending pile of paperwork for a minute to type this. :rofl: Back to work… :face_holding_back_tears:


Oooohh symbols.I have a few ideas for this challenge…


I recently finished reading Sigil witchery by Laura Tempest Zakroff and had created my own sigil which was drawn on my arm for protection and strength. I also love the numbered version i cant remember the name of right now but made a protection sigil which sits above my main entrance door i will take a picture of when my daughter gives back my phone… :blush:


Oh, this sounds quite interesting for a challenge, thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry and @Kasandra.


OOOOO… I like this challenge. I think that I might try and have a play around with this from the Spells8 website.

Key-of-Sigils-Sigil-Creator-Spells8.pdf (215.4 KB)


Whee! This is going to be a tricky one! I can’t draw for crap. We’ll see what I come up with.


Ok so I literally cannot draw to save my life… but a doodle I do do. I decided to use the statement “I will heal”. I removed all the duplicate letters and used the letters left I, W, L, E and A and I drew a little doodle. It makes literally no sense but it’s kinda swirly and pretty.


This challenge will be right up my alley cause I could make a sigil significant to my circumstances!

Jessica you did a great job on your sigil! I like the art :framed_picture:! And what a great intention!


@jessica72 i love this!


I like the fact that sigils can be uniform-as in using a sigil square where a sigil for e.g. prosperity would always be the same. Or unique by making a sigil with the letters in a word or phrase. Let’s use ‘prosperity’. Cross out all vowels. So now we have prsprty. Now cross out any double letters. P and R are shown twice, so one of each is crossed out. Now we have prsty. Now the sigil is made with these letters. Arrange them how you see fit.

Now here is the sigil I made of my business name


@flowing thank you for your explanation on this. First time it actually made sense to me!


No prob, I watched a lot of YouTube videos about sigils. I personally love making sigils out of letters because it won’t be like another person’s. Also, you can change it up.


What a great idea @jessica72! I have been poking about the Spells8 website and learning quite a bit. This was something I just saw the other day, and I agree it would work great for this challenge!



@flowing This is a new technique to me. Thank you so much for sharing! I just may have to try this. :slight_smile:



Now this is right up my alley. I have MANY sigils that I use in daily life. Two since before I even was old enough to know what they were. At about 2 months old I was gifted a cornicello which is an Italian talisman or sigil to protect you from the malocchio. If you ever see someone wearing something that looks like a chili pepper, it’s usually a cornicello. I also have a cimaruta sigil that goes with me everywhere.

I also wear multiple bracelets or have malocchios hanging around my home.

I also use Brigid’s sigil, this is actually on one of my altar boxes.
sigil brigid

Archangel Uriel’s sigil, also on altar box.
sigil uriel

Finally my personal sigil. “I am safe and protected”
sigil personal


@Siofra_Strega So many possibilities! Haha I’m sure whatever you choose will be wonderful- I hope you have fun with it, Siofra! :blush:

@Kasandra It sounds like Veaug’s and Tysteal’s sigils/symbols are making themselves clearer over time- perhaps they are particularly complex, or require a high level of focus in order to visualize them? Either way, it sounds like you are well on your way to being able to see them! Good luck, Kasandra! And thanks again for such an awesome challenge theme! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Rachel21 I’m so glad the theme calls to you, Rachel- I hope you have a fun time exploring symbols and sigils! :sparkles:

@BrightBear Awww sorry to distract you, BrightBear- may the paperwork fly by easy peasy, I hope you are able to find some free time this week! Good luck- cheering you on as you work :grinning:

@Jem1 Hooray! I’m excited to see what you come up with, Jem- have fun! :raised_hands:

@TheMuslimWitch Congrats to you on designing your own sigils- that’s really cool! I love the idea of hanging the protective sigil above the door. It’s a great way to block out negativity and defend the home :house: :shield: :blush:

@Debra2 You’re very welcome, Debra- I’m glad you like the theme this week! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Jessica72 Awesome! :heart_eyes: Oh my goodness, Jessica, your sigil is amazing- and I don’t what you’re talking about about not being able to draw? That’s a masterpiece in my book- I love the swirls and textures you’ve got. You’ve crafted yourself a gorgeous sigil! Congrats to you! :clap::heart:

@Amethyst No worries, Amethyst! A sigil/symbol can be written text as well- after all, letters are simply images and words are patterns! You have such a talent for languages and writing, I’m sure you can come with a lovely way to explore symbols :blush: Good luck and have fun!

@Jeannie1 I’m so glad you like the theme, Jeannie- yes! Sigils/symbols are cool because they are so highly customizable- you can make it however you want to, to represent anything you need :sun_with_face: Good luck and have fun!

@flowing I love the technique you used, Flowing- and wow! :star_struck: Both of your sigils are stunning. As my eyes follow the lines, I can feel the power you’ve written into them. Beautiful work and thanks again for sharing the technique you used! :clap:

@WisconsinWitch I can tell that sigils and symbols are an important part of your practice- you use them in so many creative ways! :heart_eyes: The sigils you’ve inscribed on your altar box are all works of art- they are so lovely to see! And I love the meaning of your own personal sigil, what a great message to carry :blush: Thank you so much for sharing!