🜹 Magical Symbols for Protection Amulets

This past New Moon :new_moon:, as I decided what to share in this week’s Witchy Challenge, I found myself mostly drawing.

I have been reading a lot about signs and symbols, and some of them stayed with me.

I decided to share the symbols that I connected with the most. I realized that all of them had something to do with protection in one way or another.

Magical Symbols for Protection Amulets

Historically, amulets and other magical charms were used for protection because police and alarm systems weren’t as developed as they are today! :police_car:

Walls and entryways were decorated with these symbols to protect the homes. Occult symbols of protection were even graffitied on the walls of the cities to keep them safe and protected.

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Magic Symbols of Protection & Meanings

I made this topic as a continuation of the post on Spells8: Wiccan Symbols and Their Meanings

1. Horns


The horns are a hand sign used as protection against evil or bad luck. Where I am from :argentina: it is used to ward off the evil eye, “el mal de ojo”. It has been used to symbolize the devil, but this depends on context. Satanists may use it to represent the inverted pentagram which Eliphas Levi said to symbolize the triumph of matter over spirit because “it overturns the proper order of things”.

However, according to Cirlot, all primitive traditions prove that the horn is a symbol of strength and power. Battle-helmets were adorned with horns from prehistoric times right up to the Middle Ages. In Egyptian times, the sign of the horn indicates ‘what is above the head’ and, by extension, ‘to open up a path for oneself’.

2. Seven-Pointed Star or Septagram

seven pointed star symbol of protection

The seven pointed star also known as a septagram, is used for long-life and protection. (Buckland)

It is drawn with seven straight strokes. Seven was considered special because it consisted of the union of the physical (number 4) with the spiritual (number 3). Think of the seven classical planets, the seven days in a week, seven kings of Rome, seven colors in the rainbow, seven stages of enlightenment, and so on.

The reconciliation of the square :black_square_button: with the triangle :small_red_triangle: can be the sky over the earth.

3. Lunate Cross

Lunate Cross White Magic symbols of protection

Also called a Moon Cross, it features four crescents :crescent_moon: with their horns facing outward, protecting the cross from evil which might approach from any direction.

The four crescents also remind us of the four stages of the Moon: New, Waxing, Full and Waning, symbolising protection throughout the entire cycle. :new_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :full_moon: :last_quarter_moon:

A cross with equal arms ✚ is an ancient symbol found in many cultures to represent the sun, so this could also be a symbol of the combined power of the Sun and Moon.

4. Anchor

Anchor symbols of protection against evil

The anchor also features a cross, which was used by early Christians as a way to disguise their cross, a symbol of salvation and hope. ✞

The anchor symbolizes stability, strength and order as it holds us steady through the storms of life. It often appears in the coats of arms of maritime institutions such as the navy, and of course in tattoos.

The Epistle to the Hebrews in the New Testament says “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul”. - Hebrews 6:19

5. Crane

Crane Ancient japanese symbols of protection

In cultures ranging from the Japanese to those of the Mediterranean, the crane is an allegory of justice, longevity and the good and diligent soul.

The crane’s careful movements represent tact and vigilance. It is an auspicious symbol to the Chinese as a spirit which can be summoned for blessings.

The crane is associated with the symbolism of the stork and heron, which in Ancient Egypt was a symbol of the morning sun and regeneration. 𓅂

In Japan, the paper crane or Orizuru is often used as a ceremonial decoration. It is said that if someone folds a thousand cranes, they are granted one wish.

6. Vega

Vega witchcraft symbols of protection

During medieval times, the star Vega was associated with magic and used for protection against evil. This is the sigil for Vega from the thirteenth century.

If you live in the northern hemisphere like I do now, you’ve definitely seen this star. :night_with_stars: Look up and it’s there, the second-brightest star after Arcturus.

Vega is part of the constellation Lyra and it has been called “the next most important star in the sky after the Sun”. Gulliver, Austin F.; et al.

7. Magic Squares

These squares of talismanic magic date back centuries. Numbers and geometry were believed to hold within them the keys to Nature as expressions of a Divine Mind or Universal Architect.

Magic Squares Sator occult symbols of protection

This is an example of a Roman square. They used letters instead of numbers as protective amulets. The Sator square is a super palindrome that can be read right to left, lef to right and vertically up and down.

There are many possible translations of its meaning, one of them being: “The sower, with his plough holds the wheels with care”

This particular square was posted on doors, engraved in drinking cups, walls and amulets. It acted as a magnet for protective spiritual forces.

Do you have any personal symbols that you consider to be for protection? :pray:


I do, but not necessarily for protection tattooed on me.


This is awesome, Fransisco! :star_struck: I particularly like the Lunate Cross and everything it stands for. Hmmm more choices for a potential tattoo! :laughing::+1:

From @roxanne’s meditation, I learned that my own personal symbol is a compass :compass: If I decide to design a symbol for a protection amulet, I’ll try to incorporate a compass somehow!


That’s interesting. Thanks so much for your post and explaining it so well.


Thank you for this, I think tomorrow when my house isn’t so bustling & hopefully, I can use my hand, I will try and find my personal symbol (Thank you @TheTravelWitch for linking it!). I have that post bookmarked to go back to and work on. I remember when it was posted and I was still learning and working on meditation. I still have Headspace because I like the meditations they have to work on Anxiety & I find that I do much better with guided meditations. My brain gets to wandering when I try to do it on my own. Unless I am doing my sleep mantra and meditation. If I don’t do it, I don’t fall asleep.


@christina4 thanks for your kind comment! :smiley:

@TheTravelWitch While I was making this video I kept on thinking about the wind rose, also Polaris ☆ and the vegvisir since they all seem to have something in common. I love all those!

@krissie117 Some people say that symbols and tattoos can help when dealing with anxiety. I like the idea of a symbol or a word that simply says “breathe”.


I think that’s what my next tattoo is going to be around… soothing my anxiety and/or depression battles. I just need to save the money for them :rofl: I have my entire back done, so I need to find the perfect accessible spot for them too. I’m very picky.


This is really funny to mention, as when I was in Iceland last year I felt really drawn to the beautiful symbols and runestones they have. I bought a charm for my bag and a pin (unopened- I keep it on my work desk!)

I had totally forgotten about their deeper meaning- so until you mentioned this, @Francisco, I didn’t realize that I guess I already use my personal symbol (a compass :compass: ) as a protection charm! :joy:

Amazing- thanks for bringing up the vegvísir! :pray:


Amulets have a way of finding us even without looking! :joy: I’m glad you liked the post!