Sacred Geometry: 7 Symbols of Creation in 1 (Vesica Piscis)

I shared in a different topic an analysis of the Triquetra and the Power of 3, and ever since, I’ve been obsessed with a related glyph, which I see as a symbol of creation:


The Vesica Piscis, an Elemental Symbol

This is a topic I find really fascinating. “Creation,” as one of the three aspects of reality: Creation (Birth), Destruction (Death) and Renewal (Rebirth). ☽◯☾

In Latin, “vesica piscis” means “bladder of a fish” which is what the Romans named it due to its shape. The intersection between two circles.

It holds significance in mathematics and geometry, as it is associated with the mathematical ratio known as the square root of 3 and has been used to construct geometric shapes like equilateral triangles and regular polygons.

Vesica piscis

Spiritually, it symbolizes the cyclical nature of life. To me, it is a philosophical symbol of creation and of the nature of reality. I also like to interpret it as an open eye seeing for the first time, or even the All-Seeing Eye of Horus. :eye_of_horus:

The vesica piscis is often likened to a womb, :eye: denoting new life and ideas. In Christian art, it frames holy figures, highlighting the divine-human connection.
Vesica Piscis in Christianity

Keywords: Unity and Duality, Sacred Geometry, Cosmic Order.

Creation Symbols of Life and the Universe

So now let’s explore other symbols that derive from it, i.e. new ideas for crafting sigils, geometric patterns and designs!

These are powerful symbols with deep meanings, in my view having to do with creation as well as destruction, or the cyclical nature of reality.

1. The Triquetra


These three interconnected arcs or three vesica piscis represent Triplicity, intertwining concepts like mind, body, and spirit or the elements of earth, air, and water. In Christian iconography, it represents the Holy Trinity, and the Vesica Piscis adds layers of creation and unity between the physical and spiritual worlds. :triquetra:
Keywords: Triplicity, Mind-Body-Spirit, Threefold Nature.

Read my other topic about Triplicities in the Triquetra here.

2. Tree of Life


Special shout out to the Inifite Roots Coven!! its glyph captures the interconnectedness of all life, through a branching ecosystem of relationships. :infinite_roots:

It means spiritual growth, wisdom, and unity. It also represents the concept of creation, with its ever-expanding tree imagery showcasing life’s diversity and richness.
Keywords: Interconnectedness, Wisdom, Diversity in Unity.

3. Lotus Flower


In many cultures such as Buddhism in India, Thailand, China, and Japan, the lotus flower symbolizes creation and purity. It emerges from the mud and water to bloom into a beautiful and pristine flower, representing the birth of beauty from chaos and impurity.

This natural cycle of growth, blooming, and re-emerging season after season reflects the continuous, cyclical process of birth, growth, and renewal, a fundamental aspect of life’s creation and ongoing evolution. :lotus:
Keywords: Chaos, Renewal, Life’s Rhythm.

4. DNA Double Helix :dna:


This symbol captures the essence of life, complex blueprint of all living beings. It goes into the molecular details, revealing the diversity and intricacy of the natural world, encapsulating its fundamental structure in a succinct way.
Keywords: Genetic Code, Molecular Blueprint, Life’s Building Blocks.

5. Phoenix


A legendary bird in various mythologies, that embodies the themes of renewal, resurrection, and the cyclical nature of life and rebirth. The phoenix rises from its own ashes after being consumed by fire, so it symbolizes the powerful idea of emerging stronger from destruction or adversity.

It serves as a metaphor for spiritual enlightenment and the soul’s journey, reminding us of the continuous cycle of creation, destruction, and rebirth inherent in the human experience. :phoenix:

Keywords: Transformation, Spiritual Evolution, Immortality

6. Infinity Symbol


The sideways figure eight represents the limitless cycle of creation and existence, transcending time and suggesting an ongoing, infinite process.

It showcases nature’s cyclical patterns, embodying the idea of an expansive, interconnected universe where every end is a new beginning. Essentially, the infinity symbol captures the eternal interplay of creation, destruction, and rebirth in the cosmos. :infinity:
Keywords: Rebirth, Eternal Interplay, Time Transcendence.

7. Flower of Life

Triquetra to Flower of Life

A sacred geometric design with overlapping circles, it symbolizes the patterns of creation. It represents life’s unity, symmetry, and harmony, embodying the belief that all life forms are part of a divine plan. Often used in meditation, it’s thought to hold essential information about the universe and life itself. ❀
Keywords: Divine Plan, Patterns, Metaphysics.

There’s a useful printable Flower of Life crystal grid here! :gem:

PS: There are some popular brand logos that use the vesica piscis as a design element. Can you guess which ones I’m talking about? :thinking:

This concludes my take on this symbol. I wrote some posts about Sacred Geometry and symbols for those interested in sigil making:


This is super cool and very interesting to read about.

I looked it up and I also learned that the vesica piscis is used in architecture, which I thought was also interesting that even includes the Sydney Opera House.
An Introduction to the Vesica Piscis, the Reuleaux Triangle and Related Geometric Constructions in Modern Architecture

And there are even vesica piscis crystal grids VESICA PISCIS CRYSTAL GRID although I’m still researching the what and why of the grid.

One of the brand logo’s that I can think of is the MasterCard logo and the Ichthus (better known as the Jesus Fish).

There is some really great reading about the Vesica Piscis out there and this is really great information from the spiritual aspect.


So what I found on the crystal grid:
“the vesica piscis which is at the base of all creation and forms the basis of human creation. It represents the principle of as above, so below; the bringing together of two things fostering love and knowledge; and it is the base pattern of light. Spiritually, the circle on its own is recognized as Source Energy. In the case of the Vesica Piscis, imagine a single circle as a source of energy and the second circle representing the spark of creation when the universe is born; therefore, the Vesica Piscis represents creation, birth, and the joining of spiritual and physical. It is also said by many that the two circles in the Vesica Piscis represent the physical world and the spiritual world. If you’re trying to connect to the energy of the spirit world to become more enlightened or to improve intuition, this is a great crystal grid to use.”

I’m thinking it could also be used for fertility since it is related to creation or the spark of life.


I totally see how it could be used for fertility, given its connection to creation, and the flower of life!

Thank you for your exploration into vesica piscis crystal grids and architecture. There’s so much to uncover and learn from… “as above, so below” indeed!

And yes! The Master Card logo was one that came to mind, the other one was CBS (TV network), and one that I have at home (Yoga mats and blocks) called Gaiam, which uses the flower of life.

logo-Mastercard-500x281 logo-CBS-500x281 bfe7a44553cda0acefe8e6111b869847.w400.h400


Thank you so much this is excellent. I have become obsessed with runes. I will be referring back to this Frequently

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