Symbols for Intuition & Ideas for Sigil-Making

This week’s challenge (A Witch’s Cauldron) inspired me to add some sigil magick to a paper cauldron. I decided to use my portable altar, which is just my notebook :notebook:

The Cauldron is ruled by the element Water :water_element: , so I’m working on developing intuition with this sigil, as contained by the cauldron.

Here’s a collection of 6 symbols for intuition I’ve been researching, mostly from the Gettings’ Dictionary of Occult, Hermetic and Alchemical Sigils.

1. Water of life symbol

Credited to Basil Valentine in the 17th century, Water is a symbol of the subconscious mind and intuition, due to its flowing, formless, and reflective nature.

2. Luna Fixa

There’s a whole set of lunar symbols for intuition. In alchemy, “Luna Fixa” symbolizes the purification and stabilization of feminine, lunar qualities, representing a process of integrating and harmonizing intuitive and subconscious aspects within a balanced, unified state. It was used in alchemical records already in the 17th century.

Water’s spiritual link to the Moon stems from their mutual ties to life cycles, emotional depth, femininity, and the power of reflection and change, symbolized by the Moon’s control over tides and its embodiment of rhythmic fluidity and transformation.

3. Archangel Gabriel’s sigil

Gabriel’s rulership over the Moon suggests a deep connection with lunar qualities such as intuition, emotion, the subconscious, and the cyclical nature of time. The Moon, often associated with femininity and the mysterious aspects of life, aligns with Gabriel’s role as a revealer of mysteries and hidden knowledge.

Since this Archangel governs the Moon, various sigils associated with this traditional planet can effectively represent him. This one is from Johannes Trithemius, 1503.

4. Intelligence of the Moon

In Agrippa’s esoteric system and similar traditions, the concept of the “Intelligence of the Moon” refers to a unique spiritual entity that embodies the Moon’s essence, encompassing emotions, intuition, the subconscious, psychic abilities, and feminine energy.

Agrippa’s texts describe sigils representing such intelligences, with a Moon sigil specifically crafted to encapsulate and invoke these lunar qualities. This sigil, used in planetary magic, serves to connect with the Moon’s power, enhancing intuition and offering protection or divination, representing the Moon’s role as a governing force in the celestial and spiritual realms.

5. Triceps Rune


It’s not a motor vehicle company! It’s an ancient symbol for intuition from Norse and Germanic rune traditions. The triceps rune, with its threefold structure reminds me of a bind rune, and it can symbolize concepts such as creation, preservation, and destruction, or other symbols like the Triquetra, which represents triplicities like past, present, and future.

6. Water Tripilicity Sigil

Another Triplicity symbol, possibly created or recorded by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa in 1510. The Water Triplicity sigil symbolizes the unification of the three water signs of the Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

This sigil represents the shared traits of these signs, such as emotional depth, intuition, sensitivity, and a mystical connection, by amalgamating elements representative of each sign into a cohesive symbol.

I made a printable page for Spells8 too! Click to print it and it will also be included in the Witch Cheat Sheets section with the other protection symbols pages.


I’ve used the terms “symbol” and “sigil” almost interchangeably here. However I want to say that while all sigils are symbols, not all symbols are sigils. Symbols have broader, often culturally shared meanings, while sigils are personalized, created for specific magical or esoteric purposes.

I wrote another post about the All-Seeing Eye :eye_of_horus: which you may find interesting too.

Feel free to use these symbols as your personal sigils for any purpose!!


Appreciate you sharing this. Super creative to use paper to draw your tools :fire:


My first thought was isn’t that the Mitsubishi symbol? :laughing: That is really neat that there’s more to it- it’s actually a symbol with a lot of meaning.

I imagine having the symbol on the car would help to carry some of the benefits, especially if the driver is aware of the deeper meanings!

Thank you for sharing about these great symbols, Francisco- and I love the new printable page too! :star_struck:


I love that your portable altar is a notebook because it’s the perfect way to carry an altar with you without it being conspicuous! Also…the symbol that you drew on your cauldron is one I’ve been doodling for as long as I can remember… :thinking: I’ve even done it in infinite loops!


Hi Francisco thank you for sharing your magicK!
I appreciate your support in my journey through this time and space!