The All-Seeing Eye Throughout Time & History 👁

The “All-Seeing Eye” has appeared in popular culture for many years. It inevitably reminds us of groups such as the Illuminati, allegedly a secret society that rules the lives and destinies of people through their political, economic and cultural connections.

Illuminati dollar eye-min

But the history of this symbol goes back much further back in time. Researcher David Percival has traced a detailed history of the origins of this symbol, which, like many others (the cross, without going any further) has undergone important historical changes regarding its original meaning.

Ancient Egypt: The Eye of Horus 𓂀

The Eye of Horus (also known as the Eye of Ra) is linked to the solar deities. Horus’s left eye was said to be the Moon while his right eye was the Sun. It represented the sacrifice made by Horus when Set gouged his eye out, and the subsequent healing of the eye made it a symbol of sacrifice and resurrection. Egyptians wore it as a protection against evil spirits.

According to a more modern interpretation, the Eye of Horus would be a kind of map of the cerebral cortex, with the thalamus and the pineal and pituitary glands represented by the edges, eyebrows and eyelashes around his eye.

The Third Eye in Hinduism

The Rigveda (one of the oldest texts of humanity, dating from the year 3000 BC) refers to the Sun and other “ocular” deities through the gaze. Shiva has three eyes, the third one in the middle of his forehead, in reference to unlimited knowledge, which would destroy everything he saw when opened.

However, Shiva’s eye is also linked to divine wisdom, which sweeps away evil and ignorance.

The Divine Eye in Buddhism :person_in_lotus_position:

Buddhists regard the third eye as the “eye of consciousness,” representing the vantage point beyond one’s physical sight that is achieved through enlightenment.

Buddha Three Eyes-min

The iconography in Nepalese texts and temples often features the symbol of a being facing forward with a golden eye in the center of the forehead.

Buddha statues across Asia also show him with a third eye open, symbol of the final awakening.

Middle East: Hamsa and the Evil Eye :nazar_amulet:

In Judaism and other Middle Eastern religions, the All-Seeing Eye appears in the form of a symbol called Hamsa, Khamsa, or Hamesh.

It is an eye on the palm of a hand, which is usually placed in houses or worn as a protection amulet against the “evil eye” (diseases caused by envy of the enemy’s eyes.)

Its origins go back to Mesopotamia, where Ishtar’s hand was a powerful sign of divine protection. It is also known as “the hand of Fatima” in Islam.

In Greece and Turkey there is a similar symbol, the Nazar: these are concentric blue and white glass circles that give the appearance of a beady eye. The Nazar and Hamsa are both worn to protect against the Evil Eye.

Christianity: The Eye of Providence

Starting in the 16th century, Christian iconography shows an eye often surrounded by rays of light.

Eye of Providence-min

The eye is located within a triangle, representing the ubiquity of the Holy Trinity, as well as the eye of God watching over humanity (the concept of divine providence).

In the modern era, a notable depiction of the eye is the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, which appears on the United States one-dollar bill.

⋅⋆⊱╌╌╍╌⋇❬ ⋆ :star_and_crescent: ┊ ⋆ ┊ :star_and_crescent: ⋆ ❭⋇╌╌╍╌⊰⋆⋅

Personally I like to light a purple candle and meditate while focusing on the third eye and breathing in white light through it.

Do you use the symbolism of the eye in your personal practice? Do you attach any meaning to the eye?


This is super interesting, thanks for sharing :blush:
I also like to focus on my third eye when meditating, I feel like I can channel my energy well that way.


This is interesting! I never knew that story about Horus…and the modern interpretation of it. Thanks!


Yes, I also find that really useful. I found this painting which expresses the feeling quite well:

Third eye

Third eye is also another name for the pineal gland, a part of the brain that has a number of cells that are similar to those found in the eye.

It can be made more powerful through meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices just as a muscle is. In Hindu tradition, it signifies the subconscious mind.

René Descartes believed the human pineal gland to be the “principal seat of the soul”.


People don’t look at the history of things, they hear a conspiracy and run with it. Like the Swatika, was used for 1,000’s of years by the Natives and Shamans…then ole Hitler gave it bad name…


This is a very interesting topic, Francisco. Thanks for sharing! I don’t so much work with eye imagery…mainly because my own don’t work very well and I’m probably bitter lol but anyway, it’s good to know the history behind why things happen the way they do :slight_smile:


Thanks @Francisco really interesting! I’ve always thought of the eye as each cultures individual representation of sixth sense, or their spiritual self.

Beautiful images :blush:


My parents are Muslims and we grew up in the Islamic Folklore and tradition. We know the blue eye and its magical properties since we were kids. It is very common to find one hung at home, at the entrance. We often offer one to parents and they pin a small one on their babies or young children’s clothes with safety pin. I use to have one with my bracelet and so on… one of the best way to protect your home is to trace the outlines of your dominant hand with red ink on a Tuesday in hour of Mars on a sheet of paper and draw an eye in its center. Bless it your intention to protect your home. Then hang this sheet, the drawing of the hand facing the door, on your front door. I recommend dragon’s blood incense for that.


I will try this! :eye:

Thanks for sharing, @nabil!! :sparkles:


Awesome @nabil I lived in Egypt for awhile, and saw them all over. I now have one hanging on my wall, (Fatimas Hand w/ evil eye) and I have a bracelet as well.


@Francisco, this is very interesting to me! @Rowan gifted me an eye bracelet for this very reason, I have worn it a few times & I have done a consecration with it, but I don’t wear it regularly or every day (I do wear it when I go somewhere other than my town) because I didn’t fully understand the meaning of it. This helped me understand it & I think I will do a meditation with it. I also think I could make one with resin on one of my dishes that I have! Thank you so much for this information, I’m going to place my bracelet on my altar & then start wearing it more often now that I understand it a bit more.


That’s so true. The eye is the window to the soul, so eyes have a huge power and influence in us.

I suggest that you wear the nazar bracelet :nazar_amulet: and see if you notice any differences in how you feel. You can always just hang it in your living room instead!


Oh that’s a great idea too! I’m going to wear it once I get it to stay tight enough around my wrist. I have blessed it/consecrated it. It’s very simple & I love that about it. I’ve had it in my room with my witchy items. I think now is a great time wear it though. I have been working on a life decision & could use all the help I can get!


Sounds like the Eye could benefit you. Wishing you lots of abundance, love and lightI :nazar_amulet: :raised_hands:


Thank you so much! I will let you know what happens in the next few days.


I live this topic! Thank you for the discussion. Meditating with the third eye as the focus is definitely the most consistent thing I do but the pineal gland can also be attended to through some physical actions. It is said that fluoride causes the gland to be calcified so I have started by using a water source that filters it out (many filters do not) and also using non fluoride toothpaste. Since it is Pine shaped, using essences from cypress or others when setting intentions to open it is also something I do. My belief is that opening the pineal gland is one way to assist in opening that crown chakra :honeybee::honeybee:


Super interesting! I would like to “work” my third eye by continuing to practice meditation and focus on it. I did not realize how culturally widespread the concept was and found the Egyptian explanation to be super cool! Thanks for sharing this


Hitler was the messahia to Germany.

Meaning of the name Massiah . Variant of Messiah, the name means the promised one, the anointed one.

Hitler was tortured by his father. He was a frustrated, good painter. Austria didn’t recognise his talent and move to Germany.
After 1st. World war Germany was hungry.
No bread or money.
Someone decided enough is enough.
And people would listen to devil if he delivered what he preached.
Anybody saw it coming?
Small Country in Europe. Germans like to keep to themselves and do as they’re told.
They used all sort of tricks to upset the balance of war, including sorcery.
Hitler was just a puppet. Astrological signs were there, planets too.
Too much negative energy around.
Who really stirred the cauldron?
The story behind the swastikas, reminds me a good math teacher.
-I do not care how you put it, as long as the end result is right.
Symbols are just that, be careful how you play them😬
Wheel of fortune card!
Perks & downfall of symbolism fed by the multitudes.
As humans, we all have good and evil within. Just waiting the right time to step out the closest.
Religion is a fascinating subject, but never to mix with politics.
After 100s of years roaming the planet, we’ve learnt nothing.
Still making the same old mistakes.
Germans more than anybody are trying to forget, but shouldn’t all we?


Wise words- symbols have a lot of power, and that power is based in human belief. Symbols can most definitely be changed- for better or for worse.

The swatsika is definitely one such symbol… but there’s another discussion going about this subject, so to avoid having the same conversation going in multiple threads, here’s the link to the current discussion on the symbolism of numbers and symbols in Card Set Numerology.

This is very interesting, @SacredBee! Exploring other ways to access the pineal gland and Third eye are definitely worth looking into.

Not to mention that meditating while using pine wood must smell wonderful- I love that earthen and natural tree scent! :evergreen_tree: :eye:


What an interesting article, again, thanks for sharing. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: