Runes and Sigil Creation: Making a Good Luck Sigil with the Fehu rune ᚠ

With the occasion of my US naturalization exam and interview (I’m becoming a US citizen! :us:), I was in the need for a good luck sigil, so I became inspired by the seal of the federal agency sending me all the paperwork.


The letters I received all feature a seal with a bald eagles, so I did some research.
The Bald Eagle is a symbol of strength, courage, freedom and immortality. Source

I started with a circle because all the seals of the government have a circle, but also as a symbol of protection and as a safe space.

I used the rune Fehu as a starting point and because it symbolizes luck, but also strength, freedom, the qualities of the bald eagle.

I added the detail of a small ankh because of its connection to immortality, eternal life.

For the consecration part, this month I’ve been traveling, so my spells and manifestations are mostly in pen and paper. So my journal is not only a book of shadows but also a sort of travel altar.

I drew an altar and put my sigil in the center.

I used the smaller version of the lucky sigil to carry with me during the interview, and it went well!! I was approved earlier this week and I’m on my way to becoming a citizen soon!! :grin:

Do you have any experience with making runic sigils (or bind runes)?


Ooo… 1st… how exciting! :partying_face:

Congratulations :confetti_ball:

I don’t regularly use sigils or bindrunes. I have explored each of them & I believe have attempted creating them more than once. It’s one of those things that I wind up overthinking & ultimately get frustrated or overwhelmed with myself while I’m trying to create them :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I sort of hyperfocus on it too.

I will carry a rune with me or use them singularly, but they aren’t a common thing for me to use in my practice. Honestly, right now there isn’t much I’d call common or regular about my practice though :laughing:

I do really like using your journal as a travel altar! That’s an amazing idea! :clap: When I recently traveled I did bring my journal, but mostly had my little mojo :blush: bag with me & a few things I carried with me while I was gone.


Yeay, that’s fabulous :sparkling_heart: I’ve done a couple of bind runes, first I did a bind rune for Loki’s name when I dedicated to him.

Then I worked on combining Loki with my night demon Alu, and created a bind runic tree.

I love working with sigils and seals, runes @starborn and I have been working on these.
Sigils & Seals: A Collection of Information

I love your sigil and altar. It’s beautiful :sparkling_heart:


Yay, congratulations on a successful interview and your next step in your adventure to citizenship! What an exciting journey!!

I loved your idea of creating a good luck sigil for your exam and interview and how you integrated several different symbols into one! I also think the idea of a paper travel altar is great. I’ll have to remember that when I’m traveling and can’t or didn’t bring anything with me.

As to your question, I have not thought to make a bind rune before. Although now that I see how fun creating one is, it’s got me thinking :thinking:


Wonderful sigil, you’re much better at drawing than I am! And congratulations on becoming a Citizen! Yay, you!


As an aside, knowing how much you love Loki and Nordic magic, I wanted to share these two.
I’m sure you’ve heard of Wardruna and Heilung but just in case…
(194) Heilung Norupo [Official Music Video] - YouTube

Also, Odd, the 73-yr old reminds me of Odinn with his calm personal strength, and Jujimufu, the gentleman on the left with the ponytail, reminds me of Thor! I thought you’d get a giggle out of the imagery :wink: :sunglasses:

(194) This 73-Year-Old man has the World’s strongest grip - YouTube


Thank you everyone for the positive comments. Your kind words and enthusiasm are so heartwarming!! Love how everyone’s sharing their experiences and insights too! :hugs:

@tracyS It’s so cool how you’re exploring bind runes and sigils. That’s exactly what I was talking about.

@Wysteria_Norn Thanks for sharing those links! I didn’t know there was a living incarnation of Odin, that’s amazing!! :laughing:


@Wysteria_Norn Those were great videos, those old dudes are great :rofl:. The music video reminded me of Clannad, I felt like I was in Ireland, it was quite lovely :sparkling_heart:


Congratulations @Francisco that’s great news!!! :sparkles::infinite_roots:


Congratulations Francisco on achieving this important life goal! I remember the Naturalization process well and it can be quite stressfull without the proper support!
Your drawings are AMAZING and the idea of having a paper travel altar is so freeing.

Congratulations again! :kissing_heart:


@Wysteria_Norn thank you for sharing those! The 1st video I really enjoyed & the scenes from the outdoor areas :star_struck: I’ve been very much enjoying natural landscape imagery from all over, especially anywhere that isn’t immediately near me lately. :thinking: When I had to travel earlier this month I was continually taking pictures wherever I was of the sky & trees… I’m pretty sure some people were questioning the lady pointing her phone either up or into seemingly nothing :laughing:

The 2nd video is an appropriate image of the human form of Odin, also… very impressive for 73 years old too! :eyes:


Congratulations, Francisco! :clap: :tada: :partying_face: That’s so amazing! I’m sure it hasn’t been an easy process, but it’s over now and you have a wonderful sigil, to boot!

I’ve never used runes to create a sigil, but I have used ogham for the same purpose. One I find myself using often is nGetal - the ogham for healing. I’ll draw it on myself or my family when we’re sick, and I’ll draw it in our food when I’m cooking!


That’s wonderful news! I’m so happy for you! Congratulations :champagne::balloon::confetti_ball::tada:


Congratulations @Francisco !!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:
Also your sigil is absolutely stunning and super creative. I love it. Drawing your altar that’s brilliant as well. You draw very well.
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Artist Unknown


@Devenne you post some of the Funniest stuff it always makes me happy when I need a laugh :laughing:


Aww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks @crystal59 I try! Laughter’s the best medicine. :rose:


This is an awesome idea- what a great way to bring your practice along on a journey! It’s a whole beautiful altar exactly as you need it, and suitcase friendly too :briefcase: :wink:

Not to mention that it looks amazing- your travel altar is also a beautiful piece of art! :sparkles:

A huge congrats to you, Francisco! :partying_face: :tada: :eagle: :sparkles:


Congratulations Francisco! That is awesome!!!