Runes :algiz: Master Post

Welcome to the Rune Post there are links to any information that we have within the forum on Runes. Interest & learning about the runes seem to ebb & flow throughout the year. Links will be added to this post as they come up in the main forum.

Also, feel free to search the rune tags & the question/answer category for questions related to using the runes that are not contained within these links. Any replies to this post will also be answered promptly when someone is available.

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Yay! Oooh I love this!


This is a great resource- all the rune posts in one organized place! Thanks for collecting them all together, @Susurrus :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I just added a post link for the 3 Aettirs of the Elder Futhark. On Tuesdays, I will post a new topic. For the next 24, it will be information on individual runes. Then I will add other ways to incorporate them. :partying_face:


Wow, that’s a lot work! Thanks for taking this on!


You are very welcome! Next Tuesday I will have a write-up about the rune Fehu to add to the list.


Good morning? Afternoon? It’s been a different kind of morning so far :joy:

I just added Fehu - 1st Rune of the Elder Futhark & Freya’s Aett to the post. I hope everyone enjoys it! :two_hearts:


@Amethyst I haven’t made a specific post yet, but the ones that have already been posted I went in & put an edit that traditionally they are not read in reverse or Merkstave. As I go through them I will add the edit to the remaining ones with no reversed meaning :smiling_face:

Thank you for bringing that up, I was completely forgetting to add in the ones that don’t always get read in reverse. :hugs:


Thank you so much for all the information about the runes! They fascinate me because they have so much possibilities!
I began to experiment with chanting the runes and it s amazing what they do! I have a friend who likes to experiment with me so we did this together. Both chanting and visualizing the runes. I have tried the Algiz elhaz ? Rune with both names. What surprises me was that the energy of algiz was different than Ehlaz. Algiz was Yellow/ golden in my minds eye Ehlaz was Icy blue white and much stronger in energy Is this even possible? Yes for me it is :smile: but I am curious if someone can tell me more about this


@martje you are very welcome! I enjoy learning about them & using them too. The meditations really help with visualization & part of the meditation is to “chant the runes name to call it into power” during the meditation.

Typically Algiz/Ehlaz is associated with the color “Gold”. So it sounds like the chanting of the rune is paying off! Great job! As far as seeing Blue when it’s Ehlaz - Ehlaz being the alternative name for Algiz, I’m not sure why it would be blue when chanted, except that the following runes are associated with Blue:

  • Ansuz is Dark Blue
  • Dagaz is Light Blue
  • Ihwaz or Eihwaz is Dark Blue
  • Gebo is Deep Blue
  • Hagalaz is Light Blue
  • Jera is Light Blue

As far as why when you say it one way you envision a gold & another way you envision blue, is it possible that the rune you were pronouncing for the Blue color was Ihwaz or Eihwaz & not Elhaz?

Also, I’m not sure if you are empathic but the color could be the energy of the people chanting the rune if that makes sense. The energy that they are giving off while chanting the rune with the energy of the rune.

You can always try the meditation that is in the posts to help with the rune color, understanding it when chanted & what can be learned from the rune or the story it has to tell.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask! Someone else may have another interpretation for you. I would check with @BryWisteria or maybe even @Francisco would have some insight regarding the runes & the colors :hugs: when you are chanting them.

I would think that your energy or your friend’s energy would affect the outcome of the chant if you are doing it together. :heartpulse:


Siofra, thank you for your answer. I am thinking about it, I ve tried to reply but it s difficult for me to find the words to describe what I feel, think, experience. I had a crazy day today, locked myself out of the house, had to travel to get a spare key, it turned out to be a wonderful day but I am also very tired now so I will come back to this later.


No worries at all. Whenever you are ready, I will respond as best I can. Take your time! :heartpulse:


Siofra, I am going to work with this rune alone for a while, because I think I can use some protection, to be able to stay in my own energy. This morning I chanted again, and this time there were not so much colors, but a lot of energy. And my heart opened, began to glow. I visualized this rune in the front when I sang elhaz, on both sides, and at the back of my body. After a while I felt the glow at my solar plexus, and now my body is still tingling.
The blue white energy is an important energy in my life, I think it has to do with that.
When I did the Brigid training I was suggested to visualize her green mantle of protection I also got a blue white and silver energy. I don’t believe this energy is only for protection because I have seen it in healings, and other sacred moments. I sometimes wish someone could give me a wrapped up en ready answer to this, could give me an explanation for this energy, but I know it is sacred and has to do with something of my soul, with something I once chose to be and do. And when I am in this energy I am also protected. Elhaz is feeling better than Algiz I don’t know why , but I am going to find out… Thank you so much for giving me this tool, and thinking with me :kissing_heart:


I was thinking about this last night, why do you see Gold or Blue… do you work with colors? Is Blue something that has a meaning in your practice? It could be whatever the blue in YOUR practice resonating through a protective rune.

Does Blue resonate with any deities you work with? Maybe your own blue/silver shading is good, sacred, healing & that is what is coming through so you know the rune on your terms.


Yes I guess it works that way :blush:


To me white blue is connected with priestesses and also Mother Mary


I also believe gold is a male frequency and the blue a female frequency. I have been experiencing this for years now. Whenever I am sensing deeply, I see colors, and I feel them too. And it also works with sounds. I believe they call it synergy one sense opens another sense simultaneously. It doesn’t happen all of the time only when dive into it and open myself. It is nice , I love it when this happens. It gives depth to an experience


:rofl: So, I don’t know where my brain went when I did the Rune Post for this week. I completely skipped over Othala :othalan:, I had it stuck that Dagaz :dagaz: was before & the 23rd Rune… so… My bad for messing up the flow of the Runes Post.

On a brighter note: Next week is the last Rune post regarding meanings. I will then go through & change some of the symbols as new ones have been added since I started this post. :smiling_face:


No worries at all! Seems like Dagaz was rearing to go and wanted to come before Othala :laughing: :+1:

Wow! You’re amazing for this rune journey you’ve brought us on, Siofra :heart: You’ve been doing such a great job with the posts each week! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you so much for always sharing your wisdom.


No problem. I think after next week, I will take a week to decide where I want to go from here with the Runes Information or something else that I have touched on before or continue with runes or something different. Not really sure, but any ideas are welcome if anyone happens to know of a subject that I have some type of interest or previous knowledge of that you would like me to explore for another set of posts. Right now, I’m drawing a blank once Othala :othalan: is finished.

I tend to agree, it wasn’t until after I did the post that I realized I had done it. When I looked at the list & then back through my books. I was absolutely sure that Dagaz :dagaz: was the 23rd Rune… :100:… & then… it clicked why the Runes information post didn’t look right & I had to change the name & number of the rune :rofl: