Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! Aug 8 - 14 🌝

My cat is a little crazy (she takes after her human momma) and she will not stay still for her picture. Every pic I have of her is blurry because she’s moving. I’ve had her since she was 3 weeks old, but she has a lot of feral blood. She doesn’t know she is a cat. She thinks she’s a dog. Lol!


Congratulaions @jan_TheGreenWitch and @Garnet !


Ahhhh leave it the coven to rise to the occasion- I am 100% here for all these cute and funny cat pictures! :joy_cat: :two_hearts:

Joining the party is one wild Gremlin Man:

Hope everyone had a blessed Lion’s Gate and International Cat Day! :tada::lion: :sparkles:

I pray that won’t be the case! Sometimes those companies like to give the worst-case scenario so that if it’s less than that, they walk away looking good. I hope they get things back up and working ASAP for you!!! :pray:

Also sending good thoughts for your leg- I hope the appointment goes well! :people_hugging: :two_hearts:


I need to take time and respond to the cat pics, because, CATS!!! But here is mine, MITTEN, she’s my beautiful wonderful love cat and she knows before I do when I am sick, she alerts me when there are issues around the house, and knows what the weather is better than the weather people online and TV. She is 16 years old and will be 17 on my birthday Aug 20, she is the most relaxed, cozy kitty ever but very calculating and brilliant! Leo through and through. RAWR :lion:


Update to the MMM

This week’s group ritual is now live in the forum! For more details and the full ritual, please click on the picture here:

Group Tea Ritual - Weekly Image

(Group Ritual - Aug 11) :red_circle: Red Moon Meteor Ritual to Connect With a Spirit

This meditation draws on the fiery and charged energy of the Perseid Meteor Shower and the Full Red Moon to help you reach towards the heavens. Accept the blessings from above and connect with a spiritual guide or guest by the light of a red candle :candle:

“See” you then, Infinite Roots! :wink::coffee:

Love and Light :candle::two_hearts:


I’m back! :tada: YAYNESS! Although my cable box and the tv in the bedroom aren’t working and they’re sending someone out on Sunday to fix it. But at least I have the internet without having to run up the charges on my phone!

The leg appointment wasn’t so good. I’m running out of options and it’s still not healing. I have three appointments on Monday, we’ll see what they say. Sigh.

Thanks for the encouragement, love! How are you doing?


HIP HIP HOORAY!!! :partying_face: Oh that is awesome news, Amethyst!!! Hopefully they can get the cable and tv fixed up soon too, but in the meanwhile thank goodness you’ve got access to the net back!!! :confetti_ball:

Sorry to hear about the leg appointment. If this doctor seems stuck about it, is there the option to find another doctor? I’m doing the same thing with gynecologists- if one can’t help, keep trying with another until you find a good match. Lots of work and stress, but I think it’s all worth it if you can find someone who is able to help :pray:

I’m always sending lots of good thoughts and healing energy your way- it may take time, but you’ll overcome this, Amethyst! :heart::blush:

You’re sweet for asking- it’s all good here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We finally got some rain yesterday, the garden really needed it. It’s been terribly dry!

Hope all is well with you too! :heart: Have a blessed day!


I’m glad! I have to wait till Sunday for the cable guy to get here but Ii’ll wait. I’m just glad to be back on my computer!

I think the only other doctor in the area who does the work I need is the doctor I left over a year ago, so I might have to go to Charleston. We’ll see. I’m crossing my fingers for a good appointment next week.

I’m glad things are going well for you. You care for us so much, Bry, but we care for you too! Glad you got some rain.

Have a good day, dear heart!


Happy Lazyload day! In the world of IT, it’s a day to celebrate laziness, lol. It stems from not loading code until absolutely needed. The holiday promotes being lazy so take some time to focus on self-care and put off tasks till tomorrow!


Updated pic of the day of my princess. I won’t continue to post, but this one is classic RBF. It’s Mitten’s world, we all just live in it. :joy_cat:


@Amethyst Awww you’re very sweet, Amethyst- big hugs all around!!! :people_hugging: :heart::blush: Same to you- have a great day! :sparkles:

@Amaris_Bane Lazyload Day!?! I’m not in IT, but I’d love to celebrate too! :joy::+1: Count me in! :partying_face:

@jan_TheGreenWitch Mitten is so puuurrty :smiley_cat: :two_hearts: She definitely has that princess elegance! :sparkles:


Aww, Mittens looks so pretty in her little bed!


Hi! I know that I am way late to the party on this one, but I wanted to say Congratulations to @jan_TheGreenWitch for the most posts & to @Garnet for the most hearts! :tada: Thank you for all of your contributions to the coven :infinite_roots:

I’m still working on my Group Ritual & decided that I will do it a bit differently this time & closer to bedtime. The first time didn’t work out :joy:

I have been having a really good week so far, so many things just falling into place & ah ha moments. It’s been really good for me actually! I’m currently trying to decide if I should add to the Runes Information post by doing a part on Bindrunes or if I should continue with the Chakras Information & add in the Earth Star :star2: or do something else entirely. :smiling_face:

Quite the conundrum I have going on, so we are going to take a step back & see what comes.

(The Earth Star :star2: is one that I really like to work with when I need to really reset & ground myself & connect with nature)

I have loved all of the cat pictures! I wish I could have a cat again, but my pibble won’t allow it. He has something about cats that doesn’t sit right with him… ah… dogs & cats… not always on the same levels. :rofl:


The group ritual was AMAZING for myself and it was SUCH A SUCCESS!!! This has been a VERY magickal week for me and the FULL MOON is definitely a big part in that. This AUGUST full moon is pulling me in strong. SO, for the first time EVER…I am making Moon Water. I went outside tonight, I want to do it during the full moon, why not the AUGUST full moon, the one I’ve felt the closest to! I can’t wait to see my manifestations and spells THRIVE! I hope everyone is having an amazing week.

Blessed Be!!! :heart: :heart:


This is Millie



@Janae_Rochele I’m so glad you had such a lovely ritual experience and that you’ve had such a great week! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: May all your spellwork yield marvelous results and may that good energy keep flowing for you all weekend! :heart:

@Jeannie1 Hello Millie!!! :heart_eyes: :wave: What a sweetie! :cat2: :two_hearts:


Millie helps me with sleeping at night thanks she is a special pet! :heart:
Thanks for letting me share her! She always seeks my attention and when I finally calm down to pet her she is always at my side! She is an element of love :two_hearts: :cat2:


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