Oldest Rune found!

Did anyone see this? It was in several news sites, yesterday. They found the oldest rune ever discovered in …I believe 2021. They were finally able to announce it, yesterday! Proof that the runes are at least 2,000 years old!!



Oh wow that’s fascinating! I always wonder who the people were that made and wrote the things that archaeologists find. :thinking: What were their names? What did they look like? What were they doing that day, and what was going through their mind? It’s so crazy to try to wrap my head around the world having so much history around us and under our feet. So many people that have gone before. :footprints: :earth_americas:

Lol okay, off of my day-dreamy soapbox! :mega: :sweat_smile: thank you for sharing, this is neat!


That’s amazing! How very, very cool! Can you imagine having to sit quietly in information like that??


That’s so interesting @ValentinaMarie Thanks so much for sharing!


I don’t know if I could do it :joy:

This is an amazing piece of history and I can only imagine what it actually means.

Eight runes on the front of the stone read “idiberug” – which could be the name of a woman, a man or a family.

I mean, we know what it says but it’s not like…what does it actually mean :laughing:


Very exciting! :blush:
Here’s the original article in Norwegian, that has some pictures too

(Did you know that I can read Norwegian? Me neither, I think I kinda understood most of it with the Swedish I remember from school! :sweat_smile:)

There was an interesting point in the article, that the previous runestones they’ve found have neat, straight lines, carefully carved, but this one seems much more free hand, and I can see it. Maybe we’ll get to know what it all means, maybe not :wink:


Ooo… this is really interesting & fascinating! I remember when they found & looked at the runic script found off of Martha’s Vineyard too! That was also fascinating & so intriguing for me… I love that they are finding all of these things & they have so much significance for us! :revolving_hearts:

I remember watching this with my husband in September last year. Sometimes the show has some amazing things on it that he explores! When my husband had seen that it was about Vikings & things he immediately thought of my oldest son & me!

Great find & thank you @CelestiaMoon for the 2nd version too! :two_hearts:


I saw that episode! It was great. Wasn’t that the one on an island and they had to scuba or snorkel to see it?
I watch as many viking related things as I can find, even on the fiction side too. Vahalla’s second season just started on netflix. They are telling the story of Leif Erickson and Freydis. Its pretty good :wink:


@Sarafeena_Sage yes! It’s an island off of Martha’s Vineyard that I believe is uninhabited now except for some wildlife, like a conservation island. So it was even more interesting because when I drive the coast I can see Martha’s Vineyard from the start of it on a clear day. I was so intrigued that it was basically right next to me & my son was just as intrigued as he works with the Norse. It was a neat episode because they went through different places in Boston & Rhode Island too.


I love learning all they are finding about ancient civilizations. They are finding older and older artifacts all the time!


How did I not know about this? My father was a captain with Hy-line and went to the islands, daily. This is so cool to know!!!


Yes!!! I saw this episode as well!!! I was so excited, I was texting my sister and my husband telling them to watch it!!


Lol… I called my son to come out of his room to watch it with us. :laughing:


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