Algiz/Elhaz - 15 of the Elder Futhark & 7th of Heimdall’s Aett :algiz:

Rune Name: Elhaz/Algiz :algiz:

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Germanic Name: Elhaz – Elk, Algiz - Protection :algiz:
Phonetic Value: Z
Pronunciation: AL-geez
Translation: Elk :deer:, elk sedge :herb:
Modern English: Elks :deer:
Rune Number: 15 of the Elder Futhark & 7th of Heimdall’s Aett :algiz:

Polarity: Feminine :female_sign:
Color Association(s): Gold
Elemental Association(s): Water
Deity Association(s): valkyrjur

Herbal Association(s): Angelica :herb:
Tree Association(s): Yew :deciduous_tree:

Astrological Association(s): Cancer :cancer:
Month/Days: January 28 – February 13
Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third Eye
Tarot Card(s): The High Priestess, Strength :muscle: , The Star :star:

Magickal Uses: Use Algiz as a way to protect yourself, as well as your items, or other people & pets. To keep your pets protected, inscribe this on the reverse side of the tag on their collar. Draw this rune on your forehead to protect yourself when entering into dangerous or unknown situations, & it’s a great rune to wear as jewelry. Defense against enemies & Protection of those that you Love

Overall Meanings/Keyword(s): Protection, Defense, Awakening, Higher Life, Connection with the Divine

Algiz/Elhaz is the rune of the elk or elk sedge. There is no other rune that is more highly regarded for its protective qualities. Emulates the qualities of the elk: Steadfast, Protective, & Strong. Elk sedge is a swampy & thorny plant that can hurt you if not handled properly & the elk love to eat the plant. There is also a strong correlation with the antlers of the elk or even of deer.

Protection in all of its forms – Offense, Defense, Proactive Reactive. Protection from negative energy & people, protection of property, strengthening friendships, astral communication.

Indicates the presence of a threat & a need to guard against something or someone. The individual will come to no harm

Spiritual defenses & drawing upon inner strength to actively protect our emotional well-being & or immediate surroundings.

Even union between individual consciousness & the higher self. The connection between the roots & branches of anything.

Divine communication is indicated. This rune doesn’t signify persons, but Divine forces.

Brightstave/Upright: Indicates safety from danger & no need to fear. Don’t take the protective energy for granted by being reckless with your actions, as this rune does not mean that there is no danger present whatsoever. Remain alert & clear minded & in touch with your intuition to receive a positive outcome.

Divine realizations await. This craft or awakening is foreshadowed. Divine communication is indicated.

The protective force can be turned around & used in an attack to protect yourself.

Merkstave/Reversed: Warning that someone is trying to take advantage of you. Be careful of business/social/romantic relationships with whom you have just met, or you don’t know very well. Don’t hesitate to decline if something is “off”. Your intuition is your protection.

Beneficial to reach out to spirit guides/allies/Divine for protection. Arm yourself in whatever application is appropriate for the situation.

Blockage of this force can be a blessing for most people. Athelings or Erulians – cut off from an important wellspring of inspiration.


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The rune of protection is a pretty important one to learn about! :shield: :algiz: Thanks as always for sharing your rune wisdom, @Siofra_Strega- I always learn a lot from these posts :blush::heart: