Fehu - 1st Rune of the Elder Futhark & Freya's Aett :Fehu:

Fehu Rune
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Rune Name: :fehu: Fehu - 1st Rune of the Elder Futhark & Freya’s Aett
Germanic Name: Fehu
Modern English: Fee
Phonetic Value: F (Fee)
Pronunciation: FAY-hoo
Translation: cattle, livestock :cow2:

Rune number: 1 (1st Rune of Freya’s Aettir & the Elder Futhark)
Polarity: Female :womens:
Color association: Light Red
Elemental associations: Earth :astrology_earth:, Fire :fire:
Deity associations: Freyja/Frey

Herbal association: Nettle :herb:
Tree associations: Elder :deciduous_tree:

Astrological associations: Aries :aries:
Month: June 29 – July 13

Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus
Tarot associations: Ace of Pentacles :pentacle_tarot: , 8 of Pentacles :pentacle_tarot: , Ace of Wands :wand_tarot:

Magical uses: Prosperity goals, greatly increases productivity & abundance in your life.

Suggested Uses: Chant the rune as you are working or acting in a way that brings abundance. Inscribe it in gold ink on the inside of your checkbook or on a slip of paper that you can place & keep in your wallet.

Overall Meanings:

  • Natural Skill
  • Inner Resources
  • Strength :muscle:
  • Tenacity
  • Understanding & Wisdom
  • Luck :four_leaf_clover:
  • Financial Success in Present or Future
  • Social Success
  • Freedom
  • Fertility – Mother Rune

Fehu has a power that flows outward such as fire and then is circulated to be beneficial. Proper attention to the circulation with wisdom & foresight so there is no destruction of themselves or others.

Fehu energy can be associated with the phrase “cash cow”. It marks abundance. With the literal translation being cattle, it is important to note that in ancient times cattle was a prestigious symbol of wealth & abundance. Cattle could be used as a type of currency because it had so much value to their livelihoods.

It signifies the attainment of wealth & abundance but in ancient times it also was not thought of to hoard those riches. They shared their wealth with their families and communities. There is a warning with this rune against greed & using your wealth only for personal gain.

Bright Stave/Upright: Foresight is needed, wealth may be on the horizon but it must be used with wisdom & should be shared generously to avoid conflict. This is also true for your inner wealth of knowledge. Share your power & it will grow. The power of well-being is outside your present consciousness, but the power is just welling up from the bottom & bubbling up to the surface. Ethical-based wisdom & tradition is called for, there may be travel soon. This rune holds great energy for that travel. There is also awesome energy for new beginnings & from those a new life. (A person who may work with finances or animals).

Merkstave/Reversed: There is a loss of personal property or self-esteem or something that you’re very attached to. Greed can cause you to become an outcast in society, and to suffer inner alienation from the self. Discord may be coming based on a lack of circulation of the power of Fehu. Excess of Fehu can cause burnout of your creative energies. Control them and use them with wisdom. Obstruction leads to a blockage or atrophy of vital energies. Failure & poverty are on the horizon.

Meditation :fehu: Fehu Rune - Magin Rose

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Hooray, thanks for this @Siofra_Strega! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It took me a long time for tarot meanings to begin to stick (and there are still some cards that having me reaching for the guidebooks lol) and it looks like runes are the same- there are so many layers of meanings here and so much knowledge to unpack!

This guide is super helpful and I know that the more I see the runes the more the meanings are able to find a home in my mind. I really appreciate this- thank you so much for sharing about Fehu! :heart:


Oooo I am so excited to find that this is a series :slight_smile: Found the second post first and was super excited to read the rest of them. Thank so you much for this! If it’s alright with you, I’d like to print and add them to my BoS.

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I second this! While I adore and am drawn to runes, I have been intimidated to study them. I too am excited to have this resource to help me gain confidence in reading my rune set.


@katnabis thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words. I figure that I can’t be the only 1 trying to have some kind of connection with Runes.

There is a post with everything Runes in it. I am adding updated rune meanings right now, but there are some from another member that she did earlier this year. Plus the Elder Futhark & the 3 Aettirs. Those are just the Runes separated into 3 “families” with 8 runes in each.

Feel free to add my posts to your BOS! Thank you again.


Yes, I’m adding it!


I’m so happy that these are useful to you & inspiring you to connect with your own runes!

I actually put Eihwaz in my grief & healing sachet that I made with the assistance of Brighid on Monday. Today I drew Othala.

Every Tuesday I post another rune from the Elder Futhark with sources & a meditation for the rune. Next week it will be Ansuz. I’m doing them in order of the Futhark & their Aettirs.