Saturday's Rune Draw - Raidho

Rune name: Raidho
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Information gathered and Intuition felt :nerd_face:
Other historical names: Reid, Rad, Raido
English letter association: R
Pronunciation: Rye-though
Rune number: 5
Polarity: Male
Colour associations: Bright Red, Blue
Elemental associations: Air
Crystal associations: Turquoise, Chrysoprase
Diety associations: Baldur, Ing, Nerthus
Herbal associations: Mugwort
Tree associations: Oak, Holly
Astrological associations: Sagittarius, Gemini, Mercury
Tarot associations: Hierophant
Magical uses: Safe Travels, Navigating Inner Journeys, Maintaining Equanimity in Challenging Situations, Justice in Disputes
Keywords: Travel, Journey, Wagon (or any vehicle), Movement, Reunion, Changes, Cycle, Rhythm, Road

A few more passages from Lisa Chamberlain’s book for reference:

“Raidho is the rune of travel, representing both the physical wheel of a wagon, which for so long was the only “vehicle” for travelling in Northern Europe. This rune indicates that you are setting off (or will soon set off) on a journey, whether in the external world or on an emotional or spiritual level. If your travel is physical, Raidho signals a pleasant experience with few or no mishaps. If you are on a spiritual quest, the going may require significant flexibility on your part, but the rewards of reaching your destination will be well worth it, as you are following your soul’s chosen path. Either way, you are
advised to keep your focus on the experience of the journey itself, rather than on your arrival. This is because Raidho signifies the vehicle you ride in and the road you travel on. You will be best served by making the most of every moment along the way. In reverse, Raidho warns of problems along your journey. This may be in the form of physical breakdowns, delays, or other problems with transit, plans that go awry, or other unpleasant circumstances encountered along the way. If you can postpone your travel, you are advised to do so. If not, be prepared for complications, and remain as flexible and patient as possible. Remember that disruptions and forced changes in our plans often can lead to new opportunities we had not imagined. You may be merely being “rerouted” on your journey, to ultimately end up with an even better outcome than hoped for.”

“Alternatively, you may have to travel for unpleasant reasons, or to a place you would rather not visit. If this is the case, now is a good time to remember that all journeys yield lessons, and you will have an easier time of it if you can be in acceptance as much as possible, rather than in resistance. Raidho reversed may also signify stagnation on the emotional or spiritual levels —on the journey to self-discovery, your forward motion is presently impeded. You may be avoiding some internal reckoning due to fear of discomfort or emotional pain. However, the discomfort of not moving forward as you are meant to will eventually become worse than the process of transformation you are being
called to undertake.”

“Additional Meanings
A related interpretation of Raidho is “reunion”—specifically, the return of old friends in your life or even the arrival of new people with whom you made a soul agreement before incarnating into this life. Alternatively, you may be presented with a chance to resolve a disagreement or conflict, either with someone else or within yourself. Raidho reversed in this context is nudging you to examine how you may be blocking such a reunion or resolution with your attitudes or actions. Some runic systems also view Raidho as an indicator that now is a good time for negotiations or deliberations related to agreements with others. Raidho reversed advises you to postpone such discussions for now, as other people are not inclined to consider your best interests. Finally, sometimes Raidho is simply a reminder to align yourself with the “wheel of life” (or in Wiccan terms, the Wheel of the Year). Know that life has ups and downs, ebb and flow, and constant seasonal change. The contrast between opposites is part of the journey of life. If things are not going your way, take heart and know that nothing is permanent.”

I have used this Rune as a Talisman on journeys before and I’ve used it in BindRunes. It is one of the first Rune that I started to recognise easily and remember its meanings and uses. But, just now when I was reading over the chapter choosing what information to add something jumped out at me that hasn’t before now. I’ve read this book a few time now and I’ve got my handwritten notes over every page and this has never jumped at me before now, it goes as follows:

“A related interpretation of Raidho is “reunion”—specifically, the return of old
friends in your life or even the arrival of new people with whom you made a soul
agreement before incarnating into this life.”

This Coven is the perfect place for such a reunion of Souls :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I keep this one in my car.


I got this one yesterday too, lol.


@Saulamay It’s the perfect Rune for travel in a vehicle, makes for a safe journey :heartpulse:

@autumn7 I’m having so much fun with the Runes, the more I learn the more I love them :heartpulse:


Oh? Well if this isn’t the perfect rune for me! :heart_eyes: :laughing: I am loving everything about Raidho! This seems like the perfect stone to carry as a tailisman for a journey- whether it be long or short :flight_departure:

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful knowledge about Raidho (as well as Ingwaz, Nauthiz, and Eihwaz!)- I am having a blast learning about each of these fascinating runes and their many uses! :sparkles:

Thanks so much, @Liisa! :raised_hands:


You are welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ill be lost after I finish them lol, but then there are more areas to cover when it comes to the Runes and this is the best way to learn :heartpulse:

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Cheers to that- you’ve made rune learning a delight! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think sitting down with all of them at once would be overwhelming, but studying one a day and feeling how it is resonates with you is a great balance between hands-on learning and studying from the books.

Thanks again for sharing both your knowledge and experiences- these posts really do make learning about runes lots of fun! :star_struck: :two_hearts:

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Totally! I struggled all the other times I tried to digest all of the information at once, thought I was never going to remember them all. But, several weeks of being with all of the wonderful people here and I know all of them by look and name now :slight_smile: I don’t know all of the meanings straight away yet but that was always going to take longer. I made my mum pull one at a time out of the bag and had her look at a chart to see if I got the names right and I did :slight_smile:

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