✈ Safe Travels Spell Protection Pouch

Warm greetings!

With some big international travel coming up at the end of the month, I found myself with the urge to craft some kind of “Safe Travel” spell bag.

As you’re about to see- this is an extremely Thrifty Witchy project. I’ve been staying with family and don’t have many tools or crafting materials atm, so I was forced to get creative with this! :laughing:

For all those on a budget or who don’t have expensive crafting tools, I wholeheartedly recommend this spell for you :heart:

Let’s get started!

(Note that this spell bag is an adapted version of the one shared by The Green Witch in her YouTube video: Spell Protection Bag)

For the bag, you will need:

  • :tshirt: Fabric - I used a piece of an old shirt
  • :thread: Thread - sewing thread and embroidery thread (for the sigil and string)
  • :pen: Marker - optional (if you prefer to draw the sigil rather than embroider it)
  • :red_circle: Bead - optional (decorative)

For the herbs, you will need:

  • :herb: Protective herbs - your choice!
    → I recommend: rosemary, bay leaf, basil, cinnamon, elder

  • :herb: Other herbs - your choice!
    → I used: rosemary [universal]; cinnamon and bay leaf [protection]; ginger [anti-motion sickness]; and caocao [sweetening]

Make a sigil

Draw or embroider a sigil for safe travel on your fabric. You might add your personal symbol or a sigil that represents travel for you.

I decided to use runes: the combination of the Futhark runes Raidho (travel) and Elhaz/Algiz (protection).

The two of them together are a Bindrune (aka rune combination) that means “Safe Travels” :flight_departure: :shield:

As you add the sigil, be sure to focus your intention into every stitch/line :pray:

Make the drawstring

With your sigil done, loosely stitch a long string across the top to make a basic drawstring. Be sure to leave long ends that you can tie later!

Sew the bag

Fold your fabric in half (making sure that the side(s) with the sigil is facing inwards- you will flip it inside out later to hide the stitches!) and stitch along the outer edge and bottom to form a pouch.

Flip it inside out! You can now tie the drawstrings.

If you are feeling extra fancy, feel free to add a little decoration to the drawstring (knots, beads, tassels, etc.) :blush:

Adding herbs

With the bag done, feel free to add whichever herbs you chose inside! I literally used herbs from the spice bags from the grocery store- so feel free to be thrifty here! :grin:

As you add, be sure to channel your magick. To add magick to your spell pouch, you might:

  • Say a blessing
  • Visualize safe travel
  • Meditate
  • Call upon a deity

Use the drawstring to securely close your bag. You might also add a little Knot Magick to the string as you tie it off securely :wink:

This will be going in my checked bagge at the airport- mostly because I don’t want to have to explain the bag to airport security in Poland… and the UK… and again in the USA :sweat_smile:

If you decide to give this (or a version of it) a try, feel free to let me know how it goes for you! And also thanks to The Green Witch on YouTube for the basic spell idea- if you don’t already watch her videos, I highly recommend checking them out! :green_heart:

Blessed be and safe travels to all! :sparkles:

This is an entry to the current Catch-Up Challenge for the previous Making Objects Magickal Challenge


Wow! that’s so crafty of you. You’re so talented. :star_struck: Haha boom boom crafty. I love it. It’s just so neat and perfect. :heart_eyes: I’m sure that you will be blessed with safe travels. I’ll be sure to keep your upcoming travels in my prayers.


So beautiful!

Safe travels when you go and keep us updated :slight_smile:



That came out very nice looking!! May it keep you safe while traveling!!! :airplane::man_pilot::flight_departure:


Nice job! It looks lovely! Will be keeping you in mind while you’re in the skies!


@BryWisteria the charm bag looks great. Travel safely


Great bag for travels! I hope you have a great flight & get to rest! Have a great time & enjoy your time with family! :two_hearts:

I love the aesthetic & general feeling I get from your bag :dizzy:


Thank you so much for your blessings @jessica72, @Temujin_Calidius, @Christina4, @Amethyst, @crystal24, and @Susurrus! :heart:

I’ve still got a bit over a week to prepare, but I’m glad I got this protection spellbag done and ready to go. I think sometimes the positive energy is needed even more in the days leading up to travel than the actual journey itself! :joy:

Thanks again and blessed be! :sparkles:


It’s better to be prepared than not


“Failing to prepare is preparing for failure.”

-John Wooden, UCLA men’s basketball coach and winner of 10 NCAA championships in 12 years


Agreed, @Christina4! :grin: And great quote, @anon87969570- that’s perfect! :raised_hands: :airplane:


Thanks for sharing this with us @BryWisteria I will have to remember this for when I decide to travel again.


You’re very welcome, @debra2! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I tucked this spellbag into my suitcase during my travels over the last few days and I’m happy to say that everything made it safe and sound to its destination- I recommend it!

Not matter when your next adventure will be, I wish you happy and safe travels :heart::airplane:


I like this idea, I’m not travelling overseas or anything but travelling on bus n trains esp at night, I think this would be a great idea. I also have an idea of a protective rune that could which on mine


I’m so happy you like the idea of the protective travel charm, Danni! :blush: Good luck if you decide to make your own, and I wish you always safe travels! :sparkles::pray:


Very nice Bry! And a very good idea. I am going on a surprise trip coming month on the 19th of oct. To Prague! If I can make the time I will make one of these. Probable drawing the sigil. I am not such a sower😉


To Prague!!! :heart_eyes: I am super excited for you, Martje, and I hope you have an amazing trip! :partying_face:

No worries about sewing- a good permanent marker will be perfect for writing the sigil and will work just as well :blush:

Good luck, blessed be, and keep us updated on your travels- I hope you have tons of fun! :czech_republic: :sparkles::beers: